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Qin Xi walked up to the male doctor.

Without doing anything, the silver needle on his neck returned to Qin Xi.

“Nothing is impossible.

Western medicine relies on precise equipment to determine the cause of illness.

Without the equipment, youre nothing.

And the Chinese medicine passed down from our ancestors doesnt need the help of equipment at all.”

“Well said.”

Xia Zhenguo was helped up by Xia Tangxin.

A healthy glow already returned to his face and his voice was full of energy.

He looked like a completely different person from before.

He looked at Qin Xi with admiration and gratitude.

“Hello, Miss, Im Xia Zhenguo.

May I know your name”

“Xia Zhenguo Oh my god! Hes Xia Zhenguo”

“Who is Xia Zhenguo”

“You dont even know him Hes the CEO of the Xia Corporation and the number one philanthropist in our province.

He donates millions of yuan every year!”

“I remember now.

He was interviewed some time ago…”

Everyone started to discuss Xia Zhenguo.

When Qin Xi heard that, she just smiled with a shake of her head.

“Qin Xi, just call me Xi.”

Xia Zhenguo quietly sized up Qin Xi.

Seeing that she didnt seem to be interested in his identity, he knew he was being paranoid.

Xia Zhenguo was a businessman.

Although he was also a philanthropist, he knew very well that there were countless people who wanted to get close to him.

No matter what their motives were, this was not what he wanted to see.

He originally thought that Qin Xi was trying to get close to him, but to his surprise, she acted very nonchalantly.

This meant that there were two possibilities.

Either she knew his identity long ago and deliberately approached him, or she did not know him at all and it was purely a coincidence that we met today.

However, he was more inclined to the latter.

After all, Qin Xi didnt look like she was from a rich family and she had extraordinary medical skills.

Although he did not know how Qin Xi managed to help him, he could clearly feel that he was fine.

After her father introduced himself, Xia Tangxin stretched out her hand to shake hands with Qin Xi.

“Hello, Xi.

My name is Xia Tangxin.

Youre younger than me.

If you dont mind, can you call me Sister Xin.”

Xia Tangxin had a good impression of Qin Xi.

It was not only because she had saved her father, but also because Qin Xi was always smiling and gave people a sense of closeness.

Probably because of her status, she rarely had real friends.

Most of the time, people made friends with her mainly because of her status as the daughter of a wealthy family.

This made her feel frustrated and helpless.

Therefore, when she saw Qin Xi, she had a strong urge to befriend her.

Qin Xi smiled until her eyes narrowed into a line.

“Sister Xin!”


In the private room of a restaurant.

The dining table was filled with delicacies.

“Xi, thank you for saving my life today.

If not for you, Im afraid I would be dead.” At this point, a trace of lingering fear flashed across Xia Zhenguos eyes.

He was not afraid of death, but he was afraid that after he died, his mother and daughter would be left alone.

Over the years, he had made many enemies in the business world, especially in Luoping City.

Countless people were eyeing his family.

If anything happened to him, his family would be the ones to suffer the most.

Although his mother was an iron lady in her younger days, she was already old.

Moreover, with her daughters gentle and kind personality, she would not be able to manage such a huge family business.

Those enemies would find a chance to devour it.

This was the last thing he wanted to see.

At the thought of this, he took out a check and pushed it in front of Qin Xi.

“Xi, take it as a thank you gift from me.

You are not allowed to refuse.”


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