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Chapter 6: Signing the Contract (2)

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The curve of her waist was beautiful and moving, slender like willows in early spring. The swinging of her waist when she walked could really captivate peoples souls.

Liancheng Yazhi thought to himself,How could Secretary Zhou choose such a beautiful dress for such a woman

With a smile, Rong Yan said to Liancheng Yazhi, “Goodbye, Mr. Liancheng.”

“Wait.” Liancheng Yazhi stopped Rong Yan.

Rong Yan turned around and the hem of her dress moved, creating a beautiful arc. “Mr. Liancheng, is there anything else”

Liancheng Yazhis expression became darker and darker. “The last section mentioned that before our contract is over, you cant have any relationships with other men. If I find out... The contract will be void and be terminated at any time. You also have to cough out all the money I have given you.”

Rong Yan winked at him. “Mr. Liancheng, dont worry. I have professional ethics.”

“Good. I hope you are worth the money.”

“Dont worry, I promise it will be your moneys worth!”

After Rong Yan had left the room, Liancheng Yazhis expression became cold, and he turned to look at Secretary Zhou.

Young Master Liancheng only said this, “Do a background check on that woman and send someone to keep watch on her at all times.”

Secretary Zhou nodded expressionlessly. “Yes, Young Master. I will report the findings to you in an hour.”

Just like what Secretary Zhou had said, information about Rong Yan was on Liancheng Yazhis table an hour later. It listed everything from when she was young-even the time she lost her teeth.

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The more Liancheng Yazhi read, the more he frowned.

Liancheng Yazhi suddenly remembered what Rong Yan had said to him that night when he read about how her mother, Yang Yan, attempted to sell her to President Dong.

No wonder she said that if she wanted to sell herself, she would rather find someone pleasant to look at.

If a compassionate person saw how the document had listed down a life full of hardships, they would find Rong Yan to be very pitiful.

But Liancheng Yazhi couldnt care less. There were more pitiful people in the world than Rong Yan. Hence, he did not have so much cheap sympathy for her.

Not taking actions against her after she had dared pull a scheme against him was already considered a great type of kindness.

Liancheng Yazhi said, “You can call back the surveillance on her.”

There was a slight crack on Secretary Zhous poker face. Liangcheng Yazhi was the one who ordered 24-hour surveillance on her, but he then called it back after an hour.Young Master Ya, your words are not to be trusted.

Secretary Zhous expression was still calm as he nodded. “Yes.”


Rong Yan seemed to have lost all her strength after coming out of the hotel. Hailing a taxi, she went straight to her house.

After she had entered the door, the dark room seemed to suck all of Rong Yans strength that she even had to stagger to the bedside to sit down.

Rummaging inside her bag to take out the morning-after pill she had prepared inside her bag, she put it into her mouth and swallowed it down with no water.

The stinging pain when the tablet brushed past her throat made her want to vomit all the contents in her stomach. But Rong Yan still smiled in the dark night even after experiencing pain and suffering, those only proved that she was still alive. Those who hadnt experienced death before would not know that pain and suffering sometimes were a blessing.

Rong Yan did not take off her clothes and fell asleep on the bed.

When it was almost dawn, Rong Yan trembled all over. She clutched the bedsheet as beads of sweat rolled down from her forehead. Her face was full of pain, and she was mumbling something.



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