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At the wedding, Mu Yu was slowly walking up the red carpet on his father’s arm, and across the red carpet was his groom, Ling Yuan.

 “Take good care of my daughter.

I don’t want to see the same thing happen in the past.


“Dad, I was at fault in the past.

I swear I shall treat Xiao Yu well in the future,” Ling Yuan said sincerely.

“Dad, don’t worry, Ling Yuan will treat me well in the future,” said Mu Yu, who was also helping out.

With his daughter saying this, Father Mu could only reluctantly hand Mu Yu over to Ling Yuan.

Mu Yu and Ling Yuan presented themselves to the priest and took the vows.

Ling Yuan, will you take Mu Yu to be your lawfully wedded wife from this day forward for richer or for poorer “

“Yes, I do.” Ling Yuan’s face was full of affection.

“Bride Mu Yu, do you wish to marry Ling Yuan as your husband from this day forward “

“Yes,” Mu Yu responded firmly.

“Let the groom kiss the bride.”

Ling Yuan lifted the white veil before Mu Yu and kissed her red lips.


There were applauses everywhere.

One handsome fellow nearby applauded with all his efforts.

His eyes blessed the bride but also contained a pain one could not ignore.

“Xiao Yu, you must be happy.

I can only forever hide in my heart the love I failed to say.”




She returned to her room and went on reading.

Su Yunluo turned off her phone resentfully when she was done and fell into a soft bed, feeling very speechless. 

The female lead was blind.

The male lead hurt her, so there was nothing acceptable about him. 

Su Yunluo had been reading the novel “The Overwhelming President’s Escaped Wife” lately.

Ling Yuan was a rich, super-seductive man who loved someone else, whereas the woman, Mu Yu, was his wife and was deeply in love with him. 

However, Ling Yuan believed that she was beyond comprehension.

His parents forced him to marry her.

His parents wanted it.

He had no feelings for her, so he was very disgusted and often never came home at night.

Mu Yu was heartbroken because of this but never told Father Mu.

All she ever said was Ling Yuan was good to her.

And when Father Mu saw that Ling Yuan was such a flirt, he was furious and called Ling Yuan to warn him. 

Thinking this was Mu Yu’s complaint, Ling Yuan came home furiously to interrogate Mu Yu.

He subdued her in various ways and forced her against her will.

Later, Mu Yu became pregnant and joyfully informed Ling Yuan. 

Who knew Ling Yuan wanted her to get rid of the child. 

Mu Yu pleaded with him not to do it, but Ling Yuan did not budge and even kicked her several times in the lower abdomen.

She was broken-hearted and returned to her family to recover. 

Her doctor was very upset about her experience and fell in love with her.

He did everything he could to take care of her. 

In his care, Mu Yu was soon better. 

However, after Mu Yu left, Ling Yuan found out that he was in love with her.

He ran into Mu’s family for forgiveness. 

Father Mu drove him out many times, but he refused to leave and even knelt to repent in front of Mu Yu. 

Mu Yu always had feelings for him and mellowed in forgiving him. 

As a result, they both arranged another marriage.

She lived happily with him together, leaving alone the man who accompanied her. 

Su Yunluo wanted to look up to the sky and scream.

The female lead was mentally disabled.

The male lead forced her and even kicked the child ruthlessly.

But she forgave him after some words  

And she wasn’t touched at all by the way the supporting male lead treated her

She turned her head and rushed into the arms of the garbage. 

Su Yunluo scolded the main characters in her heart and felt sorry for the supporting male lead.

“Such a kind man, not only rich but also loving.

If she were the female lead, she would immediately dump the trashy male lead and be with the other man.

But let’s forget about these thoughts.

It’s just a story.

This is not real.”

Su Yunluo’s heart viciously vomited once more before she fell asleep satisfied.

She who slept did not know that a corrupt system caught her voice.

All of a sudden, a white haze enveloped her, and she disappeared.

Su Yunluo opened her eyes and came to a white place. 

The environment was all white, there wasn’t anything, and she was the only one in space. 

“Where is this place”

What was she doing there Su Yunluo’s heart was somewhat troubled. 

Then there was a joyful voice in the air:

“Welcome host to Save The Supporting Male Lead System.”

“Save The Supporting Male Lead System.

What is that” exclaimed Su Yunluo.

“Where is this place as well Who are you Why don’t you come out”

Su Yunluo looked around and saw no one at all.

“Stop searching, host.

You won’t be able to see me.

Concerning this system space, the Lord chose you to accomplish tasks.

I’m in charge of this system.

You can call me 001 or just call me system.”

“What is that system! I could care less about that.

You must send me home, or don’t blame me!” threatened Su Yunluo.

“Host, I’m afraid you can’t make it back now unless you finish the mission.”

“If I fail” Su Yunluo continued talking.

Host, the system will vanquish you.

Thus vanishing from this world and unable to come back to your original world.”

On hearing this, Su Yunluo suddenly went quiet.  

“Host, you need not worry so much.

As long as you complete the quest and accumulate sufficient points, you can return to your original world.”

“Why did you choose me” demanded Su Yunluo. 

The system was stunned for a moment before answering, “Don’t you want to be the female lead and be paired with the sweet and kind supporting male lead The Lord God heard your heart and then got you into this system.”

Su Yunluo kept quiet once more.

F*ck your mother for crying out loud! For God’s sake, it turned out he took pity on her.

She regretted it now.

“Host, you don’t have to be like this.

Think about this.

You can live a different life when you come into a different world to complete your quests.

Wouldn’t it be good to have your quests filled, and then you can get back to your original world”

For a long time, Su Yunluo eventually yielded.

“Okay, I’ll get the job done.”

There was no going back.

She caused this, and she had to suffer herself. 

“But what is the mission” asked Su Yunluo one more time.

“Host, you don’t have to worry.

You’ll find out when you enter the mission world.

Host, do you want to go in now”

 Su Yunluo nodded.

It was better to wrap up early, and so she could return soon.

“About to go into the new world, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.”

As soon as the system lost its voice, Su Yunluo disappeared out of the system space.


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