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Chapter 4304: The Other Side 273Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The boy took half a step back from his father, but he continued to glare at Gong Fan like a ferocious beast ready to pounce.

He was completely out of control.

Normally, no matter how much danger he encountered, no matter how terrifying the circumstances, he was always the pillar of everyones spirit.

He could always maintain a very calm exterior.

However, Yun Shishi was his bottom line, and it was the end of a spectrum that was beyond himself even.

He personally saw Gong Fan stabbing Yun Shishi with a fruit knife.

He even wanted to kill her.

Those scenes were like a nightmare that kept replaying in his mind.

How could he forgive Gong Fan! In his understanding, it was Gong Fans appearance that had turned this family upside down!

He loved as deeply as he hated! It wasnt that he hadnt accepted Gong Fan.

However, someone they trusted so deeply had betrayed them! This was the most unforgivable thing!

Gong Fan fell to the ground, looking extremely miserable.

The actor walked over to try to help him up, but Gong Fan freed himself.

He could no longer tell if the people around him really cared about him or if they were just being hypocritical! All he could feel now was that there was no one else who really cared about him other than Yun Shishi! However, Little Yichen had said that he had stabbed her.

But he really had not!


Why didnt anyone believe a word he said! Gong Fan finally explained, “I really didnt… I wouldnt do such a thing…”

“Who was it then, if it werent you Was it Youyou” Little Yichen would never believe that Youyou would do this.

To the boy, Yun Shishi was like his life, even more precious than his own.

How could he bear to hurt the person he loved the most

Gong Fans gaze turned blank.

Did no one believe him If he said he didnt, he meant he didnt.

Whatever he had done, he would never deny.

But how could he admit what he had not done It was not an accusation that Youyou had done it, but why pin the blame on him for something he had not done

Gong Fan was so sad that he wanted to cry.

However, at that moment, his tears accumulated in his heart.

His heart felt as if it had been stabbed by an invisible knife, and he couldnt tell if it was tears or blood flowing.

Hua Jin felt a great complexity of emotions to see the boy this way.

Heartache, doubt, struggle, disbelief…

Little Yichen said that he saw Gong Fan stabbing Yun Shishi with a fruit knife.

He had even wanted to kill her.

It would have been a shocking scene.

He had not seen it with his own eyes, so he had no way to assert what had happened.

It was impossible to accuse Gong Fan through Little Yichens words.

It was also impossible to doubt Little Yichens words based on Gong Fans one-sided statement.

However, looking at Gong Fans sad and disappointed expression, Hua Jins heart inexplicably ached.

“Get up.

The floor is freezing.” He reached out to help the boy up.

However, Gong Fan silently stood up by himself.

His face was ashen and his body swayed slightly.

Feeling that he was about to fall, the boy reached out to hold the door frame to barely stabilize himself.

He didnt want to say much.

“Mommy … where is she” Little Yichen said she was hurt.

He wanted to see her!

The other boy snorted.

“You dont deserve to see her or call her Mommy!”

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