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Please Permit Me To Love You Forever Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Nightmare From Her Last Life (2)

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Those ugly faces wore hypocritical masks, and they were full of lies. If only she had looked and listened carefully, she would have noticed that these... superficial and dirty things had blinded her. Hence, she only knew about the bloody truth after she died.

What was the truth It was likened to peeling off the skin to expose the bones, then breaking all of them inch by inch until the pain was... overwhelming. Once she understood it, death was already at her steps...

The pain of having her heart cut out, having her skin peeled off, and having her bones crushed all turned into the wordhatred.

The pain of suffocation was more and more serious, and the darkness became heavier and heavier as a huge vortex sucked in the floating soul...

“I cant die...” Rong Yan screamed and sat up abruptly from the bed. Her breathing was fast, and there was panic written all over her face. Her originally fair skin was even paler, like a piece of paper that would break apart when jabbed.

The number 17 of the desk calendar that was on the bedside table was circled with a black marker.

May 17, 2011. May 17th.

Rong Yan closed her eyes and clenched her fists.

She had returned to two years in the past after she had been reborn two months ago. At this time, her tragedy had not yet begun.

For the past two months, she had the same nightmare almost every night, and it shook her awake every single time. With that, the hatred in her heart grew deeper and deeper.

The sky turned bright outside. Rong Yan used a red marker to circle the number 18.

May 18 was a good day to travel and build houses. It was only a month away before her mother would try to sell her off to the perverted old man in her previous life. In a span of a month, she would fight for a way out for herself and would kill whoever dared to stop her.

Since God gave her a chance to live one more time, she would not let her previous lifes tragedy happen all over again. She wanted to live more reckless and unrestrained than anyone else and never be a puppet in the hands of others.

Slut and scumbag, just you wait. The pain you gave me, I will pay you back in double.

Family, love, and friendship...

She would not ask for any of these cheap things.

All she wanted was just one word-revenge.

So, last night, she wisely chose such a sugar daddy-Liangcheng Yazhi!

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The Master of Beijing.

Her sugar daddy.

Rong Yan was no longer sleepy after waking up. The pain in her lower body felt much better, but when she walked, it still hurt. However, compared to all the hardships she had suffered in her previous life, the pain was not worth mentioning.

After Rong Yan had gone to the bank to cash in her cheque early in the morning, she applied for two bank cards. One had 2.48 million dollars and the other five hundred thousand dollars, leaving twenty thousand in cash.

Rong Yan took the money to thehome she had not returned to for a long time. The same home that she desperately hated-the source of her suffering in her last life.


Yang Yan, Rong Yans mother, took her and her sister Rong Jia along when she married her second husband Rong Shenghai ten years ago. The family had been living in a shabby and messy tube-shaped apartment.

Her stepfather was an honest man, and though he wanted his family to have a good life, he had no skills. In a moment of folly, he went to borrow from moneylenders.

Someone had swayed him to invest in the stock market that in just three days, he threw half a million dollars into the market but did not get back a single cent.

A mafia gang would come by every day to collect debts, and they threatened to cut off Rong Shenghais hands if he could not pay in three days. In a desperate attempt to pay back the money, her family quarreled every day.



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