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QTAgainst My Will Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: 1.13 – Staircase Of Death – Crimson Academy

— Authors note —-

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The next day, Bing Shi and Alisa met up in LéCaffe. They sat down together and ordered a couple drinks and desserts.

“How is it going” Bing Shi glanced at Alisa, whose face flushed red.

“He talks a lot more now. You are wonderful!” Alisa praised her.


“I know. This is the last time we are seeing each other, so dont contact me anymore,” Bing Shi grinned happily.

I like praise. Praise me moree .

“Is Olivia coming back” asked Alisa in tears. Miss Olivia was like a prophet who knew things which shouldnt be known. Without Miss Olivia, she would be unable to read Xavier as easily.

“Oh, so you noticed, no wonder! As expected of a scholarship student. Youre quite smart. This is our little secret,” Bing Shi chuckled at herself. Well she did give hints here and there that she was not the real Olivia.

“It was nice to meet you, can I know your name” asked Alisa hopefully.

Bing Shi brought out a pepper spray, which she bought in a weapon shop; writing her name on it, she gave it to Alisa.

[“Kuro, Dont you feel like I just gave her an autograph”]

[LOL, I have no feelings.]

Alisa looked at the girl who suddenly burst out with laughter. She accepted her signed gift and started to laugh too.

Dear, Im so good, I even taught my system how to make jokes.

[“Good one Kuro!”]

[Thank you.]

“Miss Olivia, What about the debt” asked Alisa.

“Its cleared. But itd help me if you came first in some of the tests this year.”

“But I couldnt beat him in studies,” she said sadly.

“Arent you better at cooking You are better than him in many things. Like...kissing, for example” Bing Shi quickly thought of a reason and grinned at Alisa, trying to hold in her laughter.

“Oh. I see,” Alisa giggled, remembering her first kiss with Xavier.

When they finished their meeting, they quickly went home to prepare for the masquerade ball.

While Grace was picked up by Mark, Bing Shi alone in a beautiful black dress, drove to school with her chauffeur. Instead of a masquerade ball, she walked into the school hallway, reaching the school staircase. Before ascending up the staircases, she stopped.

[“Kuro, you have to be always alert around staircases since a lot of accidents happen around them. I call them... the staircase of death!”]

It was a good thing she was at the bottom of the stairs. There was no chance of her falling to her doom. With that in mind, she would sit down on the third step from the ground with a hum.

I wonder what would happen if I sat near the ground. Now, my dear points! Come at meee

She pulled a phone out from her clutch and started to watch videos while waiting for her points to come.

[Host someone is coming.]

[“Prepare yourself Kuro. We are leaving!”]


“So, you were here the whole time,” a cold voice called out of nowhere. Victor appeared in front of the girl who, upon seeing him, suddenly stood up with a flair of her hands. Before he could ask what she was doing she pulled something from under her sleeves and-


Dear God! His eyes! Oh, oh oh! It felt like his eyes were burning! The pain quickly tore at his eyes, painstakingly transferring to the general skin on his face and his throat. He closed his eyes and clutched his throat with heaving gasps. What the hell! What the hell- he scratched at his clogged throat, struggling to breathe through his nose. Then, he started coughing with delirious wheezes escaping his mouth every so often. Everything. Fucking. Hurt. When he tried to open his eyes, he coughed with his lungs shaking, and then he angrily roared at that stupid girl. He could see nothing! Her idiotic pepper spray blinded him!


{“Nora, help me!”}

{I dont know how!}

Victor blindly reached his hands out and viciously swatted at the air before him; where was she!

While Victor turned his head this way and that (with every turn of his head was a spiteful swing of his hand), Nora tried to calm his host down.


[Hidden quest success: Alisa and Xavier become a couple of the year 1000p.]

[“Yaay! My points, you calculated it well Kuro. Good job!”]

“Sorry for hurting you, but you cant suddenly appear before a girl. It would scare her,” a girls voice called out.

“...” Victor, with one hand, held his face while growling in pain. With his other hand, he snapped at the general direction of that girls voice.


“Do you like Olivia I doubt it. You werent sincere at all,” she said in (false) disappointment.


“...” His throat was burning and so, because of that, he wasnt able to answer her. The only thing he could conjure with his wrecked vocals was a hateful snarl.

“Ill take it as a no then. I wish you happiness,” she giggled. “Sorry! I only did that out of reflex! Lets not meet each other again,” she apologized hastily, “Bye-bye.”


After she finished her last sentence, she disappeared. Doing this caused her to leave behind Olivias body to fall on the ground with a loud bang; if the original Olivia was awake, she would have yelled out in pain. Alas, she was asleep.

Olivia would sooner or later wake up with amnesia and forget this encounter.

When the pepper sprays painful effects gradually faded away, Victor could see again.

{“Did you see her system”}

{No, for safety reasons systems cant track each other in case of rebellion... But this world is strange. I cant monitor anybody. Its like something is blocking me. Host, how did you notice she had a system}

{“Her speed pill.”}

Zhang Wei, aka Viktor Egerton. His system was a revenge type of system. His task was to take revenge on his father and his family. Nevertheless, Viktor Egertons second wish was to get together with his fiance.

Viktor picked up the girl on the ground and took her to the hospital. Not once did he look at her when she lay, pale, in the hospital bed. He was too busy on his phone. When the girl woke up he had long turned off his phone once notified by his system of her awakening. Then, like it was nothing, he turned on his acting mode, ready to seduce her.

He didnt even have to try very hard in seducing her and she fell to his arm readily. Because of how easy his target was, his ego rose up to the skies and into the millions... but when he thought about that untouchable woman, his ego turned below zero until it reached the negatives.

When he came back to his space, he returned to his original body. In place of Victor, was a dangerously handsome man with a well-trained body. His hand went through his fiery red hair. He closed his eyes, each of different colors, and called for his system, “Nora. Take me to the next world.”

Somewhere in the system space...

“Did you hear”

“That system came back and finished the task successfully!”

“Yeah, that system which never could find a host as nobody was compatible with it.”

“Is its host powerful Why is everyone talking about it”

“Yeah, she must be! Kuro always spoke about how cool she is. His host is called Bing Shi.”

“When Kuro came back, it started to talk about how its host never treated it badly! And started to LOL at everyone!”


“I want a host like BingShi too! She sounds cool! My host is always bullying me wuwuwu.”

“Me too! My host always says how useless Im. But she never asked for my help... shes acting cool.”

“My host is terrifying! Im scared of her.”

“Bing Shi even taught me how to laugh, LOL.”

Everyone wanted to punch Kuro when they heard how it never stopped its LOLs at them.

“Bing Shi even taught me how to protect her. Im the most useful system she said, LOL.”


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—- Authors note —–

I was often sad that the second male lead always ended up alone. You could call it “A second male lead syndrome”, or “Unfulfilled ships”. Thats how this arc came to life.


So... What do we learn from this arc

Summarizing it up, it sounds a lot like those shoujo mangas I read during my childhood.


The heroine is a yandere.

The male lead is a man with no EQ.

The second male lead is a stalker.

The villain is a tsundere.


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