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030 Runic Cave Spider

Runic World. Within the Labyrinth of Caves.

Wu Wei was crazily running away with Yellow and Golem. As they ran, Wu Wei checked his [Alarm Rune].

Wu Wei didnt understand why it had failed to activate even though there were so many spiders there.

And what happened next baffled him further.

Before his eyes, the [Alarm Rune] began to flicker weakly and then burn up.

It signified that the rune had been depleted.

“What is the meaning of this Didnt they say that an [Alarm Rune] can last for three hours Its only been less than half an hour! Or is three hours only valid until a monster encounter”

“Does the duration deplete faster the more monsters I encounter”

“How dare they sell it for 5 Runic Stones Are they Runemasters or scammers!”

Wu Wei cursed out loud.

However, he really couldnt blame them. The [Alarm Rune] was only meant to be used as a warning when resting, but Wu Wei used it as a radar.

Ultimately, due to his misunderstanding, he had walked right into a spider nest.

Of course, Wu Wei understood it was not the time for grievances.

The most important thing was to escape.

The spiders behind him did not know what was going on, but they kept chasing Wu Wei. They had already been chasing him for two to three hundred meters.

There were hundreds of densely packed spiders. In this kind of environment, if Wu Wei were to be caught, he would have no choice but to resort to logging out…

“The fork is up ahead. If we run to the front, we should be able to turn the situation around...”


Even Wu Wei, who was usually gentle and refined, could not refrain from swearing when. At this critical moment, he noticed a thick layer of spider web blocking the path ahead.

“Is it that spider from just now It should be. What do I do now Should I just log off”

Wu Wei looked at the spider web in front of him and back at the chasing spiders, hesitating whether to log off or try and put up a fight with his life on the line.

While making his decision, Wu Wei sized up the spiders.

In terms of appearance, they were all black, about 1 meter long, and roughly 20 to 30 centimeters tall. They were essentially gigantic spiders.

In terms of attributes…


Name: Runic Cave Spider

Quality: Uncommon-

Level: 10

Skill: Web Shooting (They can shoot out their web to restrain enemies!)

The source of this content is no/vel//bi/n[./]net'


Upon reading the attributes of the spiders he was up against, Wu Wei quickly decided.

“Lets fight first! Well see how it goes. If we cant beat them, well run!”

Wu Wei was not a reckless person, but when it was time for him to be gutsy, he, Wu Wei, would not hesitate!

“Golem Doll! Earth Manipulation!

Channel the energy into the ground under our feet and wait for my command!

Yellow, block them!”

Under Wu Weis orders, Yellow and the Golem Doll began to act.

When Wu Wei had stopped to prepare his next move, the spiders had caught up. When they were about ten meters away from Wu Wei and Yellow, the nearest Cave Spider activated its Web Shooting!

“Golem Doll!”

The moment the web was shot out, Wu Wei shouted, and the Golem Doll instantly raised a solid but thin wall of earth in front of Wu Wei and Yellow.

The wall was thin – only about three to five centimeters thick – but it was fast enough to block most of the spiderweb.

“Golem, stop channeling into the wall and focus your skill on the ceiling instead. Get ready to use all of your spiritual energy at my order!

“Yellow, get ready to charge over the moment they overcome the wall of earth!”

Under Wu Weis command, the Golem Doll gave up on the wall it had created, and the spiders began to pull it down!

Without hesitation, Yellow immediately activated his [Yellow Turban Strength], increasing his strength to 2.5 points. With the Boar Slaughtering Knife gripped tightly in his hand, Yellow approached the wall, preparing his attack.

The moment the wall was pulled apart, Yellow burst out, unleashing the Boar Slaughtering Slash he had been practicing for a long time.

Although the Boar Slaughtering Slash was of the lowest skill level, with the combination of the Boar Slaughtering Knife and his current buffed strength of 2.5, Yellows slashes were unstoppable. The two Cave Spiders in front of him were directly cleaved into halves.

Yellow did not stop there. He charged straight into the mob of spiders and raised his blade.

What happened next was a showcase of the power of the Runic Armament in his hand when buffed.

Yellows knife fell over 10 more spiders in less than a minute. Wu Wei gained quite a lot of experience points from this.

Unfortunately, the gap between level 10 and level 11 was not a small one.

If one wanted to reach level 11, they would need to upgrade their Book of Runes, but the amount of experience required to upgrade the Book of Runes was unclear.

Furthermore, it was possible to fail when upgrading the Book of Runes, where all the accumulated experience points would become wasted. This was the reason why Wu Wei had not reached level 11 yet.

However, Wu Wei had a feeling that he could attempt upgrading his Book of Runes if he were able to defeat the entire group of spiders.

However, this would not be an easy task.

Although the ease and rate at which Yellow was killing the spiders made them seem like sitting vegetables waiting to be sliced, the situation slowly turned bad.

Surrounded by spiders on all sides, his body was slowly being covered in spiderwebs.

It could be said that Yellow had unknowingly fallen into their tactic, and the spiders were just biding their time.

Soon enough, Wu Wei noticed the appearance of a black spider. It was several times bigger than the other spider monsters, standing at 1.5 meters tall.

At the same time that it appeared, Wu Wei checked its attributes.






Web Shooting

Poisonous Fangs (Do not get bitten or things will get nasty!)


When Wu Wei read its attributes, he realized that the spiders were about to make a move. Suddenly, the numerous webs wrapped around Yellows body were pulled. Yellow, who had been on a killing spree, was instantly rendered incapable of moving.

There was nothing he could do. Although Yellows strength was now as high as 2.5, dozens of spiders were holding him back.

With so many spiders working together, it had only been a matter of time.

While Yellow was now restrained, the Elite Queens Guard immediately pounced on top of him.

But Wu Wei was not going to let it have its way.


With a sharp exhale, the Golem Doll, who had been waiting all along, activated Earth Manipulation to transform the ceiling into mud.

The collapsing mud landed directly on the elite monster.

Unfortunately, an elite monster was an elite monster.

Unaffected, the Queens Guard lashed out at Yellow with its fangs.

But it would soon regret his actions.

Yellow, freed because of the mud, was able to land his slash first, felling the Queens Guard in one blow. Even at its moment of death, the elite monster could not understand how Yellow had managed to break free.

At the same time, Wu Wei began to order a counter-attack.

“Golem Doll, pour all your spiritual power into hardening the mud!”

Under Wu Weis command, the Golem Doll activated its skill once more. The mud that had just fallen began to re-harden, and the dozen or so cave spiders caught in it were now completely stuck…



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