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The Rich Divorcée (5)



Time went by, and soon another month passed.

Su Yunluo’s studio was famous ever since it had opened, and it received a lot of orders each day. 

     Whenever she was busy, sometimes she would sleep at the studio.

That day, she measured a customer’s size, and Wen Nanjin arrived.

Su Yunluo didn’t notice him.

     Wen Nanjin noticed that Su Yunluo was working and did nothing to bother her.

He kept quiet on the side.

     “Miss Li, your clothes will be ready in half a month.”

     “I will trouble you, then I’ll leave first.”

     “Take care, Miss Li.

     Su Yunluo stood outside the studio, watching Miss Li depart.

She turned around and found Wen Nanjin standing at the side.

      “Brother Nanjin, you said nothing to me when you came in.”

     “I’ve been here for a while.

I didn’t make a sound when I saw you were busy.” Wen Nanjin said.

     “Why is Brother Nanjin here all of a sudden”

     Su Yunluo was kind of curious.

     “Introducing business to you.” Wen Nanjin smiled.

     ‘Well, introducing business.’

     Su Yunluo looked at him doubtfully.

It was not until then that Wen Nanjin explained.

     “That is the case.

I’m heading to a charity event in a couple of days.

So I would like to personalize a suit.”

     “So that is the case.

What kind of requirements does brother Nanjin have for the suit”

     “Nothing.” Wen Nanjin shook his head.

     “Well, then please, brother Nanjin, raise your hand high.

I need to measure your size.” Su Yunluo smiled playfully.

     Wen Nanjin smiled and raised his arms obediently.

Su Yunluo took the soft ruler and began to measure his size.

Both were close to each other.

     Su Yunluo was petite.

She was at shoulder level.

Wen Nanjin saw her hair top when she bowed.

It was as if she was leaning into his arms.

     After giving Wen Nanjin his measurements, Su Yunluo heard him speak again.

     “Luoluo, there’s another set of lady’s dress for my date.”

     “Then why is she not here I need to know what her requirements are for the dress and her size.”

     “Luoluo, she’s pretty much the same size as you.

You can do it as you see fit.”

     “Well, is that okay Will it be incompatible with her when it is done” Su Yunluo was still a little worried.

     “It won’t.

You can do it as you see fit.” Wen Nanjin comforted her.

     “Okay then, when will Brother Nanjin go to the gala” asked Su Yunluo.

     “Ten days from now, will Luoluo make it in time”

     “In case it’s too late, give me a week.” Su Yunluo was confident.


Then I’ll come back for it in ten days.” Wen Nanjin smiled.


Ten days later.


     Wen Nanjin arrived at Su Yunluo’s studio as expected.

     “Brother Nanjin, over there.”

     Su Yunluo held two exquisite boxes.

     “It’s Luoluo’s hard work.

     Wen Nanjin took them from her hands.

     “Do you want to try it, brother Nanjin” Su Yunluo asked.

     Wen Nanjin nodded, opened the box, picked up the suit, and headed to the dressing room.

When he changed and walked out, Su Yunluo’s eyes lit up.

     The man wore a well-tailored silver suit, making him more mature, attractive, and appropriate as a business elite.

     “Brother Nanjin is so handsome.

He’ll charm thousands of girls when he goes down for the gala.” Su Yunluo teased.

     “Don’t tease me, Luoluo.” Wen Nanjin was a bit helpless.

      “By the way, brother Nanjin, where’s your female companion How come I haven’t seen her come over” Su Yunluo was a bit curious.

     “She’s here now,” said Wen Nanjin.

     “Where has she gone I haven’t seen anyone.” Su Yunluo looked around curiously.

     “Right here in front of me.” Wen Nanjin smiled as she stared at her.

     Su Yunluo looked surprised, “You mean me”

     “Yes, would you do me the honor of attending this charity event”

     “What if I don’t” Su Yunluo playfully retorted.

     “Then I can only go there by myself and then look at others in pairs.” Wen Nanjin joked.

     “Don’t make yourself look too pathetic.”I can’t promise you that” Su Yunluo chuckled.

      “I knew Luoluo cared about me.”

     “Well, brother Nanjin, wait for me.

I’m going to change.”

      Su Yunluo took another box and went toward the dressing room.

Five minutes later, Su Yunluo walked out of the dressing room.

     Wen Nanjin was in awe of her.

She was wearing a burgundy red dress; the off-shoulder design highlighted the woman’s delicate and perfect collar bone.

     The dress was a slim-fit design.

It lined the slender figure of a woman.

The hemline was up to her knees, and it did not hide her thin white legs as she walked.

     Su Yunluo’s complexion was fair, and the burgundy color made her even whiter and more elegant.

     “Luoluo, you are so beautiful.” Wen Nanjin exclaimed.

     Su Yunluo blushed slightly, “Brother Nanjin, don’t make fun of me.

Let’s go quickly, is the party about to start”

     Su Yunluo got into Wen Nanjin’s car and followed him to the party.


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