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Wen Nanjin’s hand came down, but the intimate parts of the woman were overflowing. 

The warm fluid thoroughly wet his palm.

His fingers slipped through the thin slits of flesh, seeking entry. 

The middle finger plunged through the narrow tunnel and widened it. 

It was so tight that the tunnel sucked his fingers.

Wen Nanjin’s fingers had difficulty pumping inside the hole.

“Mmm… It’s so itchy… Give it to me… oooh…” 

The finger wasn’t enough to shut her down.

She was moaning impatiently, with a weeping tone.

Wen Nanjin wanted to loosen her up a little, but he had to pull out his finger since she couldn’t wait.

He held his thick sexual organ.

The large head slid between the slits until he was sure that enough fluid had wrapped it.

Then he pushed up his back,  squeezing the petals, and slowly squeezed into the narrow hole little by little.

“Mmmm… Pain…” Su Yunluo frowned. 

The virgin territory which had never been cultivated before was suddenly invaded by something so thick and robust.

She was sore and swollen, which made her very uncomfortable.

She twisted her body, and the minute she moved, the flower hole tightened. 

Luoluo pushed and squeezed the thick rod, trying to get it out of her.

Wen Nanjin was also very uncomfortable during that period.

The meat stick was under painful pressure.

He looked down at the intersection of the two.

He only got inside half, but Luoluo was already so uncomfortable.

Another half was outside.

If Wen Nanjin inserted the whole thing, he couldn’t help but wonder if she could withstand it.

But now that the arrow was on the string, it was necessary to send it.

Wen Nanjin soothingly kissed her red lips.

While she was distracted, his waist sank.

The swollen sex organ punctured the hymen, and it eventually entered her body.

Like she was cut in two, the pain made Su Yunluo’s face pale.

Tears came down like broken beads.

“Mmm… It hurts… oooh… No more…”

Wen Nanjin sucked away the tears on her face, “Be good… Don’t cry… It won’t hurt later…” 

Tiny kisses landed on her face.

Wen Nanjin gently rubbed her breasts.

His other hand reached to the flower hole and kneaded the tiny button to alleviate the pain.

Soon the pain was outweighed by itching.

“Mmm… It tickles… I want… Mmm…”

Wen Nanjin wiggled gently in her hole, not daring to go too fast. 

Seeing Su Yunluo’s eyebrows gradually loosen like she was having fun, Wen Nanjin accelerated.

..Su Yunluo had her legs tightened around his waist.

As his impact struck, her full snow breasts rubbed back and forth against the muscular chest, grinding out a strange pleasure.

“Uhhh… So comfortable… So heavy… Mmm ha…” 

Seductive moans spat out from the rosy little mouth.

She was so comfortable being f*cked.

This was like an electric shock of pleasure converging into the lower part of the abdomen and reaching every inch of nerve endings.

Wen Nanjin soon lifted her waist and pushed her up and down, over and over. 

Every time he went in and out, he brought a trail of love.

Blood smeared the white sheets.

The feeling of being closely wrapped in a warm wall of flesh made Wen Nanjin felt like paradise. 

He lowered his head and watched his beloved girl beneath him.

The delicate little face, each moan was all because of him.

Wen Nanjin’s heart was filled with excitement, and he just wanted to love her harder.

Each time his sexual organ reached the depths, the creases in the hole flattened.

Her sensitive sex wall and hard stick were constantly rubbing together.

Feeling every inch of his veins throbbing, her flower hole also closely contracted.

“Bah… So deep… Um… So fast… Um-hum…” 

Su Yunluo twisted her waist with his thrusting motion.

She lifted her hips to be closer to him so that the man could dig deeper.


The sound of slamming flesh sounded incessantly in the bedroom. 

The love juice muddied their lower abdomens, and a circle of white foam clinging lustily to their intersections.

The two heavy sacs pounded the woman’s hole, banging the snow-white flower until it turned red. 

Luoluo was securely bound to the rod.

His stick was taken out of her hole, but he pushed in with his thrusting action.

“Mmm… So fast… Too deep… Mmmm… Ah…” 

The large tip fiercely slammed her hole.

Su Yunluo’s body was completely numb, and her hole contracted even stronger.

Luoluo wrapped his rod layer after layer.

As if thousands of little mouths were greedily sucking the intrusion of the foreign object.

The deepest of her flower was even more tempting, sucking him more and more deeply inside.

Su Yunluo was silently knocked, and she concentrated her senses at the junction of the two. 

She felt like a boat adrift with the current, being driven by him into the stormy sea.

Both pubic bones were connected, and the man continued to intensely work his rod through the woman’s young hole. 

Her pink flower was now red.

The tight hole sucked his swollen stick heavily.

Squeezing and biting to death, and wouldn’t let it go.

The man’s stick stretched open the flower’s narrow path over and over again.

He mercilessly crushed the delicate bud of the flower.

Su Yunluo was so overjoyed that her toes curled up in comfort.

“Ahhhh…” Su Yunluo screamed as the man again ruthlessly pushed against the soft flesh, sending her to the peak.

Her flower hole suddenly contracted and clamped.

Her hot fluid spilled on the shaft, and Wen Nanjin couldn’t help himself.

Several harsh blows were forced deep into her body, allowing him for a release.


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