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Please Permit Me To Love You Forever Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Summoning (1)

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Although Rong Yan and Rong Nuo were not biological sisters, Rong Yans relationship with her was much better compared to Rong Jia, who was related to her by blood. Rong Nuo was a girl who people could not help but care for.

“Yes, but... you can come and look for me. Remember to come by yourself.”

To Rong Yan, this place had never been her home. It never gave her a sense of security or warmth.

Rong Nuo smiled through her tears when she heard this, and she nodded. “Mm..”

“Heres ten thousand dollars. Save it for your school fees. Dont let Mom, Rong Jia, and Dad know. You will be in your senior year next semester.”

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“Sister, I dont want it...”

“Be good and take it.”

Rong Nuo wanted to ask where such a big sum of money came from. But after opening her mouth, she swallowed the words down again. “Big Sister, n-no matter what, you will always be my sister.”

After leaving the Rong family, Rong Yan changed her address and job.

She wanted to cut off all contact with the Rong family except for Rong Nuo. She never wanted to see such a vicious mother like Yang Yan ever again.

As for her revenge, Rong Yan was not in a hurry. With her current ability, it was not enough to fight against the Second Young Master of the Chu Group. She first needed to get more capital from Liancheng Yazhi.

Rong Yans life was already considered stable. Liancheng Yazhi rarely called, but they met once a week.

Rong Yan thought that perhaps she was not beautiful enough, or perhaps he thought that she was too young and could not please him. Or maybe she was too annoying Even if he called her, his dislike for her was clear, and he would never let her stay for too long.

And every time after having intercourse, he would drive Rong Yan away almost immediately.

He never allowed her to lie beside him at any time other than their appointed time.

Rong Yan was wondering... if he hated her, then why would he call her over

However, he had transferred her payment on the 30th of that month. He was on time; never a day or a second late. The timing was just right.

Rong Yan realized that it was no wonder women in the world wanted to be mistresses of rich men. It was so easy to get money in such a way.

Rong Yan leisurely lived her days and the people from the Rong family did not disturb her again. She suddenly realized that it was for the first time in her life, both previous and current, that she lived comfortably.

She got along well with her colleagues at work. Her direct supervisor in her department was a woman in her forties.

This woman treated people well even in private. Knowing that Rong Yan did not have a boyfriend, she wanted to introduce someone to her.

The other party was a brilliant catch. He had a successful business, a good car, and a house. He completed higher education and was paid very well. Rong Yan did not want to go, but she was too embarrassed to refuse. She could only brace herself, so she went to meet him.

He was considered handsome, but he looked rather weak, talked like a sissy, and liked to flaunt his wealth.

While drinking coffee, his pinkie would rise. Rong Yan would even have goosebumps as she listened to him talking.

She would nod with a smile to whatever the man said and seldom spoke. She even had a demure and gentle expression on her face, which made the other party very satisfied.

They were sitting in the lobby on the first floor of the hotel, and she was facing the revolving door.

A black Bentley limousine stopped and the doorman immediately stepped forward to open the door.

A group of bodyguards in black came in escorting a young man.

He was tall, and from Rong Yans angle, she could see his side profile. He was as handsome as the God of War in Greek mythology, and he exuded a superior-like air. He was elegant and calm, which made people dared not look at him.



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