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With a sneer, Qin Xi shot True Qi into the womans leg again.

The woman let out another miserable scream as the true Qi rampaged through her body.

The surrounding people were startled.

Seeing that it was the same woman who was causing trouble again, they stood up and pointed a finger at her.

“Look, look, look, here we go again… Is there an end to this stupid farce”

“But to be honest, shes quite good at acting.

There is no way my acting can reach that level…”

“With this aptitude, its a waste that she wasnt an actor!”

Deng Xinhe looked at Qin Xi again and leaned over, whispering curiously, “Master Qin, this is your doing, right”

Qin Xi gave her a faint smile.

“Why Do you want to try”

Seeing that she did not deny it, Deng Xinhes hair stood on end.

He never expected that Qin Xi, who had a loli face, actually had the heart of a witch.

It seemed that he had to stay away from her in the future.

Otherwise, he was really afraid that he would fall into her trap and die without knowing how.

“Look, the policemen are back again.”

Everyone looked over and saw the three policemen who had just left returning.

“Whats going on”

The policeman in the lead looked at the middle-aged woman who was rolling on the ground with tears streaming down her face.

She was in so much pain that she looked like she was grieving over the death of her parents.

He shouted coldly, “Madam, if you cause disturbance to the passengers again, we have the right to detain you.

Please stop immediately.”

“She doesnt look like shes acting.

Should we let that female doctor come over to check her” Another policeman said.

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The leading policeman pondered for a few seconds and nodded.


However, before the policeman could take a few steps, the middle-aged woman suddenly stopped wailing.

She was stunned.

Huh It stopped hurting again

The woman got up again.

Her clothes were almost drenched in sweat.

After rolling on the ground for so long, her clothes were dirty and messy.

Moreover, because of the hot weather, the stench on her body was so strong that it almost made the people around her vomit.

The policeman also looked disgusted and said in a loud voice, “Maam, please come with us.

For the rest of the trip, youre not allowed to be in the compartment.”

The woman placed her hands on her hips.

“Im not going.

Why should I go with you What right do you have to arrest me”

Seeing her rude attitude, the three police men looked at each other and manhandled her away.

The woman panicked.

She struggled and shouted, “Hey, what right do you have to arrest me I didnt break the law.

You cant arrest me…”

Seeing that the woman was being taken away, the little girl subconsciously wanted to follow her, but Qin Xi grabbed her hand and asked with a frown, “Where are you going Youre free now.”

The little girl knew that Qin Xi was a good person.

After thinking for a moment, she knelt on the ground with a thud.

Tears instantly streamed down her face as she begged, “Pretty Sister, I know youre a good person.

Can you help me That woman is a human trafficker.

My brother is still in their hands! If they know that I ran away, they will definitely break my brothers legs.

Please help me and save my brother!”

Hearing this, Deng Xinhe and the others were dumbfounded.

They did not expect that the little girl was actually abducted.

Moreover, for the sake of her brother, she was willing to do so much.

While everyone was angry, they comforted her.

“Young girl, dont worry.

Your brother will be fine.

Leave this to the police.

They will help you catch these bad people.”

“Yes, dont worry.

Someone has already gone to look for the police.

Theyll definitely help you.”

Qin Xi nodded and asked, “Do you remember where youre from and what your parents names are”


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