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Chapter 12: 1.12 – His Name – Crimson Academy

— Authors note —-

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Bing Shi skipped dinner again. Naturally, because of this, her family started to worry. She didnt care; she was leaving soon. She completely ignored Viktors message, letting Olivia take care of him after she left. She never planned to steal nor seduce anyones fiance.

In the bed, she was covered in a thick blanket. Despite this, she was still feeling cold and she was, at this moment, afraid of falling asleep. When she went to sleep, her dreams were so good that she never wanted to wake up. Then the brutal reality after waking up hit her hard every day, leaving her drained and tormented in her heart. In the pitch-black room, she kept herself awake by thinking about everything and nothing in particular.

° A start of flashback...


° Xuan Mu was coming back from his business trip! Should she host a welcome back party for him Bing Shi turned all the lights off, running inside their bedroom, she waited for him impatiently.

° When Xuan Mu arrived at home, he was welcomed by silence. All the lamps were switched off save for a light coming out of the aquarium in the wall; said aquarium only had a small shark swimming inside. He chuckled to himself while remembering how they argued about getting a shark in their house. Bing Shi was against it, saying how he wouldnt be able to take care of it and how it would die on them! It was easy to convince her to get it though, so now, they had a massive aquarium with a tiny shark inside.

° He put down his things and slowly walked towards the bedroom. Was she asleep The bedroom was dimly lit by the moon outside. On the bed was Bing Shi. She was a lump beneath the blankets. She was looking at him creepily through a gap of the blankets that covered her, making him jump in fright. “Gods! I almost had a heart attack!” he said angrily.

° “Haha, welcome home!” she laughed at him after peeking her head out from under the blankets like a turtles head coming out of its shell.

° “Im home. Why arent you jumping on me Where is my welcome hug” he stared at her with a sulk gracing his face.

° “I threw a welcome home party for the two of us! Arent you happy” Pulling her head back under the blankets, she giggled to herself.

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° “Lets see if Im happy, hm” After jumping on the bed playfully, he sat down while crossing his legs in a lotus position, “Did you get close to any man whilst I was away”

° “Of course not! I hate getting close to men if theyre not you! I only talked about business, I wasnt close at all. I didnt even befriend them!” She answered his question seriously.

° “Good girl,” he said proudly and caressed her head, “Dont ever befriend other men, okay They are all bad,” he continued, “What are you doing, hiding under the blanket Hmmm” He crawled near her, wanting to pull the blanket away. After doing so, they were facing each other; their faces were very close.

° “Hey, I did something naughty... Want to taste” She pulled her wet fingers out from under the blanket and shoved them into Xuan Mus mouth, which was open agape- the man was shocked by her actions.

° He took her hand in his and sucked on her fingers like it was the most delicious thing in the world.

° He started kissing her fingers and while doing so, he would whisper, “Bing Shi, I know youd never cheat on me. But if you do...”

° He murmured meaningfully while worshiping her hand, “You know I cant kill you... But, you also know how easy it is for me to kill myself.”

° “I know. I wont do it... so, please dont hurt yourself,” she fully left the blankets to hug him by hooking her arms around his neck.

° The moon fully illuminated her naked body. Under the stars gentle light, Xuan Mu bore witness to the white stretch marks that decorated her body like sweet vines. Her body was a temple in his eyes- she was a gorgeous sight to behold.

° When he remembered how she got her stretch marks, his heart ached for her. “Bing Shi, always remember to eat properly,” he murmured softly.

° “Mm...I will, as long as you dont hurt yourself,” she agreed half-heartedly.

° He hugged her back, avoiding her request with a soft chuckle.

° She bit his neck silently: the reason for her bite, only the two of them knew.

° “Bing Shi. Did you turn into a vampire today” Xuan Mu stroked her back with a gentle smile. Her biting became licking and tickling.

° “Take off your shirt.” She didnt wait for him to undress. She pulled his shirt up to check his chest. Did he have an eight pack No, not at all, not even a four-pack. But he was strong enough to pick her up whenever he wanted, and it was enough for him and for her too. He was too busy to maintain a perfect body like that.

° “Didnt I say to wear pajamas when you go to sleep” she stared at his chest.

° “I forgot,” he said with a chuckle.

° “Tired” Her hands went through his black hair with some strands of white ones, then, toward his cheek. Her gaze stopped at the dark circles under his eyes.

° “A bit,” he leaned his cheek toward her hands, he closed his eyes and enjoyed her caressing. “But I still have the energy to do you,” he said, his eyes still closed.

° She pinched at his cheeks.

° “Ouch, what was that for!” he grinned, “MuMu can still get hard!” He pointed between his legs.

° Both looked down. He was telling the truth.

° “Then lets take care of it fast” she asked, giggling. She crouched between his legs and unzipped his pants.

° “Just a kiss is enough.” Lifting her head, he used both of his hands to hold her head in place. He kissed her passionately and was intent on sucking the tip of her tongue. He was treasuring each drop of her saliva she gave him. All of her, he would treat with respect; even her saliva.

° “Youre beautiful.” When he said that, there was no lust in his eyes. His heated gaze was full of worship, like nobody was worthy of Bing Shi- not even he was worthy of her. That was how much he loved her... His love was so intense that he ended up with an obsessive love disorder.

° “I know,” she grinned and closed her eyes tiredly, “I hope youre enjoying the party.”

“...” He pressed her against his chest with a soft smile, “Mm, the best party ever.”

° Their welcome home party After every successful project, they could finally take a deep breath and take a rest. Wouldnt a loud party be exhausting

° A candlelit dinner Wouldnt he be too exhausted to accompany her She would have to clean up afterward.

° Literally, all they needed was a good rest.

° End of Flashback...

When Bing Shi felt the wetness between her legs, she calmly stood up and went to take a cold shower as if nothing happened. While others would thrash around in bed from frustration because of the wetness, she did not. She was well trained in being calm. With her boyfriends obsessiveness and tendencies to jealousy, one would be forced to eventually learn how to be calm; if not... Everything would be disastrous.

While she was taking a cold shower, she was thinking about the body she was occupying. She thought she would have to take care of another persons body. To avoid gaining weight from eating too much junk food, she skipped dinner to make it even. But this body didnt seem to gain any weight at all despite what she ate!

Whats wrong with this face

She has suffered from insomnia for so many days and cried her eyes out. When she did go to sleep, she would always wake up with a face which sparkled with imaginary stars when she looked in the mirror. She wouldnt be surprised if someone told her that this was an artificial body inside an online game. It was like all her negative emotions were purified when she looked in the mirror every day.

I bet even those movie stars in my world wouldnt be this perfect when they woke up.

I wonder what Xuan Mus reaction would be if he saw the current me. He would laugh at me for sure. Then, he would say Im pressuring him to become a lolicon, haha!



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