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“Which bureau do you work at Get your chief to speak to me.”

Brother Taos subordinate said righteously, “Old man, were just carrying out an order.

Dont make things difficult for us.

Come back with us to help with the investigation.

After the investigation, well let you go.”

Deng Xinhe pointed at Xiaodao and the others and said indignantly, “What about them Why arent they arrested”

“Of course we have to arrest them too.

We have to bring back all those who cause trouble and interrogate them.

Alright, come with us!”

Deng Xinhe gave Qin Xi a questioning look.

The latter shook her head slightly, indicating for him to calm down.

Then, she looked at the old man.

Initially, the old man did not want to make things difficult for these people.

However, he did not expect them to not follow the rules.

The old man looked at Brother Tao coldly.

“Are you sure you wanna do that”

Brother Tao said positively, “Of course, in order to protect the safety of the other customers, Im obliged to take you away.”

The old man laughed out of anger.

“Do you think Im deaf I heard what the two of you just said.

Do you think Ill allow that to happen”

Brother Tao did not deny it and smiled coldly.

“Thats not up to you!”

The old man flew into a fury and scolded in a deep voice, “Great, great.

You arrest people without even asking whats going on.

Is this what Wang Antian teaches his subordinates”

Wang Antian was the chief police officer of this area.

“What are you shouting for Were just following the procedure.

Do you want to walk on your own or do you want us to help you walk” Brother Taos subordinate said angrily when he saw that the old man was not cooperating.

The old man was so angry that he slapped him.

With a slap, the police officer was instantly stunned and spun 360 degrees before stopping.

The old man exuded a murderous aura.

His eyes were as sharp as a knife as he glared at them.

“Tell Wang Antian to come and see me.

Now, immediately!”

Seeing that the old man was stubborn, Brother Taos face immediately darkened.

He took a deep puff of the cigarette and flicked it away.

He took out his baton and shouted, “You old thing, how dare you attack a police officer”

The old man was not scared.

Instead of retreating, he advanced.

“You dont get to talk to me like that.”

As he spoke, he took out a black gun from his pocket and loaded it.

“Hmph, let me see who wants to die first.”

The onlookers were instantly in an uproar!

They wondered who the old man was and why he had a gun.

Then, they retreated in fear, afraid that the gun would go off accidentally and shoot them.

Seeing that the situation had become intense, Qin Xi quickly walked up to the old man and looked at the police officers opposite her warily.

Brother Tao quickly found himself a cover.

He was nervous and on guard.

He thought that the old man was a terrorist.

His face was pale from fear, and his legs were trembling.

“Put it down.

Put it down and raise your hands.

Or well shoot you!”

He pressed the intercom to ask for reinforcements.

After a while, the sirens approached.

Two to three cars drove over from the night market and surrounded the old man, Qin Xi, and Deng Xinhe.

The police officer in the lead picked up the loudspeaker and shouted, “Youre surrounded.

Put down your weapons and raise your hands.

Dont try to resist.”

“Damn it, my night out is ruined just like that by these bastards.”

The old man was clearly displeased.

He looked at Qin Xi and Deng Xinhe and said, “Girl, kid, sorry to cause you so much trouble.”

Deng Xinhe waved his hand casually and said confidently, “Whats there to be afraid of With Master Qin around, well be safe and sound.”

The corners of Qin Xis mouth twitched.

“Are you sure”

Deng Xinhe chuckled and scratched his head.

“Seeing how calm and confident you are, Im not afraid!”

The old man was interested.

He looked at Qin Xi with sparkling eyes.

“Oh Master Qin”

Qin Xi revealed her signature innocent smile and said, “Sir, dont mind him.

Hes just joking around!”

The old man was very smart.

He could tell Deng XInhe wasnt just joking.

However, he also knew that this was not a good time to ask questions.

Just as he was about to stuff the gun back into his pocket, there was a bang…

“Watch out!”

Qin Xi was instantly on alert and threw out the coin shed been holding in her hand.

Ding ~


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