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4401 The Other Side 370

The girl was immediately distracted by this voice.

Still in a daze, Youyou felt the young mans grip loosen a little as he got distracted.

From the corner of his eye, he saw a man dashing in.

It was the man who had been following them all the way.

His heart sank.

Presumably, this man, like the youth and the girl, wanted to kill him and Gong Fan!

However, just as he thought this and was looking on helplessly, the man rushed towards the girl.

With lightning speed, he snatched the gun from her hand, grabbed the two ends with both hands, and used his knees to break the gun into two.

Then, man threw the gun aside, grabbed the girls collar, and threw her out the door.

The young man was distressed by this act.

He roared and lunged at the man.

Youyous brain was running out of oxygen.

When the young man suddenly released his grip, oxygen instantly surged into his body, causing him to feel dizzy for a moment.

He fell to the ground limply, no longer able to control his body.

Gong Fan was still conscious somewhat, however.

He watched blankly as the man started fighting with the young man instead of dealing with Youyou and himself.

It was a barehanded fight and they tore at each others flesh!

Just listening to the amplified sound of the punches, one could imagine how painful it was to be on the receiving end!

The man and the young man were expressionless.

Clearly, they had no reaction to pain.

However, there was a huge disparity in their physiques.

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The young man was very soon at a disadvantage! The man punched him to the ground.

Moreover, he was so aggressive that the joints of the young mans arms were dislocated.

“Arghhh…” The young man hollered in pain as his bones were broken.

He hugged his arm that was hanging weakly by his side, and the veins on his forehead popped out.

“Why are you helping them!” He questioned hysterically.

Gong Fan was stunned.

Was this man not an enemy, but rather, had been silently helping them

Thinking about it carefully, it was indeed so.

Even though this man was strong and powerful, even though this man had been tailing them right from the onset, or even, the fact that he tailed them unnoticed, the reality was that he had never done anything to hurt them.

it was obvious that the man was far more powerful than the youth, but he had not hurt them at all!

“What exactly is going on”

“Kill them!” The young man panted heavily and said to the man, “Otherwise, we, including you, will never see the light of day again! This is unfair, isnt it! We havent even taken a good look at what that world is like Why do we have to live in such a dark corner! We have the right to exist, right!”

The mans eyes went blank for a second.

The young man thought that the man was wavering and continued, “Wake up! Even if you help them, they might not be grateful to you! What good will it do you”

The man was a little stunned.

While he was distracted, the young man used the last of his strength and his dislocated arm to weakly draw out a snow-white dagger from his waist and ruthlessly stabbed it into the mans thigh!

“Psssss…” The man grunted, his leg twitching involuntarily.

Because the young mans arm was dislocated and he did not have much strength, the wound was not deep.

However, it was painful enough.

The young man took advantage of the situation and pushed him away.

The tables had turned.

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