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Please Permit Me To Love You Forever Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Liancheng Yazhi (2)

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Not long ago, the name Liangcheng Yazhi to her, was just a name that occupied the top rank for rich bachelors. He was a mysterious legend and a myth for most people, especially those who had never interacted with him.

But who would have thought that fate would bring them together

Liangcheng Yazhi was a domineering and elegant name, but just like the meaning behind his name, he had great value and was elegant in every way. It was a name that only he deserved. He was a person who stood at the height where people looked up to. They even considered him a legendary being who could pass on as a God.

If you couldnt get close to this man, you would never know how big a business empire he had created.

Liangcheng Yanzhi was perfect in every way. Those who had never seen him would never know how perfect, charming, and unforgettable he was. He had such an exquisite face that everyone could not help but hold their breath upon seeing it. Countless women had fallen for his charm as if they were moths attracted to a flame.

If she had not seen him once in her previous life, she would have never known what a legendary man looked like.

If she had a choice, she wouldnt want anything to do with a man high in the air like an emperor.

But she had no choice. She needed money... a lot of money. She was in an urgent need to change her destiny after being reborn.

With a second shot at life, Rong Yan convinced herself that she only wanted the money and did not care about being shameless.

So, after she saw Liancheng Yazhi, she did not hesitate to launch a plot of seducing him!

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However, after gaining success, Rong Yan felt afraid.

The man was too crazy and tempting. He was like a poppy that with just one try, people want to sink into it. As it took effect, the shudder they experienced gave birth to an indestructible fear that was deep-seated in the bones.

Not long ago, Rong Yan even doubted whether she would be able to live.

The agony along with extreme pleasure on the brink of death made her tremble and feel afraid...

No one knew how much she wanted to leave, but she, unfortunately, could not.

One, she needed money. She already had no way out and had already been tainted. No matter the outcome, she needed to get the payment. She was never a person who wasted her effort.

Two, she could not walk because her body was aching all over. Fear also had her shaking, and she knew she might stumble over before even reaching the door.

Rong Yan gambled like a crazy gambler who had no chips. She was putting her life at stake to win the game. Even so, using such a tactic might not even pose a threat to her opponent.

With a click, the bathroom door opened and Rong Yans body violently shook, but she soon calmed down. The fear in her eyes disappeared in the shadows, and in a flash, she became a vulgar and materialistic girl.

Rong Yan tilted her head and met Liancheng Yazhis eyes.

Even though she had been long amazed by his appearance, seeing him again would always leave her stunned.

But now, she really had no time to think about how he looked. To protect her dear life, she had to extract a lot of money from him. She was determined not to let others manipulate her life after starting all over again.

A white bath towel was wrapped around Liancheng Yazhis waist and another towel was sitting on his shoulder. Beads of water were dripping from his black hair, and under the dim yellow light, he looked attractive and devilish.

At that moment, he moved towards her step by step. Rong Yan still maintained a smile on her face, and though her expression was calm, her heart was beating fast as if it was about to fly out. She then opened her mouth.

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