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After the matter ended, Qin Xi was no longer in the mood to eat barbecue.

She packed the food up and brought it back.

The next morning, Xia Zhenguo, Xia Tangxin, the Xia familys butler, and bodyguards gathered at the hotel in swarms.

Qin Xi asked with a smile, “Uncle Xia, hows the result of the checkup”

She was relaxed and her expression was calm.

Her short hair made her look handsome and beautiful at the same time, and she exuded absolute confidence.


Xia Zhenguo smiled with a shake of his head.

“The result is terrible.

The doctor said that it was fortunate that I was helped in time yesterday.

Otherwise, I wouldnt even need to go to the hospital.

I could be buried right away!”

Xia Tangxin looked at her nervously and expectantly.

“Xi, you can cure my father, right”

“Of course.

Why else would I ask you to come” Qin Xi nodded with a smile, her tone filled with confidence.

The butler was about the same age as Xia Zhenguo.

He had worked for the Xia family for more than ten years.

On the surface, the two of them were master and servant, but in reality, they were friends.

He didnt think Qin Xi had the ability to do so.

He even felt that Qin Xi was a liar.

At the thought of this, he couldnt help but feel worried.

“This… is unbelievable.

Sir, this girl is too young and doesnt seem to have the ability.

Why dont we go to the hospital in the capital to get treated”

Qin Xi did not speak and looked at Xia Zhenguo quietly.

Xia Zhenguo smiled in relief.

“I came because I believe in Little Qin.”


Just as the butler was about to say something, Xia Zhenguo waved his hand and said, “I was saved from death by Miss Qin yesterday.

Theres nothing more convincing than that.”

The butler was helpless and wanted to ask Xia Tangxin to help persuade her father.

Unexpectedly, Xia Tangxin looked especially happy.

Moreover, her eyes were filled with admiration for Qin Xi.

He pouted but did not say anything in the end.

Qin Xi stood up and took out her acupuncture bag.

She pointed at the sofa and said, “Alright, Uncle Xia, lie down.

Ill give you acupuncture!”

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

As Qin Xi sterilized the acupuncture needles, she said calmly, “Come in.”

“I mean, whats going on outside”

As soon as Deng Xinhe entered the room, he saw a room full of strangers.

Moreover, there were two burly bodyguards guarding the door outside.

He asked curiously, “Uh… I didnt know you had guests here today.

Are they here to get treated or ask you to exorcise evil”

Qin Xi couldnt be bothered with him and asked point blank, “Whats the matter”

“Nothing, nothing!” Deng Xinhe quickly waved his hand and sat down quietly at the side.

Seeing that Qin Xi did not intend to introduce him, Xia Zhenguo thought that Deng Xinhe was not someone important, so he did not ask further.

He followed Qin Xis instructions and lay on the sofa.

Before the acupuncture treatment, Qin Xi reminded them, “When I perform acupuncture, youd better not make a fuss or touch me.

I need to focus.”

They all nodded.

Qin Xi held the silver needles with both hands.

Her eyes focused as she held her breath and started to perform a magical acupuncture technique.

Silver needles were moving about at an unbelievable speed.

When everyone came back to their senses, all the silver needles had already been put into Xia Zhenguos head.

Then, under everyones stunned gazes, with a wave of her hand, Qin Xi quickly injected True Qi into the silver needles.

The True Qi slowly flowed into Xia Zhenguos head and opened up the blockage and repaired the blood vessels.

Xia Zhenguo felt warmth spreading out through his body, as if he was bathing in a hot spring.

Unknowingly, he fell asleep.

When he woke up again, he saw someone unexpected.

He stood up and said awkwardly, “Secretary Wan, why are you here”


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