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QTAgainst My Will Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: 1.01 – World Story – Crimson Academy

— Authors note —-

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[System speaking]

[“Bing Shi speaking to the System”]


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Please give me OP cheats, please give me OP cheats...

A woman, clothed in a simple white t-shirt and matching shorts, materialized into existence from thin air. Her bare feet adjusted to the cold sensation of a perfectly polished floor as her misty eyes scanned the surroundings.

Please give me OP cheats, please give me OP cheats...

She was in a simple square room that was almost blindingly bright because of the four walls that caged her inside of an eternal abyss.

Everything in this particular room was at a standstill- only the woman, existed save for a peculiar thing that stuck to one corner of the room. An orb watched the woman with a notable lack of interest.

She was neither surprised nor scared when she appeared in the room. If anything, she seemed expectant of what was to come. Excited, even.

The little globe left its lonely corner to approach the woman. Levitating In front ofher eyes, it would flare a soft glow with each monotonous word that left its metaphorical mouth.

[Hello, Host.]

The orb would pause as it processed the information of its host.

[I am a World Patching System 001. Ill be the one to guide you into new worlds. You may rename me if you wish.]

[“Ill call you System for now.”] Bing Shi immediately responded in her mind, trying out her new ability.

The system let out a beep of confirmation as it heard Bing Shis next question.

[“Why did you choose me I dont have much life experiences, and I doubt my IQ is high enough to be recruited.”]

System had taken a few moments to conjure up a response. As it processed how to respond, Bing Shi would inwardly pray.

Please give me OP cheats, please give me OP cheats...

[I dont know why you were recruited.]

Inexplicably, Bing Shi inwardly cheered with thoughts that none but herself could understand.

Yay! What a fabulous answer!

Bing Shi and System had been chatting for a while now. It turned out, she had a lot of questions that the system couldnt quite answer. Well, it was more likely that it just didnt know the answer to her questions because of how strange they were.

During the conversation, Bing Shi found out that the system had some very useful functions. Not only could the system monitor people and give her free items that only she could use, but it could also change its own appearance based on small animals. The system was relatively kind too; if she wanted to give items to others, she would need to pay.

Bing Shi was a bit saddened to find out that she couldnt solve world hunger with unlimited foods, but she figured she could deal with it.

Since the system could give Bing Shi free items, she immediately asked for a speed, strength and rejuvenation pill. She wanted to be in her best condition. Later, she learned that she could store items given to her by the system, into an interdimensional storage space made only for her alone.

It was a shame she could only use the space for the systems items.

But still, she was thrilled to have such an OP system!

[“If I were to get aphrodisiacs, can I use it on other people”]

Out of curiosity, Bing Shi asked a question that seemingly came out of the blue.

[You can use the aphrodisiacs on yourself. If you want to use the aphrodisiacs on others, you would have to use points. Each pill costs 100p.]

There was a pause of silence.

Well, there goes my plans of being a hero...

Then Bing Shi abruptly blurted out-

[“How many points do I need until my wish can be granted”]

[You need 100 000 points for your aspiration to be granted. The amount of points you gain depends on the difficulty of the world.]

Bing Shi sorted this information out in her mind as she continued to interrogate the system.

[“Is it possible to meet my boyfriend in the worlds I go into”]

The system didnt know the answer to this question. It could only honestly reply:

[Im not sure if youll be able to meet your boyfriend in the worlds you go into. However, you can find new love in those worlds as long as it doesnt interfere with your mission.]

Who are you kidding Who needs new love

With a huff, she changed the subject and focused on the systems ability to transform into a small animal.

[“System, can you turn into a snake”]

The system didnt bother to reply. It directly transformed from a small, tennis-ball-sized orb into an equally small, if not smaller 6-inch white snake.

She took the system into her hands and petted its head.

I know I prayed for an OP system, but to have one that gives me such a vast arsenal of items... What the hell am I going to go against

With a particular stroke that was harder than necessary, the snake let out a quiet hiss as its head was pushed down.

This world... itll probably be hell.

[Host, Ill transfer the story to you now.]

Bing Shi sat on the cold marble floors in an attempt to make herself comfortable. As she crossed her legs, she kept the system clasped in her hands for the sake of petting it some more.


World name: Melt his heart

Rank:F (5000p)


The female lead of this world was Alisa Charles: a sweet and hardworking girl from an average family. She was a commoner. Thanks to her smarts, she was accepted into the most prestigious school that was primarily attended by rich kids by getting a scholarship. There, she met the cold prince of the campus: filthy rich and handsome Xavier Dalton.

One could describe him in two words: “Ice cube”.

When Grace Bacchus, Xaviers fiance, noticed Xaviers interest in someone else, she started to harass Alisa. One could guess from her behavior that she was the main villainess. From here on out, everything began to fall apart for Grace Bacchus. A group of privileged high schoolers caused the Bacchus family to go bankrupt. After being evicted forcefully from their mansion, Grace and her family died in a tragic car crash.

Alisa and Xavier lived happily ever after.

The source of this content is no//vel//bi/n[.//]net'

The End.

Bing Shis mouth twitched as she reviewed the story. This was not the hell she imagined.

Thats if one didnt view going back to school as hell.

Which she, obviously, did not view.

Of course, the story did not end there.

Grace was reincarnated after her tragic death and she coincidentally remembered her past life as a villainess of the Otome novel,Melt his heart. Feeling hurt and cheated, she decided that she would try her best to avoid the capture targets but that was to no avail. Instead, Grace had caught their attention when she tried to become a matchmaker.

One of the capture targets fell in love with Grace after she rebirthed, simply because she had become more interesting. This target was the second male lead of the otome novel and was called Mark Foster. If Xavier was the ice-cold prince, then Mark was a charming knight in shining armor.

While the captured targets became interested in the reincarnated Grace, the original heroine changed. Alisa became more sinful. She knew something was wrong though she couldnt pinpoint where and when this wrongness came to be. She had come to the conclusion that it was Xavier and Graces fault that everything became wrong and so, to correct it, she attempted to murder Xavier and Grace. This was how Alisa became the new villainess of this world.

[“System, I think I know where this is going. Can you tell me what my task is”]

[Your task is to make the protagonists fall in love with each other.]

[World Mission: Make the male and female lead fall in love with each other. 5000p]

[“So, Ill be a cupid in this world”]

Isnt that the very exact reason why Grace grasped everyones attention By playing matchmaker

[Yes. Host, do you know you can choose a body to transmigrate to]

[“Oh, thats new!”]

[“Let me see... System, I choose Olivia Bacchus, Graces sister.”]

[As you wish, Host. ]


[ We will be departing now.]

[“Alright! Lets go!” ]


|||||||||| 30%

|||||||||| 50%

|||||||||| 70%


— Authors note —-

A/N: OP – too overpowered = super powerful




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