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Chapter 70.2


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Jiang Hanfei stabbed hard, one after another.

The meat stick retreated and then plunged in hard.

A “pop, pop, pop” sound of flesh slapping was made between the collision of the pubic bones, which was especially loud in the quiet night.





So fast.” Su Yunluo moved to the man every time he thrust, and she cooperated by raising her hips and twisting her waist so the man could enter deeper.

The love juices flowed outward as the man moved back and forth, muddying their lower bodies.


The tight juicy hole strangled his head.

Layers of flesh wrapped tightly around the thick s*x organ, like a small mouth sucking tightly, very pleasurable.


“Mmmm ah.



Can not.

Too deep.” The woman moaned messily.

Her long, beautiful fingers scratched the man’s broad back and left red marks.


The meat stick inside the hole was thick and long.

Each time the rod was inserted and withdrawn, it rubbed hard against the sensitive wall inside the hole.

Su Yunluo could even feel how every inch of the throbbing veins on it scraped against her every fold.


The woman’s long legs were firmly coiled behind the man’s waist, and the snowy breasts on her chest bounced up and down with the man’s fierce thrusts, tempting the man’s eyes.


Jiang Hanfei lowered his head, grabbed one of the nipples, and sucked it.

The force was so strong that he wanted to suck out the sweet milk.

The pain and sensation on her chest made the woman “ah,” getting her tighter in excitement.


The man also thrust harder and harder, fast and hard.

The entire rod entered and came out, and the two pink flower lips were rubbed red and engorged with rage.


Pleasure gradually accumulated in both of them, and she began to contract convulsively.

Just then, a sob came from the bedroom door, “N-woo.

I want mama.”


The woman was startled, her honeypot contracted violently, and she came directly.

The man was clamped down unexpectedly and fired a stream of sticky white clouds into the woman’s womb.


The man took out a tissue to wipe their lower bodies carelessly, hurriedly put on clothes, and only then went to open the door.


At the door, a little girl stood there.

There were crystal tears on her face, and she looked so pitiful.


The man was heartbroken and picked up the little girl, “Xixi, do not cry.”


“Papa.” The little girl leaned on Jiang Hanfei’s shoulder, sniffling.


“Okay, baby, don’t cry.

Mama is here.” Su Yunluo held the little girl in her arms, soothing her softly.


Under the woman’s reassurance, Jiang Xixi stopped sobbing, “Papa, Mama, can Xixi sleep with you tonight”


She blinked her big eyes, and her voice was so soft and sweet that no one could refuse her, let alone such a small request.


“Of course, you can,” Su Yunluo spoke.


Jiang Xixi lay in the middle of the two.

“Papa, Mama, good night.

I’m going to sleep.”


Su Yunluo sang a nursery rhyme to put her to sleep.

Looking at the loving scene in front of him, Jiang Hanfei only felt that his heart was too warm to speak: What more could a man want than to have a wife and a daughter like this


It was late at night.

Tonight stars filled the sky, and tomorrow would be a good day to wake up.


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