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“Would you believe me if I said I could cure you”

“Yes, of course.” The old man nodded solemnly.

Qin Xi could tell the cause and symptoms of his illness.

Of course, he didnt believe that Qin Xi just guessed it.

Moreover, at his age, he knew very well that there was always someone better out there in the world.

He would never underestimate anyone.

The calmness and straightforwardness Qin Xi exhibited made him feel that Qin Xi was not a simple person.

This time, it was Qin Xi who was stunned.

She did not expect this old man to trust her so much.

She asked curiously, “Given how young I am, why dont you think Im just bragging or lying to you”

“What does age have anything to do with your ability I can tell you are not much of a bragger.”

The old man laughed heartily and said, “I might not be good at other things, but Im good at evaluating people.

Young girl, youre definitely not an ordinary person.”

Qin Xi had a good impression of this old man.

She said, “Since you believe me, I wont disappoint you.”

At this moment, a pretty waitress walked towards the next table with a plate of barbecue.

Before she could put down the plate, Qin Xi heard a scream.

“Ah, you asshole!”

A man said arrogantly with a wicked smile, “Youre quite good-looking.

Come and drink with us.”

The hooligans at the side started to join the fun.

They whistled and said dirty words, which scared the waitress., scaring the waitress.

Qin Xi turned around and saw a group of hooligans sitting opposite her.

One of the hooligans was groping on the waitress.

Before Qin Xi could speak, she heard an angry roar, followed immediately by a cup flying past her, hitting the hooligan on the head.

The hooligan screamed and subconsciously let go of his hand on the waitress.

The waitress ran away in panic.

The hooligan covered his head and shouted angrily, “F*ck, who is attacking me”

The old man snorted and slammed the table.

“You bastard, youre a bunch of scum!”

“What does this have to do with you, you old thing Was it you who hit me just now” The hooligan stood up and stared at the old man fiercely.

The old man looked straight into the hooligans eyes.

“Youre right.

Its me.

What are you gonna do about it”

“F*ck, you old thing, Im gonna teach you a lesson today Brothers, pin him down.

Beat this old thing to death.”

As the hooligan spoke, he picked up the stool under his butt and was about to smash it at the old man.

Seeing this, the customers at the other tables covered their heads and fled.

When the owner of the barbecue stall saw this, he immediately ran over and smiled apologetically.

“Oh, its you, Brother Xiaodao.

Im sorry, Im sorry.

That waitress is new and doesnt know the rules.

How about this All your expenses today will be covered.

Take it as my apology.

Just enjoy yourself, okay”

Xiaodao kicked the boss in the stomach and cursed, “F*ck off.

Cant you see that my head is swollen Someone hit me just now.

Do you think I am still in a mood to eat”

The boss screamed and grabbed his stomach in pain.

“Whats wrong”

At this moment, Deng Xinhe ran back with two glasses of cold drink.

Seeing that the few hooligans opposite him were glaring at Qin Xi, his expression suddenly changed and his terrifying aura gushed out.

He frowned and shouted, “What are you doing Do you want to die If you dont stop, Ill break your legs.”

When Xiaodao heard Deng Xinhes threat, he flared up and shouted, “Brothers, attack! Kill them!”

With a whoosh, the hooligans threw more than ten stools at Qin Xis table.


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