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During the Monster War, because fierce battles often broke out in the downtown area, the spirit energy transmission pipeline would be damaged or even explode every now and then.

Many companies had their own modified crystal engines, which could turn solid crystals into high-temperature and high-pressure spirit energy.

Of course, the switch between the two systems would take at least five to ten minutes.

Just as the workers of the car repair factory started the crystal engine that they had prepared, Meng Chao moved like a shadow without any thickness.

Keeping to the edge, he sneaked in from the southwestern side of the factory, where the monitoring range was greatly reduced.

Meng Chao expanded his vitality magnetic field to the limit.

He locked onto the breathing and heartbeat of every maintenance worker and customer nearby.

He made sure that no one would notice that he was jumping forward in the darkness like a streak of black lightning.

Soon, he reached the infirmarys vicinity.

The infirmary was located on the first floor of a four-story building.

Meng Chao narrowed his eyes and held his breath to listen.

He found that there were people in both the left and right rooms of the infirmary.

Only the office directly above was empty.

However, a surveillance camera was hanging in the corner of the office, rotating very slowly.

After a moment of silence, Meng Chao pressed his palm against the wall and slowly injected a thread of spirit energy into it.

Invisible ripples then reached the bracket that was holding the surveillance camera.

He did not destroy the surveillance camera or the bracket barbarically.

He merely used a soft and silent method to loosen the screws that were holding the bracket.

As a result, the surveillance camera tilted slightly, and the scanning range was reduced by about 15%.

If the nearby spirit energy pipes broke and the surveillance camera in the room was damaged at the same time, it would inevitably arouse suspicion.

Now, the surveillance coverage had just been slightly deflected and narrowed.

If they did not conduct a targeted investigation, they would definitely not notice it in a short period of time.

The neglected 15% scanning range was just enough to allow a Deity Realm warrior, whose muscles and bones had shrunk to the limit and whose body had become as thin as a cicadas wing, to sneak in.

Meng Chao only used a strand of spirit energy to pick the doors lock, and flashed into the office.

The mechanic whom he suspected to be Yun Feidian, was at his feet.

The distance between them in a straight line was no more than three meters.

The problem was, there was a thick layer of reinforced concrete under his feet.

But that did not trouble Meng Chao.

Taking a deep breath, Meng Chaos eyes sparkled.

Every cone cell became crystal clear.

Not only did the visual distance and the range of visible light greatly increase, but the reinforced concrete floor under his feet, which was like an iron wall, became more and more transparent.

At the same time, two streams of spirit energy poured out from the soles of his feet, rippling through the air like the ultrasonic waves of a bat.

After the ripple penetrated the reinforced concrete floor, it touched all kinds of things on the first floor, which then changed the shape of the ripple intricately before it was fed back into Meng Chaos vitality magnetic field.

Not only that, every hair on Meng Chaos body was like an extremely sensitive radar, collecting and analyzing the weak temperature differences in the surrounding space.

Whether it was the human body that was constantly at 37 degrees Celsius, or the various machines and instruments that used crystal energy, the heat that they released could not escape his radar.

His ears were also firmly listening to the sounds of breathing, heartbeat, and even blood flow that were coming from right below.

Just like that, enhanced vision, spirit wave scanning, infrared thermal imaging, and voiceprint monitoring were all combined to gather a large amount of information from different dimensions.

They came together deep in Meng Chaos brain, and with his incredible computational ability as a Deity Realm expert, they formed three-dimensional light and shadow that was even clearer than what he saw in real time.

Meng Chao blinked.

The reinforced concrete floor under his feet had seemingly turned into a piece of huge and clear glass.

His “vision” easily penetrated through the glass, and he saw the situation in the infirmary below.

The infirmary was not big.

Normally, it could only accommodate one or two patients and the injured for simple treatment.

Currently, there was only one bearded doctor in the medical room.

His white coat was unbuttoned, and he yawned as he operated the equipment.

He looked extremely unprofessional.

The medical cabin, which was the main medical equipment, looked big and black from the outside.

It was rusted, and it looked like a product from more than twenty years ago.

It had been retired from major hospitals long ago, making it a second-hand product that the car repair factory purchased.

The doctors and infirmarys appearances were in line with the location of the vehicle repair factory.

It was better than nothing.

However, the faint operational sounds coming from the medical cabin, the spirit energy released by the fragrant medicine, and the unshaven doctor did not match the sloppy facade.

The doctors overly slender and flexible fingers showed the true strength of the infirmary.

The cost of building such a medical room and hiring such a medical expert far exceeded the limit of this vehicle repair factory according to normal production and operation costs.

The infirmary was definitely not merely for treating external injuries and heatstroke.

The mechanic certainly did not look like he was suffering from heatstroke or excessive fatigue.

Meng Chaos gaze was like a paper-thin scalpel, tearing apart the molecular gap between the reinforced concrete that formed the floor.

It pierced straight down to the mechanic who was lying in the medical cabin and twitching gently.

“This guy… is really fierce!”

Meng Chao immediately noticed that the mechanic had an extremely sturdy body and streamlined muscles.

It was like a perfect combination of a cheetah and a marble statue.

It was a waste to use such a body size to repair a car.

He should be fighting the most ferocious monster for three hundred rounds.

Meng Chao highly suspected that was the mechanics true occupation.

At least, it was something that he had been doing every day for the past ten to twenty years.

Otherwise, there would not have been hundreds of shocking scars that crisscrossed over his almost perfect muscles.

Due to the proliferation of tissues, the temperature of flesh around scars would be slightly higher than that of normal flesh.

Therefore, when many people became furious, their scars would turn red and hot.

When the mechanics flesh and blood were soaked in medicine and his cells absorbed spirit energy hungrily, his scars started to resemble shining worms, which Meng Chao naturally detected.

“Wait a minute.

The guys body isnt just covered in scars.

“There seems to be something under his scars!”

When Meng Chao continued to stimulate his cone cells, retina, and lens to adjust the range of visible light in his eyes and further scan the mechanics body, he was somewhat surprised to find that the guys limbs and cavities were filled with implants!


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