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Qin Xi didnt even look at the number on the check.

As she ate, she said, “Uncle Xia, your illness is just temporarily suppressed.

If you want to fully recover, you still need another session of acupuncture!”

Xia Zhenguos expression changed drastically and he asked in disbelief, “What did you say Did you say I can recover”

It had to be noted that he had cerebral infarction.

Other than craniotomy, this kind of disease could only be controlled by drugs.

There was no way to cure it at all.

Moreover, it was like a time bomb, threatening to take away his life at any time.

Now that Qin Xi said that it could be cured, he was wild with joy and anticipation.

Xia Tangxin stood up excitedly.

“Xi, is what you said true Can my father really be cured”

Then, she muttered worriedly, “But didnt they say that this illness cant be cured”

Qin Xi said calmly, “Just because they cant cure you doesnt mean I cant.

Uncle Xia, dont worry.

Youre not a short-lived person.

The fact that you can survive today means that youre blessed.

Good people wont die easily.”

It was obvious that Xia Zhenguo did not know that QIn Xi was good at face-reading.

He only thought that she was saying nice words to comfort him.

Even so, he was in a very good mood.

“Really Thats great.”

Xia Tangxin believed her and asked impatiently, “Xi, when are you going to treat my father”

Qin Xi thought for a moment.

“Theres no hurry.

Uncle Xia, you can go for a checkup first.

After the checkup, Ill treat you.”

Xia Tangxin asked incredulously, “Why does my father have to do a checkup”

Since QIn Xi said that the illness could be cured, why didnt she treat him right away

Xia Tangxin did not understand, but Xia Zhenguo understood Qin Xis intention very well.

She wanted him to check how bad his current condition was, so that there was something to compare with after the treatment.

Only then could she prove that she had treated him.

He was impressed by how smart and considerate Qin Xi was.

“Alright, Xi, Ill do as you said.”

“However, you have to hurry up, because Im leaving Loping City in two days,” Qin Xi said.

Xia Zhenguo was stunned.

“Youre not from Loping City”

Qin Xi nodded.

“My family lives in Shangwan Village.

I came here to buy things.

Now that Im done buying them, Im planning to go back home.”

“Shangwan Village Is it the Shangwan Village near Qinglin Town” Xia Zhenguos eyes lit up as he asked.


Uncle Xia, have you been there”

“No, but I was planning to go!”

Xia Zhenguo smiled and said, “Tangxins grandmother is currently in Qinglin Town.

Thats where she used to live.

Shes old and nostalgic and wants to spend the rest of her time there.

Yesterday, she asked someone to send me some fresh vegetables.

I havent had the time to eat them.”

Xia Tangxin said happily, “Thats great.

Dad, can I go back with Xi”

“Of course!”

The meal was a joyous one.

Qin Xi and Xia Tangxin seemed to have become good friends.

Xia Zhenguo was also happy to see that.

If what Qin Xi said about being able to cure him was true, then it was undeniable that she was a divine doctor.

Although she was young, age had nothing to do with ability.

Besides, it was beneficial to befriend a divine doctor no matter what.


It was inevitable for people to suffer from illnesses.

Being able to acquaint a divine doctor was equivalent to having a life-saving talisman with you at all times.

Not only that, it had been a long time since he saw Xia Tangxin being happy from the bottom of her heart.

As her father, he felt guilty and happy at the same time.

Of course, he had to try his best to satisfy her.


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