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“Alright! I believe you!”

For some reason, Xia Tangxin trusted Qin Xi even though this male doctor had the upper hand.

Although Qin Xi was just about the same age as her, her calm and confident aura made Xia Tangxin involuntarily put faith in her.


This is a matter of life and death.

Do you know what your decision means Youre going to kill your father!”

The male doctor was furious not only because Qin Xi embarrassed him, but also because Xia Tangxin was not on his side.

“What era are we in now Chinese medicine has long declined.

Besides, have you seen such a young Chinese doctor Shes a liar!”

Xia Tangxin bit her lower lip, feeling conflicted and put on a difficult spot.

Everyone around her was persuading her to believe the male doctor instead.

She felt like she was being roasted on a grill, tormented and uneasy.

Qin Xi could tell that she was in extreme anxiety.

She comforted her, “Dont worry, give me three minutes.”

Her voice seemed to carry a magical effect, making Xia Tangxins heart gradually calm down.

Qin Xi quickly opened the acupuncture bag she had been carrying around and took out silver needles of different lengths.

She was about to stab the middle-aged man in the head.

Seeing this, the male doctor knocked the silver needle out of Qin Xis hand.

“This is simply outrageous!”

However, before his hand could touch Qin Xi, the latter shot him a sharp look.

At the same time, a silver needle flew out of her hand.

The needle hit the doctor on the neck.

The doctor was shocked and quickly dodged.

Unfortunately, there was no way his movement could be faster than Qin Xi.

He felt as if his neck was being bitten by a mosquito.

Just as he was about to pull out the silver needle, he heard Qin Xi say casually, “If you dont want to speak for the rest of your life, feel free to do so.”

The male doctor was about to curse when he realized that he could not make a sound.

He broke out in a cold sweat and opened his mouth to shout.

In the end, nothing came out!

Without the male doctor messing around, Qin Xi focused on giving the patient acupuncture.

At first, the onlookers did not think highly of Qin Xi because, after all, she was still too young.

Moreover, she was far less convincing than the overseas returnee.

Many people even thought that she was just putting on an act.

However, when they saw Qin Xis exquisite acupuncture technique, everyone held their breaths and watched with their mouths tightly shut.

After three minutes, Qin Xi waved her hand and all the silver needles returned to her hand.

At the same time, the middle-aged man slowly opened his eyes.

He coughed and asked in a hoarse voice, “What happened to me”

When Xia Tangxin saw that her father had woken up, happy tears rolled down her face.

“Dad, youre finally awake.

You scared me to death.

I thought you were going to leave me behind!”

Xia Zhenguo sat up and laughed.

He stroked his daughters hair and said dotingly, “Silly girl, how can I leave you Alright, dont cry.

Tears will smudge your makeup.”

Seeing that Xia Tangxin was so close to her father, Qin Xi thought of her own father.

She suddenly felt a lump in her throat and almost shed tears.

At this moment, the male doctor seemed to be in a shock.

He suddenly dropped to the ground with mouth wide-open.

His eyes were filled with disbelief as he shook his head desperately and muttered to himself, “Impossible, this is impossible, absolutely impossible!”


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