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Chapter 27: A Little Hard to Part (2)

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Liancheng Yazhi played with his phone; closing and opening the message Rong Yan sent him earlier. Hearing Song Rourans question, he replied casually, “Really What did they say”

“Nothing much. You know that the elders like to nag.” Song Rouran raised her hand and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. This simple action looked elegant and dignified on her.

Song Rouran thought that Liancheng Yazhi would ask her what her parents had nagged about after hearing her reply, but she was met with disappointment because Liancheng Yazhi said nothing else.

Song Rouran silently gritted her teeth, but she managed to pull a laugh. “They really want to see you, but they dont know when youll have time. You should know that the elders like to see the family come together and be noisy together.”

Song Rouran said those words with tact. She was subtly reminding Liancheng Yazhi that he was her fiancé and was also conveniently using her parents to silently urge their marriage.

In the end, Liancheng Yazhi merely blinked, not giving her any face. “The two of us are still not a family yet.”

Song Rourans face instantly flushed. She felt so awkward that she felt like dying. Liancheng Yazhi didnt give her any face when he spoke.

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If this was another man, Song Rouran would have slapped him already. However, how would she dare to do it in front of Liancheng Yazhi How much courage did she have to do it

Although the Song family was wealthy, they were nothing compared to Liancheng Yazhi. Being able to hang onto Liancheng Yazhi, their Song family was already counted as a fish leaping over the dragon gate. Even if she wanted to get into a fight and be unhappy with Liancheng Yazhi, her parents wouldnt agree to it.

So, Song Rouran had no choice but to suppress her disappointment. It was fortunate that her self-healing ability was rather strong, that she was able to show a happy front again not too long later. She said, “That Miss Rong is really pretty. She told me in the washroom today that she really liked Mr. Su. I think both of them looked great together too.”

With a loud smack, Liancheng Yazhi threw his phone onto the seat and finally looked up at Song Rouran.

All she heard was him saying, “Rong Yan really likes the diamond earrings you gave her, too. Let me thank you for her.”

Song Rourans hands clenched tightly in an instant; her pretty, roundly trimmed nails instantly cracking.

Thanking her for Rong YanLiancheng Yazhi, you little... He actually said such a thing!

The fiancé thanking his fiancée on behalf of his mistress... This made Song Rouran feel even more humiliated and ashamed than he had disrespected her in front of the public, making her feel like she had no place to hide herself.

To Liancheng Yazhi, his fiancée was actually worse than a mistress.

Song Rourans face flushed, then paled. “Liancheng...”

The car stopped and Liancheng Yazhi said coldly, “Its your stop. You can get out now.”

Song Rourans body slightly trembled. It had been two days since she returned, and yet she hadnt spent a night with Liancheng Yazhi.


“Get off.” Liancheng Yazhi was impatient now. His pretty eyes were filled with sharp murderous intent, scaring Song Rouran that she didnt dare say another word and hurriedly got out of the car.

The moment she found her footing, she didnt even have time to say goodbye when Liancheng Yazhi got the driver to drive away.

Song Rouran stared at the car that quickly drove into the night. The elegant smile that she always maintained instantly distorted, and she gritted her teeth in anger. “Rong... Yan...”

In the car, the driver asked Liancheng Yazhi, “Young Master, where do you want to go”

“Block A of Beijing.” At the thought that Rong Yan was still waiting for him there, Liancheng Yazhis mood improved a little.

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