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Chapter 14: Summoning (4)

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“You dont want it”

Liancheng Yazhi was dressed in a black robe, and he was leaning lazily against the sofa with one hand on the edge.

The neckline of his robe was wide open, revealing his sexy collarbones and ivory skin that looked smooth like jade.

His slender long legs were crossed together, and there was a faint mocking smile on his exquisite face.

Every inch of his body was like a masterpiece, especially at that moment, where there were several pinkish-red teeth marks on his collarbones-each of them exuded a thrilling charm.

As soon as she heard his words, Rong Yan tightened her hold on the cheque as if she was afraid of it being taken away. “Of course not. Its not like Mr. Liancheng doesnt know that I love money. But... its not yet time for you to give me my salary. Its too sudden. Ill-gotten wealth... If you wont explain it, I wont dare take it. Mistresses also have professional ethics.”

Mistresses also have professional ethics. This became a sentence that Rong Yan often said in front of Liancheng Yazhi. It was to remind him and also herself that being a mistress was her profession. She was a mistress and could only ask for money and nothing else. Because this man was too outstanding, she had to keep watch on her feelings.

However, she could not just casually ask Liancheng Yazhi for money. Their relationship was purely that of an employer and employee. She wanted his money, and he wanted her body-that was all.

So, every sum of money should be made clear so no complications would crop up in the future.

Their relationship, to put it bluntly, consisted only of buying and selling. It was just a transaction of money.

The purpose was the same, in exchange for that cold hard cash and for survival and revenge.

Rong Yan knew that she was dirty and shameless, but what else could she do

When a person could not even protect their life, being dirty or cheap was all for survival.

Sometimessurvival was the cruelest word in the world. It would force one to make the most helpless choice, like what she did...

Liancheng Yazhi lit a cigarette and blew out a ring of smoke with grace.

“Ruoruan will be coming back tomorrow.”

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Rong Yan nodded. So his girlfriend was coming and this was the money to keep her mouth shut. He was afraid that she would spout nonsense in front of his future wife.

Come on, she was not that stupid. This money was really for nothing.

Three million dollars. It was money that many people could never earn in their life.

If she had this money in the beginning, she would not have driven herself to the point of no return.

Song Ruoruan was Liancheng Yazhis fiancée and was the only woman he had admitted to the media.

The Song family was a famous family in the city. Her father was a real estate tycoon and her mother was a senior professor of a famous university.

Song Ruoruan herself was a beautiful woman with knowledge, beauty, wisdom, and temperament. She was definitely a lady from a decent family. She had fair skin and was attractive, making many young men flock over to her like ducks.

Although Liancheng Yazhi had many women from time to time, Song Ruoruan had been with him for four years.

Of course, Rong Yan was also one of his lovers, and she had maintained nearly three months of interest exchange with him.

She was also considered one of Liancheng Yazhis mistresses who stayed by his side the longest. Rong Yan sometimes wondered if she should feel proud of it.

Holding the cheque, Rong Yan happily counted the zeroes on it and did not look at Liancheng Yazhi. The smile on her lips was as charming as that of a cat.

Rong Yan was very clear about her position. A mistress was a mistress. She was a mistress whom everyone hated, and her existence could not be made known to the public.



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