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Chapter 31.2

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


This time Su Yunluo was even more embarrassed.

They had finished paying the bill and were leaving with their things when a cold voice came behind them.




She froze, then turned around and spoke, “Brother, what are you doing here”


“I’m here on business.” Su Yunting walked towards them.


“Is this your boyfriend”


She looked at Gu Yiyin.

“Oh yes, this is my boyfriend, Gu Yiyin.” Su Yunluo began to introduce Su Yunting.


She then turned to look at Gu Yiyin.

“Yiyin, this is my brother, Su Yunting.”


“Hi, I’m Gu Yiyin, Luoluo’s boyfriend.” Gu Yiyin smiled and extended his hand.


Su Yunting extended his hand back to shake, “I’m Su Yunting.” His voice was cold.


“I wonder if Mr.

Su is free Let’s go get a cup of coffee together.” Gu Yiyin proposed.


Su Yunting nodded.


A particular coffee shop.


Sitting across from Su Yunluo and Gu Yiyin, Su Yunting sipped his coffee.


“Where is Mr.

Gu successful”


“I can’t talk about my work at a high level, but I started a construction company with some friends.” Gu Yiyin smiled.


Su Yunting pondered for a moment.

“Is it Yiyang Construction”




Gu Yiyin smiled slightly.

Initially, Gu Yiyin founded this company with a few friends, and the company took its name from them.

He and one of his friends funded the most and thus held the most shares.


Su Yunting nodded approvingly.


“Great company.

It is already ranked in the top five in the industry.


Gu is truly a talented young man.

You have a good eye.”


Su Yunting faintly looked at Su Yunluo.

She pursed her lips and did not speak anymore.


Objectively speaking, Su Yunting was a very successful man.

He graduated from an elite school, worked for Shengguang Group, and sat in the position of General Manager in just a few years.


Men who were handsome and capable were in high demand everywhere they went.

Many famous ladies were interested in Su Yunting, including the daughter of Shengguang Group.


The CEO of Shengguang Group was called Yang Mulin, and he only had one daughter, Yang Peishan.


Yang Peishan’s mother passed away early, plus she wasn’t in good health since she was young.

Therefore Yang Mulin pampered her and gave her whatever she wanted.


In recent years, Yang Mulin began to look for a suitable successor as he aged.


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