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Chapter 19: Hate (2)

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He wanted to grab Rong Yan and kiss her ruthlessly.

“Liancheng, this lady is” A tactful and beautiful female voice rang.

Liancheng didnt move as he furrowed his eyebrows tightly, not happy with being disrupted. On the other hand, Rong Yan quickly put some distance between them and instantly turned into a prim and proper office beauty.

Liancheng Yazhi furrowed his eyebrows tightly, not liking how Rong Yan had put a distance between them. He exclaimed in his mind,She really has the talent for acting. Its a pity she is not an actress.

Rong Yan calmly nodded at Song Rouran and flashed her a smile. “Hello, Miss Song. I am Rong Yan, an... escort that Mr. Liancheng hired to help with the business meeting.”

In her mind, she terribly despised herself. What was a female escort in a business meeting They were merely higher-leveled prostitutes.

Rong Yan thought,Rong Yan, oh, Rong Yan. Only a shameless woman like you is delighted instead of feeling embarrassed when saying such things.

Song Rouran was a beauty, and she exuded an intelligent, dignified, and elegant aura from head to toe. She was the type of beauty that made people feel very comfortable looking at, yet maintain a distance between them.

She was smiling, but her smile looked distant.

She asked, “How did you know that my last name is Song”

Rong Yan instantly showed a coy expression. “Miss Song is even prettier in actual life than on the magazines.”

“Thank you...” Song Rouran had offered Rong Yan a glance before she gently spoke to Liancheng Yazhi. “Liancheng, lets go in. Mr. Su and the rest are already in there.”

She was quietly reminding Liancheng Yazhi that she was the only one who could help him in his career.

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However, Liancheng Yazhi didnt reply to her. Instead, he had reached out and intimately grabbed Rong Yans chin, before he leaned down and kissed her hard. He didnt shy away from it, even with Song Rouran around. And with a half-smile, he said, “Youre really good with words.”

Liancheng Yazhis voice was low while his expression was calm and indifferent. He didnt show any hint of anger at all.

Rong Yan was a little awkward. However, she couldnt help but be rendered surprised at the couple. She glanced at Song Rouran, the woman looking rather calm and indifferent, and then at Liancheng Yazhi, who was cheating on his girlfriend right in front of her.

It seemed like Liancheng Yazhi wasnt afraid of Song Rouran knowing that she was his sugar baby. Then again, Song Rouran was also clear of how Liancheng Yazhis private life was.

However, he never brought his mistresses in front of Song Rouran before to at least give his future wife the most basic respect.

But this respect didnt mean that Song Rouran could interfere in his private life.

See This was the style of the fiancée.

Rong Yan blinked at him. “Thank you, Mr. Liancheng for your praise. If I didnt know how to use my words, you wouldnt call me to help with your business discussion, right”

Of course, as a mistress, while she attended to her sugar daddy, she had to curry his fiancée as well. Otherwise, if she ever ends up offending his fiancée, a simple move from her will make her life difficult, too.

Liancheng Yazhi smirked. “Lets go in.”

“Yes... Please go in first.”

Walking behind the two, Rong Yan watched as Song Rouran gripped her bag tight. Her knuckles were pale as the veins on the back of her hand popped to the surface.

She pursed her lips and smiled. It appeared that this Miss Song wasnt as calm as she appeared to be.

Tsk, tsk. Liking a man with no heart nor emotions like Liancheng Yazhi was meant to hurt!

It was a good thing that she only liked Liancheng Yazhis money. As for him as a person, she didnt dare to.

Rong Yan remembered seeing in a newspaper article in her previous life that Liancheng Yazhi had changed his fiancée within a year, from Song Rouran to her younger sister, Song Meiran.



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