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A few days ago, Shen Yuanbao had shown Meng Chao a secretly recorded video.

It was a meeting secretly held by the experts of the nine cultivation families in order to deal with the current chaotic situation.

During the meeting, Yun Feidians decisiveness left a deep impression on Meng Chao.

Later, when the “mechanic” spoke to the “university professor,” Meng Chao found his tone, micro-expressions, and subconscious muscle reactions strangely familiar.

In addition to the content of his words, he could almost lock onto the identity of the greasy mechanic!

But it was impossible.

It was not because the high and mighty Yun Feidian would not lower himself to play the role of a heavy manual worker.

However, Yun Feidian was a public figure whom everyone was paying attention to.

Now that the nine mega corporations were at the center of a storm, even if Thundercloud Technology was not the first to be affected, it would not be able to stay out of it.

It was impossible for him to disappear from the publics eye.

He had spent half a day playing the role of a car mechanic to exchange information with his contact.

Doing so would be too inefficient and dangerous.

“But, this guys microexpressions and habitual movements clearly resemble Yun Feidians.

What exactly is going on”

Meng Chao fell into deep thought.

He had not planned on sneaking into the car repair factory.

But now, it seemed that he had to take a closer look to find any clues and come to the right conclusion.

If the mechanic was really related to Yun Feidian, and Yun Feidian was a member of the Blood Alliance, it would be completely out of his expectations.

That would be the biggest revelation so far.

With Yun Feidians identity, status, and ambition, he would not willingly be inferior to others, either among the nine mega corporations or in the Blood Alliance.

In other words, Yun Feidian was most likely the leader of the new Blood Alliance, or at least, one of the leaders.

The culprit was right before him, and Meng Chao could not help but probe further.

Meng Chao narrowed his eyes and observed the mechanic for a long time.

This guy had not displayed any abnormal behavior ever since the university professor left.

Instead, he repaired the car properly and buried his head in the heavy work.

However, he seemed to be very tired.

In just twenty to thirty minutes, he was drenched in sweat, and his legs were trembling.

His workmate beside him noticed his condition and went forward to check on him.

He gestured for the worker to help him for a while, and then he staggered toward the infirmary at the back of the garage.

Vehicle maintenance and modification operations often dealt with high-speed, complex machinery.

In order to squeeze out extreme performance from a modified vehicle, one could inject various high-risk fuels and accelerants in the process of modifying the crystal engine.

With a large-scale factory, accidents were a high-probability event.

Therefore, it was not a surprise that there was an infirmary attached to the factory.

However, the mechanics choice to go to the infirmary at this time was weird no matter how one looked at it.

Meng Chaos heart skipped a beat.

He closed his eyes and constructed a virtual three-dimensional structure of the car repair factory in his mind.

He also marked the surveillance cameras and the biological information detection system on the virtual structure clearly.

If all the surveillance and defense systems were in their most sensitive setting, it would not be easy for even Deity Realm experts to sneak into the infirmary without anyone noticing.

Fortunately, Meng Chao had another way.

He took a deep breath and placed his hands on the ground.

Spirit energy gushed out of his palms as his vitality magnetic field spread in all directions.

Soon, he sensed that spirit energy was flowing nonstop in the complicated underground pipeline system.

The scale of this car repair factory was not small.

A large number of maintenance and modification equipment weighed dozens of tons or even hundreds of tons.

If one wanted to drive these steel behemoths, one had to have an endless supply of high-purity spirit energy.

Considering that compressed spirit energy was flammable, explosive, and extremely unstable, most of the spirit energy transmission pipelines ran underground.

Moreover, there were spirit energy relay stations that were a certain distance from each other.

They were responsible for stabilizing the liquid spirit energy and providing new pressure.

That way, the pressure would not be too strong at the source of the spirit energy, which would cause the liquid spirit energy to enter a dangerous state of high temperature and high pressure too early.

After figuring out the direction of the underground spirit energy pipeline, Meng Chao went up and soon found a spirit energy relay station more than two hundred meters away from the car repair factory.

Iron fences had been erected on all four sides of the spirit energy relay station.

“Flammable”, “Explosive” and “High-pressure danger” signs were hanging on the fences with terrifying skulls painted on them.

There was also a sentry post at the entrance, which was guarded twenty-four hours a day.

However, as someone at his level, even if Meng Chao did not sneak into the spirit energy relay station, there were a hundred ways to cause a small malfunction in the station from a hundred meters away, cutting off the supply of spirit energy for five to ten minutes.

An investigation would show that there was absolutely no sign of man-made damage.

They would only conclude that it was caused by natural corrosion due to the lack of maintenance.

It was an old urban area that was in urgent need of urban renewal.

Many buildings and facilities, including the spirit energy relay station, were at least thirty to forty years old.

They had even been renovated from Earth-era buildings.

Plenty of the facilities in the spirit energy relay station were already rusted.

They had been patched up with rivets and welding rods.

It was perfectly normal for them to malfunction.

With that, Meng Chaos eyes shone brightly.

Deep inside his eyes, invisible rays of light seeped into the spirit energy relay station like invisible tides.

Soon, he found at least seven hidden safety hazards.


Three minutes later, in the spirit energy relay station, a part of the pipeline that was exposed to the ground suddenly broke, and pale purple smoke spewed out of it.

Like a constantly expanding jellyfish, it instantly enveloped the entire space.

The alarm system, which was responsible for detecting the pipelines internal pressure, also emitted a sharp and ear-piercing sound.

A few staff members hurriedly put on their gas masks, passed through the smoke, and pounced on the control panel.

The constantly bouncing numbers on the control panel and the crazily-spinning hands made the staff members particularly horrified.

The alarm system, which had been used for many years, possessed many flaws and loopholes.

It often lied about military intelligence.

That aside, the safety of the spirit energy was not a small matter.

The staff members still habitually followed the rules and regulations to reduce the pressure of the spirit energy in the pipeline.

They switched to alternate routes, activated emergency plans, and notified the surrounding enterprises to suspend the supply of spirit energy for six to twelve hours for ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises.

For special enterprises such as hospitals and large enterprises whose taxes and employees were above the standard, they implemented a reduction of half the supply of spirit energy for six to twelve hours.

Due to the danger of compressing spirit energy and the necessity of pipeline maintenance, many facilities in the surrounding enterprises, including part of the monitoring system, would definitely be down or be used minimally until the reason for the sudden increase in the pressure within the pipeline was found.


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