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Su Yunluo was gently placed on the bed.

The man’s robust body covered her, and the burning warmth came overwhelmingly.

Gu Yiyin took her red lips and eagerly sucked and kissed them.

His hands were messily tugging at their clothes: suit jackets, ties, shirts, pants.

Su Yunluo cooperated by raising her arms and letting him smoothly take off her clothes.


Gu Yiyin’s upper body was naked, and his lower body only had a pair of underwear covering his burgeoning desire.

He held Su Yunluo and stripped down to her bra and lace panties.


Su Yunluo’s skin was soft and smooth and felt as good as the finest jade, so Gu Yiyin caressed it with love.

A tingling sensation flooded the area touched by the man’s large palm, and Su Yunluo’s body couldn’t help but tremble slightly.


The man’s flexible long tongue curled around the woman’s soft tongue and sucked it, greedily devouring the sweet juices between the woman’s lips and teeth.

The woman let out a small moan, her white arms wrapped around the man’s neck, her soft, boneless body clinging tightly to the man’s, unable to be separated.


The temperature inside was hot.

After an unknown time, the man finally let go of the woman’s lips that had been kissed red and swollen.

Gu Yiyin looked at the woman beneath him, his gaze with indescribable fire: he saw Su Yunluo’s face like a flower, her eyes carrying the trace of charm, her red lips were delicate and covered with a layer of glistening moisture, and her perfectly formed mounds wrapped in a black bra that rose and fell with her breathing, tempting the man’s eyes.


Gu Yiyin’s hand explored the woman’s back, fumbling to find the secret lock.

“Snap,” the secret lock was unlocked, and the satiating mounds broke free from the bra’s restraints and popped out.


The snow-white breasts, dotted with a pink cherry on top, were exposed to the cool air and trembled slightly as if frightened.

Gu Yiyin’s hand shivered as his palm touched the woman’s smoothness and bounciness, which the man kneaded and squeezed with his own knowledge.



So comfortable.” The woman squinted her teary eyes and moaned softly.

Her breasts were sent upward into the man’s hands, wordlessly demanding heavier play from the man.


The soft breasts changed into various shapes in the man’s hands.

The man’s fingertips scraped over the tip of the breast from time to time, making them hard and erect.

Gu Yiyin lowered his head and fascinatingly breathed in milk’s faint scent from the soft bosom.

He reached his tongue out and tentatively licked the woman’s nipples.

The woman seemed delighted; her body wriggled and issued an invitation.


Gu Yiyin was encouraged and impolitely seized a nipple.

His tongue slid around the tip of the nipple and licked it back and forth, biting and sucking heavily from time to time.

Su Yunluo was so comfortable being licked by the man that her hands couldn’t help but hold his head buried in her chest and press him towards herself.

Her mouth kept panting with impatience.


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