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Chapter 163: Technology is productivity! Group trading of Amazonian female warriors!

“Cassius uses the cards to fight.”


Including Ghost Buster, everyone who heard it was surprised.

It was the first time they had been to a transcendent planet.

Just like Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden, looking at everything rare.

“And our goal is a very valuable card that is held there.”

Hearing this, both Chang Yuchun and Zhang Liang nodded.

They understood.

“What about the other four Transcendent teams Are they the same as us”

Chang Yu Chun asked.

Zhang Liang also wanted to ask but he was proud of himself for being a wise man.

He didn’t have much of a heart to say.


Yan nodded and said, “This should be a group action, we may have to cooperate with those transcendents.”

“In that case, the guards in that base should be very strong.”

At this time, Han Xin, who had been listening silently at the side, spoke up.

The crowd glanced at him.

They couldn’t help but complain–

You’re the only smart kid.

Couldn’t they think of it

Speaking of which, the foremost 1,000 martial artists and 1,000 jackals, they were already in motion and the thorn tree demons behind were one step faster.

They quietly opened the abandoned warehouse door and took a look outside.

There were a hundred Thorn Tree Demons who were the first to step out.

Their speed was not fast.

They were walking slowly but it was also equivalent to the speed of an ordinary person running.

When the hundred thorn tree demons moved to another abandoned warehouse, they stopped and began to incarnate.

In the surprised eyes of Chang Yu Chun, Han Xin and others, they turned into three or four meters high trees.

Even if observed close by, it was also impossible to tell the difference.

This turned out to be a tree demon.

“Is this the magical ability that some transcendents possess, as recorded in the information”

Chang Yu Chun and the others were amazed.


These thorn tree demons moved again.

Just now they just experimented a little to check if there would be restrictions on this planet.

Soon, one hundred thorn tree demons came to the edge of this abandoned factory area.

There were sparse trees here.

The thorn tree demons began to find their respective positions.

One tree here.

Two trees there.

In this way, they turned into trees in the surrounding area.

It was not easy to detect the anomaly.

Because of the distance, Yan and Ghost Buster and others took out the binoculars and watched!

“Although it is secluded here, the view is not very good.”

After taking a look, Chang Yu Chun, as someone who led the soldiers all year round, found one of the best observation spots nearby and looked with the binoculars that Yan and others took out.

Wang Yao and others, including the other four teams of Transcendents, were all stunned.

An Amazonian warrior woman next to her approached curiously.

All the while, her mouth was jabbering with unintelligible words.

The language of each planet could not be the same.

The people of the Great Desolate Army were startled.

They had picked up their rifles in defense but seeing that this Amazonian warrior woman seemed to have no malice.

Yan waved her hand to let the people lay down their weapons.

“Is she interested in our binoculars”

Chang Yu Chun guessed.

“I guess so.”

Yan nodded.

With that, she took her own binoculars, walked over and handed it to this Amazonian female warrior.

Under the gesture of Yan, this Amazonian female warrior picked up her binoculars in some disbelief.

Looking outside, she let out a “wow” scream immediately!

“What is this”

Seeing this scene, Wang Yao couldn’t help but ask.


Jiang Fan proposed a new term and explained, “It allows things in the distance to be seen more clearly.”

“That’s not clairvoyant”

The tall young man had a tone that he thought he knew very well.

“Something like that.”

Jiang Fan didn’t explain either.

The others were suddenly speechless.

Could a first-level planet also produce this kind of thing

The Amazonian female warrior who couldn’t put down the binoculars began to giggled again and took out a bright green arrow she had on her!

“She wants to make a deal with us”

Immediately, Chang Yu Chun guessed.

“I guess so.”

Yan smiled a little.

She gestured with her finger.

The trade request was agreed.

The Amazonian female warrior suddenly screamed in excitement and gave the bright green arrow to Yan.

Then with the binoculars in hand, she quickly ran back to the team.

For fear that Yan would regret it, Wang Yao and others were also speechless for a while.

They also wanted to ask Jiang Fan if he still had this kind of thing but they didn’t expect that.

The transcendents at the bottom were already in action and Yan was holding the bright green arrow of the Amazonian female warrior.

She handed it over to the Ghost Buster.

Several people took a closer look.

Again, Chang Yuchun guessed: “Could this be an arrow made by a transcendent plant, the aura on it is so special.”

“It should be.”

Zhang Liang nodded.

All of a sudden, Chang Yu Chun’s face rose in alarm.

He turned around to protect the front of Yan.

Everyone turned around to look.

A dozen or so Amazonian female warriors rushed over with excited faces.

Their leader was none other than the female warrior who just traded.

Seeing this scene, everyone was a little dumbfounded.

Could this be that these dozen Amazonian female warriors also came to trade binoculars!

The Great Desolate Army didn’t know that.


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