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A Greasy Man

After settling the work at the construction site, Yin Xun rushed back home. As soon as she reached home, Mary brought her the invitation to the banquet that night.

Looking at the invitation card with gold lining on it, Yin Xun kept it away. It looked like Yin Mo wasnot lying. This banquet was indeed very formal, and she was relieved.

Yin Xun simply tidied herself up, changed into a red gown, and then rushed to the banquet venue.

At the entrance of the club, she saw Yin Mo, who was dressed to the nines, and Si Fan, who was beside Yin Mo. The two of them were waiting for her.

The banquet had already started, and Yin Xun followed Yin Mo in. When she saw the scene in front of her, she raised his eyebrows slightly. It was so spectacular.

This friend of Yin Mos was really influential. It was just a birthday party, and there were actually so many important people here. After Yin Xun greeted a few people she knew, she took a red wine glass and sat down at the side, quietly observing her surroundings.

Although she had the intention to befriend these capable people, she did not know them after all, and she didnot understand their preferences. If she was too eager, it would easily backfire.

Yin Xun was a natural-born businesswoman. There was no businessman who didnot scheme. Under the premise of not hurting others, she would try her best to fight for the greatest benefit for herself.

“Shes that tigress sister of yours”

Yin Xun was observing when a haughty woman walked over.

She stood in front of Yin Xun and looked at her with disdain. “I thought there was something special about this woman who sent someone to prison as soon as she returned to the country, but shes just so-so.”

“Who is this” Yin Xun looked at Yin Mo in confusion. She was sure that she didnot know this woman. This was the first time the two of them had met, so why was she so hostile towards her

“Sister, she is my best friend, Zhang Xin,” Yin Mo looked at Yin Xun apologetically.

“Why, are you so curious about who I am Do you want to call the police and arrest me But its a pity that you dont have the ability to deal with me. Youre not qualified to deal with the power of my family.”

Zhang Xin. This name sounded very familiar. Yin Xun recalled the contents of the novel, and this name seemed to have appeared before.

Because she was thinking about something, Yin Xun didnot move for a while. She just sat there quietly and was a little lost in thought. Zhang Xin thought that she was afraid of her and said proudly, “At least you have some knowledge and know to be afraid of me. Im not as weak as Liu Ying. If you dare to provoke me, Ill get my dad totake good care of you in business.”

Yin Xun thought for a while, and a light flashed in her mind. She suddenly remembered.Wasnt this name one of the villains in the novel In the novel, Yin Mo had been ruthlessly defeated by this person.


“Miss Yin Mo, so this is your older sister. As expected, she is as beautiful as you.”

Just as Yin Xun was about to speak, a man walked over and interrupted her. Si Fan was beside him.

“I say, Xing Cheng, youre not a picky eater anymore. Any woman suits your taste, even this one.” Zhang Xin crossed her arms in front of her chest and sneered.

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“Zhang Xin, mind your words. Dont affect my image in Miss Yin Xuns heart. She is my distinguished guest.” Xing Cheng looked at Yin Xuns peach blossom eyes and extended his hand to her in a gentlemanly manner. “I wonder if the young lady can give me the honor of a dance.”

After saying that, he revealed a smile that he thought was very handsome.

Yin Xun looked at him and couldnot help but feel disgusted. She tried her best to hold back the cold shiver that she felt because of the slime. He was too greasy. She had never seen such a greasy person.

Xing Cheng thought that Yin Xun was like the other girls and was mesmerized by his gentlemanly and handsome looks. He became even more confident.

Just as he was waiting for Yin Xun to extend her hand to him, Zhang Xin, who was at the side, sneered again, “Xing Cheng, you have to do your homework before you flirt with her. Do you know if she can dance I dont think a woman who can send someone to prison can do such an elegant thing as dancing.”

Xing Cheng shook his head indifferently and said gently, “Its fine, Miss Yin. Even if you dont know how to dance, its fine. I can lead the dance. I will teach you.”

“You want to teach her, but she might not want to learn. Maybe she has her eyes on top of her head and doesnt even think highly of us.” Zhang Xin continued to mock.

“How could that be Miss Yin is not such a person.” Xing Cheng maintained his smile as he looked at Yin Xun.

After hearing what he said, a smile appeared on Yin Xuns face. She slowly said, “What a coincidence, Im such a person.”



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