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“What do you mean If Im not her mother, are you her mother” The woman got unnecessarily angry and became even more vigilant.

Qin Xi did not understand what she was saying, but she could understand one word or two likemother, anddaughter.

Deng Xinhe was very displeased with the womans rude attitude, especially since she was rude to his savior.

He said arrogantly, “What are you shouting for Do you want me to slap you to death”

When the woman saw Deng Xinhes fierce look, she panicked.

She covered her head with one hand and covered the steamed bun with the other, shouting, “Someone, help.

I got bullied.

Where is the train conductor”

As she shouted, she did not forget to take a bite of the steamed bun.

The corners of Qin Xis mouth twitched.

She was blown away by this womans intelligence.

As a human trafficker, she not only did not keep a low profile but also went around shouting.

It wasnt long before she got caught red-handed!

Looking at the woman, everyone laughed with amusement.

This era was different from the future filled with phubbers.

People didnt have a phone and life was extremely monotonous.

When they encountered something interesting, they would gather around to watch the show.

“If you shout again, Ill hit you.” Deng Xinhe stood up and threatened her fiercely.

Seeing that he didnt seem to be bluffing, the woman quickly shut her mouth and stopped shouting while glaring at Qin Xi angrily.

Qin Xi was speechless.

From the beginning to end, she had done nothing to offend the woman.

Why did she get all the hate

After the woman quieted down, Deng Xinhe sat down and looked at Qin Xi.

“Master Qin, leave this kind of rude people to me.

I guarantee that I can use my punches to make them shut up.”

The corners of Qin Xis mouth twitched.

She finally understood whata wicked person will be harassed by another of like ilk meant.

However, Qin Xi underestimated how shameless the woman was.

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Suddenly, a loud slap resounded through the compartment.

Everyone was in disbelief at what just happened.

The woman knew that Deng Xinhe and Qin Xi were not to be trifled with, so she vented her anger on the little girl without warning.

The little girl was slapped, and half of her face swelled up at a visible speed.

Everyone looked at the woman with hostility.

They didnt expect her to be so vicious as to use violence on a little girl.

The little girl did not dare to make a sound.

Even though her body was trembling and her eyes were filled with fear and tears, she didnt talk back, afraid that she would be slapped again.

The woman was still angry and wanted to slap the little girl a second time.

Qin Xis face darkened and she kicked the womans calf.

Qin Xi did not use much strength.

Just as the woman was about to slap the little girl, an excruciating pain came from her calf.

She screamed and rolled to the ground while hugging her calf.

Everyone was shocked and retreated a few steps, as if they were afraid of getting involved in this matter.

The little girl was also shocked.

She looked at the woman who was rolling on the ground nervously and stammered, “W-Whats happening to you”

The woman cried like a pig being slaughtered, “Ouch, it hurts, its painful…”

Her accent was really difficult to understand.

The people around her did not know what she was talking about.

They only saw her painful expression and thought that she was pretending to be hurt.

Liu Dequan was about to stand up to check the woman when he saw Qin Xi turning around and giving him a look.

The corners of his mouth twitched and he immediately understood.

“Whats going on What happened”


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