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Chapter 9: 1.09 – Be happy – Crimson Academy

—-Authors note—–

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One year passed by fast, and subsequently, a rumor spread around. The rumor was talking about something along the lines of Xaviers ex-fiance, Grace, dating his best friend, Mark. It was such a spicy rumor that it shocked everyone!

Why is everyone taking such a long time to ask each other out

Within a toilet cubicle, Bing Shi began to chant in her mind like a cheerleader as an attempt to motivate the imaginary gods of love to do something...



Flash love!


Insta love!


Whatever love, just no slow-burn love!

Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.

Oh, the impatience and nervousness showed up in her chanting slogans. It was taking them longer compared to the past. Where was the miraculous love at first sight At this rate, she wouldnt be able to complete it within the time limit she gave herself.

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

One month later...

As always, the teacher had enough and punished Grace and Mark with detention because of their shenanigans. Right now, they were alone in the class.

Mark turned around from his seat, asking her seriously, “Grace, should we make the rumor reality”

“Shut up, who wants to date a creepy stalker. Such as you!” Grace screeched in overreaction. When she saw how he turned in his seat, she quickly hid her expression, laying down her face on the desk. She started blushing and soon she realized that her heart had skipped a beat or three.

When he saw her shy reaction his heartbeat skipped too. After knowing her more, he started to like how she tried to act strong even though she was not. She truly hid her real self well behind that foxy persona she liked to wear.

He took her hand in his, she tried to push him away, but he didnt let go. He interlocked his fingers with hers; this time, she didnt avoid him. “Lets date,” he said. Their faces were still lying down on their side on the desktop. Their faces were looking in opposite directions because they were too shy to look at each other.

“Dont cheat on me, or Ill kill the woman who catches your fancy,” she agreed.

“I wont, Im well aware of what youre capable of doing,” he chuckled.

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

Before the midterm and final exams, an important event would occur – the school would hold a masquerade ball. It would be such a great opportunity for the students to expand their connections. Theyd have a chance to meet students from all grades. Previously, it was an event where Xavier broke his engagement with Grace.

Inside the council room, Alisa studied her notes, trying to find an answer to her math problem, “I didnt agree nor disagree.”

“Dont try my patience. Didnt you say you like me!”

Alisa lifted her gaze and looked at Xavier in anger. Some students tried to invite her to a masquerade ball, but this ice man chased everyone off with his cold stares, “So every girl who likes you has to be forever alone!”

“Alone” Xavier went silent, “Dont you have me”

“I do.” Looking down at her notes, a victory smile appeared on her face, “So...Would you like to go with me to the masquerade ball”

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

[Host, youre crying.]

[“Hm Yeah, I miss my home. Could you leave me alone for a bit”]

[Yes, Host.]

“Miss Olivia Bacchus, are you alright” asked Olivias teacher.

Bing Shi blinked her blurry eyes, “My stomach hurts. Can I go to the infirmary”

“Yes, Do you need someone to go with you” asked the teacher with worry.

“Im well enough to go on my own, thank you,” Bing Shi stood up and walked out of the classroom while trying to hold in her tears from falling more.

Victor couldnt stand watching her cry and stood up urgently. “Can I go with her” he asked the teacher with impatience.

“Go, go, she didnt look good,” the teacher agreed.

Right after her approval, he ran out of the classroom, “Olivia!”

This is the last thing I needed! So bothersome!

Bing Shi kept going to the infirmary without stopping, holding in her composure, “Stay away from me! We agreed not to talk to each other!”

“But...” He tried to reach out to her, but she reacted faster!

Bing Shi pulled out a pepper spray from her sleeve and pointed it in his direction, her hands shaking, “Dont. Touch. Me,” she hissed, “Without my consent ever again.”

“Olivia, calm down...” He tried to reason with both his hands raised.

“Turn around and let me be,” Olivia muttered through gritted teeth.

“Fine, Ill go... ” He helplessly turned around and walked back to class, occasionally looking back in her direction, but she was nowhere to be seen.

She had run home after using a speed enhancer pill...

Inside the bathroom, a girl was washing her hands under scalding hot water. She was desperately trying to scratch the place Victor touched off. She wept and shook as agony took root deep down in herself. Her weeping became a loud, miserably wail. Every second that passed, her wailing grew louder and louder. Anyone who happened to hear her, knew that her cry was full of pain and sorrow.

I miss you so much.

I dont want to be here without you.

What do I do I think Im going crazy.

· · ———- · · ———- · ·

If it werent for the people in the mansion, Bing Shi would have continued crying without rest. After a quick shower, she slowly went down to greet her family and apologized for not having an appetite. After assuring them that she was all good and healthy, she went up to her room to play computer games in an illusion that she would stumble upon Mr. Jelly.

“Olivia, Im coming in,” said Grace while knocking and opening the door.

“Sure,” said Bing Shi while staring at her monitor.

“Are you going to the masquerade ball” Grace sat down at the couch and looked at Olivia, who usually was into manga and novels. Some time ago, her obsession with reading had been switched to computer games. Her sister was becoming stranger and stranger...


“Are you going with Victor” asked Grace.

“Who is Victor” Bing Shi tilted her head.

“Your fiance...” Graces mouth twitched.She is joking, right

“Oh...Not going with him.”

“He likes you. Why are you avoiding him” Grace felt like a messenger between them. No, more like a messenger for Victor.

“If you came to me only because of this, then you can leave,” Bing Shi rushed Grace out, disinterestedly.

“Alright, I wont probe anymore. What about a gown Do you have one” Grace changed the subject.

Time to put “Im fine” on my forehead

“Of course! Let me show you after I finish this last Boss.” After Bing Shi soon killed the Boss, she ran to her walk-in closet and returned with a big box in her hands.

Grace became curious, but when she saw the gown, her mouth twitched, “Its a ball... Its not a funeral. That thing doesnt even show your neck!”

( Imagine a black qipao with long sleeves and a long A-line skirt.)

“It hugs my body perfectly, hmpf! And black is the coolest color ever,” said Bing Shi proudly. A great dress for her mood! “What about yours”

Grace took Olivia to her room and showed her a beautiful red mermaid dress with open shoulders.

Grace was two years younger, but she was more mature-looking than her older sister. Both sisters stayed in Graces room and chatted about nothing in particular.

“You skipped class to play games all day” Grace sat at her armchair, crossing her arms, staring at her sister.

“Of course not! My period started. It was too painful. Nothing to do with games,” lied Bing Shi shamelessly, holding Graces dress, she rubbed her tummy with her right hand.

“You are addicted to games,” said Grace, not buying her act.

“A bit, hehe,” agreed Bing Shi without remorse.

“Olivia” asked Grace with worry. Her sister was spacing out again.


“Hm What is it” Bing Shi blinked her eyes, switching her gaze from the dress to Grace, she changed the subject, “It reminds me, how is Xavier doing after your broken engagement”

“He is going to have a new girlfriend soon,” said Grace resentfully.

“Oh, so he is still single,” nodded Bing Shi in realization.

“Dont try to go after him. You already have a fiance...” Grace frowned disapprovingly.

“No! I mean, you should take this chance, while he is still single to be clingy to Mark,” Bing Shi placed the red dress back to the box, “Let Xavier choke on your dog food, hehe.”

“...” Grace said nothing.

Would clinging onto Mark really help her get revenge on Xavier

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Actually, no, why was she still concerned with Xavier! Hmph, Mark is the only man who deserves her attention!

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