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Through a few questions, Qin Xi learned that the little girl was called Qu Fanxing.

She was born in Yunbei Province, Tonghua City, and came from a relatively rich family.

The younger brother she was talking about was not her biological brother.

Instead, it was a little boy who took care of her when she was kidnapped.

The little girl was soft-hearted and attached to the little boy, so the human traffickers used the little boy to threaten her.

The reason why the woman came here across two provinces was to bring Qu Fanxing out for a mission.

The mission was to abduct children and sell them secretly.

After knowing the truth, everyone was filled with indignation.

Just as they were about to call the police, a policeman walked over and asked, “Who is Jin Huas family Jin Huas family, please step forward.”

Jin Hua was the middle-aged woman with a strong accent.

Qin Xi stood up.

She rubbed Qu Fanxings head and said to the policeman, “Officer, the woman you took away just now is a human trafficker.

She kidnapped this little girl.

Her name is Qu Fanxing.

Shes from Yunbei Province, Tonghua City.

Please inform the police station quickly.

I believe with Qu Fanxings help, you can save a lot of children.”

The policeman was shocked and said solemnly, “Are you serious”

Qin Xi said seriously, “Of course I am.

This girl and that woman look nothing alike and have different accents.

How can they be mother and daughter Besides, Jin Hua has hit Fanxing more than once.

This girl has a lot of wounds on her body.

If you dont believe me, you can get that female doctor to come and check it.”

Qu Fanxing was puzzled.

She did not tell Qin Xi that she had wounds on her body.

How did she know

Although she was puzzled, she chose to remain quiet.

As it was a serious matter, the policeman did not dare to delay.

He immediately informed the local police station in Tonghua City and got in touch with Qu Fanxings parents.

Qu Fanxing told the police everything she knew.

Not only that, but along the way, she remembered the hideout of the human traffickers and joined forces with the police to destroy it and save many mutilated children.

Of course, that happened later.

Six hours was neither long nor short.

In the blink of an eye, they arrived in Luoping.

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When they reached Luoping Station, it was already past midnight.

Initially, Liu Dequan wanted to call his son and get him to come and pick them up, but Qin Xi and Deng Xinhe objected.

Firstly, it was already late, and they were too tired to travel any longer.

Secondly, they were not used to living in other peoples houses, especially since Liu Ming had a child at home.

Therefore, Qin Xi suggested that they find a hotel nearby to stay for the night.

Fortunately, Liu Dequan had been to Luoping City a few times and was familiar with this area.

He, after meandering among the alleys for a while, found a hotel that looked quite clean and new.

Qin Xi was given a room at the end of the corridor, Liu Dequan was given a room in the middle, while Deng Xinhe was given a room next to the public toilet.

It was summer and the ventilation system in this era wasnt that good, so the smell was extremely strong.

Young Master Dengs face immediately darkened.

He asked the old male receptionist on duty, “Sir, cant you get me a better room Why does my room have to be next to the toilet Do you want me to dream of a toilet”

The old man raised his eyelids.

“Theres another room in the basement.

Do you want it”


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