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“Who are you”

The young male doctors face darkened.

He glared at Qin Xi and said in an unfriendly tone, “How do you know that he has cerebral infarction Are you a doctor”

Qin Xi said calmly, “Im a Chinese doctor!”

The male doctor laughed out loud and said sarcastically, “What a joke.

Chinese medicine is all a lie.

Who do you think you are Do you think you can tell the cause of the illness just by looking at the patient”

He snorted and stood up.

He took out his medical license.

On it was written: Cardiovascular Disease Specialist!

Moreover, it also mentioned that he was a doctoral student from a famous international academic institute.

Everyone was in an uproar.

It had to be noted that in the early eighties, it was already impressive to become an university student.

Now that they saw a doctoral student who had been overseas before, they admired him from the bottom of their hearts.

The way everyone looked at him changed drastically, as if he was surrounded by a holy light.

“See This is authority.”

The male doctor said proudly, “When you reach my level, you can come and challenge me.

Of course, if that day really comes, I believe my status in the medical world will rise to another level the heights of which you cant touch.”

Qin Xi rolled her eyes and mocked, “In my eyes, youre just trash.

Why should I reach a trash level You cant even tell a heart attack from a cerebral infarction, yet you still have the cheek to call yourself a cardiothoracic specialist!”


The male doctor did not expect her to be so sharp-tongued.

He was boiling with anger.

“You what you Youre just a quack! Do you think youre Hippocrates just because you studied abroad You dont even know the most basic cause of the illness, yet you rush to feed the patient heart pills.

Are you even qualified to be called a doctor”

After Qin Xi finished mocking him, she looked at the flustered and helpless Xia Tangxin and said in a low voice, “A month ago, did your father start to feel dizzy occasionally and his limbs were numb and stiff sometimes”

Xia Tangxin asked in surprise, “How did you know”

When the male doctor heard these symptoms, his heart skipped a beat.

He shouted anxiously, “Thats impossible.

He obviously has arrhythmia, difficulty breathing, and severe syncope.

These symptoms are clearly heart disease.

Dont be an alarmist.”

Qin Xi said angrily, “You know best whether Im being an alarmist or not.

As a doctor, you have to be responsible for the patient.

You cant do whatever you want just because you have a gold-plated doctor certificate.

I dont know how you graduated from school, but you are not qualified to be one.”

The male doctor was furious, his face turning livid.

Ever since he returned to the country, his life had been smooth sailing and he had never made a mistake.

Moreover, the patients he treated had a success rate of 6-70%.


He was sure that before long, he would become the top cardiologist of the younger generation.

But now, a young girl who came out of nowhere actually dared to call him a quack.

When had he ever suffered such humiliation, especially in front of a beauty like Xia Tangxin

The male doctor was so angry that his chest heaved.

“Youre just a little girl.

How dare you say that Im not qualified Do you think youre qualified What a joke.”

Qin Xi couldnt be bothered with him.

Instead, she squatted down and said to Xia Tangxin in a serious tone, “I can treat your fathers illness.

He doesnt have to take medicine, but he needs acupuncture.

If you believe me, I promise he will be alive and kicking soon.

If you dont, feel free to do whatever you want.”


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