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“…Makes sense.”

The university professor said, “The reason why the Blood Alliance failed in the past was definitely not because of our cruel and inhuman methods, forcing ordinary people to go deep into the ancient ruins to explore.

“It was only because Dragon City at that time happened to be in a rare gap period when the zombie crisis was about to end and the threat of monsters was still not obvious.

“The short-sighted ordinary people did not realize that a new threat was coming, so they regarded the Blood Alliance as the only demon.

“Little did they know that it was during the years when the Blood Alliance took power that they initially integrated the chaotic and broken order of Dragon City.

They dug up the mystery of how to break through the limits of life from the depths of the ancient ruins at all costs.

Only then did the Dragon City civilization have the capital to contend with the monster civilization, so they could achieve todays victory.

“Hmph, I dare say that if the overwhelming beast horde had arrived at the city a few years ago, those ordinary people definitely wouldnt have had the courage to resist the Blood Alliances rule.

Instead, they would have clung to the Blood Alliances thigh, crying and shouting, wanting to venture deep into the ancient ruins to obtain power.

“Besides, the members of the Blood Alliance who were regarded as demons yesterday would also becomeheroes, guardians, and blades of the human civilization the moment the beast horde appeared.

They would receive the attention of thousands of people and be respected by thousands of people!”

“Thats right.

Therefore, the monster civilization cannot be destroyed.”

The mechanic calmly said, “Even if the old monster civilization has been destroyed, we have to create a new monster civilization.

When the ordinary people realize that there is an unstoppable sword of death hanging above their heads, they will know fear, respect, gratitude, obedience, and rules!”

“Now, I completely understand.”

“However, how can we build anew monster civilization The remnants of the monster civilization are hidden even deeper than the Blood Alliance.

They will not be exposed so easily.”

“This is the last reason why Shen Yuanbiao must die.”

“Three days later, he must die, and he must die at the hands of Lu Siya!” The mechanic smiled.

Meanwhile, the university professor fell into deep thought.

His eyes gradually lit up.

He looked more like a butcher and a hunter than a university professor.

“I understand.”

The university professor said, “Once Shen Yuanbiao dies by Lu Siyas hand, we will be able to arrest Lu Siya!

“As long as Lu Siya falls into our hands, we will be able tofind evidence that shes a monster, or at least a monster puppet, within twenty-four hours!

“In fact, Lu Siya is a genius.

If there is a slim chance, I really dont want to destroy her.

If she can accept our goodwill and join the Blood Alliance, we will fight for Dragon Citys future together.

We will definitely achieve our goal ofconquering the Other World sooner.”

The car mechanic sighed.

“Unfortunately, her ambition is far beyond my estimation.

Shes not willing to share power with anyone, let alone accept anyone who is above her.

She only wants to be the unique and supremeQueen of Dragon City.

“In order to achieve her goal as a descendant of a noble family, she didnt hesitate to break away from her own family and assume the posture of inheriting Meng Chaos will, all in order to absorb the power of tens of millions of ordinary people as much as possible and pave the way for her ambition.

“This woman is too terrifying.

We have to get rid of her!

“Our previous plan was well-planned.

It was supposed to be foolproof.

If the angry crowd rushed into Universe Corporations headquarters, Lu Siya and the Azure Alliance would only be disgraced and doomed.

“However, her sense of smell was too sharp.

At the last moment, she realized the danger and blocked the advance of the frenzied crowd, which also made us lose the game of capture.

“Lu Siya is a smart person.

She knows that shes been targeted.

During this period of time, its impossible for her to make any new moves.

“It doesnt matter.

If she doesnt move, we will help her.

Three days is enough time for us to prepare the most abundant clues and evidence to prove that Lu Siya killed Shen Yuanbiao.

“The purpose Its very simple.

Kill her to keep her mouth shut!

“As a monster puppet, Lu Siya hopes more than anyone else that Dragon City will fall into chaos so that the monster civilization can rise again.

“To achieve her purpose, she colluded with Shen Yuanbiao to assassinate Shen Yuanbao.

She also caused a series of events such as The Bright Lights explosion.

As expected, people in Dragon City are panicking and in chaos.

“I didnt expect Shen Yuanbao to still be alive and even suspicious of Shen Yuanbiao.

In his panic, Shen Yuanbiao also had a fierce conflict with Lu Siya.

He even threatened to break away from Lu Siyas control and expose her background.

“So, Lu Siya went all out and simply killed Shen Yuanbiao in an attempt to completely detonate Universe Corporation and destroy Dragon Citys inherent order.

“As for why she stopped the angry crowd at the entrance of Universe Corporations headquarters last time Its very simple.

At that time, she still wanted to fish for fame and use the power of the people to continue climbing up the Azure Alliances ladder and completely control its leadership.

“Even if the above reasons dont constitute a death sentence for Lu Siya, they can at least constitute an emergency arrest warrant for her.

As you said, as long as we can catch Lu Siya, everything will be easy!”


The university professors eyes were shining.

“Ill go back and find Shen Yuanbiao right now and arrange everything.”


While the two of them were communicating via “ventriloquism,” the mechanic did not stop his work for a moment.

He had deftly fixed the scratches on the wheels of the car.

While he was communicating with the university professor about maintenance and the cost, the special vibration in his abdomen coldly said, “This time, even if Lu Siya grows three heads and six arms, she wont be able to escape the Blood Alliances clutches!”

The two of them smiled at each other in secret.

The professor found another staff member, completed the procedures, paid the fees, and drove away.

Meng Chao, on the other hand, was still lurking in the same spot.

He stared at the mechanic without blinking, and a storm was raging in his heart.

The content of the conversation, the tone, the pause, and the idiomatic language made an impossible answer form in his heart.

He could not believe that the car mechanic who was covered in oil and looked ordinary was actually…

“Yun Feidian!

“Hes the leader of Thundercloud Technology, Yun Feidian!

“Hes the most dazzling existence among the nine cultivation families, the godly state expert, Yun Feidian

“Yun Feidian was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and stood at the peak of his life.

He had almost everything but is actually a member of the Blood Alliance

“How-How is this possible!”


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