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Qin Xi took out a big and soft steamed bun from the oil paper bag and handed it to the little girl.

Yu Liman had prepared this for her before she boarded the train.

She also prepared other snacks for Qin Xi, but Qin Xi did not take it and only took two steamed buns.

The little girls eyes lit up.

She reached out her dirty hand and carefully took the steamed bun.

Perhaps because the fragrance of the steamed bun was too tempting, she swallowed her saliva with difficulty and smiled brightly.

“Thank you, pretty sister.”

However, she held the steamed bun with both hands and did not eat it for a long time.

She looked conflicted as if she couldnt make up her mind about something.

In the end, she looked at the middle-aged woman beside her.

“Wake up, wake up, I got a steamed bun.”

Her voice was very soft and gentle, and there was a hint of nervousness in it, as if she was afraid of disturbing the middle-aged woman.

The middle-aged woman slowly opened her eyes.

She was obviously pretending to be asleep just now.

She spoke in a dialect with a warning tone.

“Its good that you know whats good for you.

Let me tell you, dont try to play tricks with me.

If you dont want your brothers arms or legs to be broken, behave yourself.”

There was a trace of fear in her eyes as she said in a soft voice, “I understand.

Ill be good.”

The middle-aged womans accent was so heavy that Qin Xi almost thought that it was not Chinese.

Her tone and attitude towards the girl were awful.

The woman grabbed the steamed bun and ate it in big mouthfuls.

She looked like someone who had been hungry for days.

The little girl looked at the woman as she devoured the food and couldnt help but salivate.

Qin Xi looked at the middle-aged woman and frowned when she read her face.

Something was wrong.

The woman had the face of a villain.

When her gaze landed on the little girl, she could not help but gasp.

The girl would not end well…

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Qin Xi took a closer look at the little girls face and saw that her facial features were well-defined and her lips were thick.

She was obviously blessed with a rich and comfortable life.

How did she end up like this

Unless …

Her gaze landed on the middle-aged woman again.

Unless this woman was a human trafficker!

When the middle-aged woman noticed that Qin Xi was looking at her, she immediately became vigilant.

“What are you looking at Its just a steamed bun.

Are you going to get it back”

Qin Xi did not understand what she was saying.

She silently took out another steamed bun and handed it to the little girl.

She smiled and said, “Here, eat it!”

She planned to wait and see.

Since she was fated to meet this little girl, there was no reason for her to stand by and do nothing.

In her previous life, when she was being hunted down, she wished that someone could help her.

Unfortunately, no help was offered to her.

In the end, she died in despair…

In this life, she didnt need anyone to help her, nor would she turn a blind eye should someone need her help.

The little girls eyes lit up.

Her eyes were clean and sparkling.

“Is this for me”

Qin Xi nodded.

“Take it.

Im not hungry.”

The little girl thanked Qin Xi happily.

Just as she was about to take the steamed bun, the woman beside her snatched it away and said fiercely, “Eat, eat, eat, all you know is eat.

Are you worthy of eating such good food”

Then, she glared at Qin Xi and shouted, “What are you doing Why are you trying to get close to my daughter”

The woman was a human trafficker.

Her usual trick was to tempt the kids with food, obtain information, and lure them away.

She thought that Qin Xi was a human trafficker too, so she was very wary of her.

Qin Xi narrowed her eyes.

“Your daughter Are you sure youre her mother”


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