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All the scenes have been filmed, and now there remains post-production.

Su Yunluo followed Jiang Hanfei on the set for more than a month.

The entire film and television studio city was visited during this period, and their feelings slowly warmed up.


The night before leaving X City, the city held its Triennial Lantern Festival.

So, Jiang Hanfei took Su Yunluo to see the lanterns.


The location of the lantern festival was in Song Street in Film City.

This old street was modeled after the life scenes of the people in the Song Dynasty, and the road was lined with various stores selling Chinese-style products.

Today in this street, one look around was hung with multiple lanterns.

All kinds of colorful styles were available, and they were beautiful.


Su Yunluo followed Jiang Hanfei closely.

She curiously looked at the spectacle in front of her.

There were many people tonight, and most of them were dressed in ancient costumes.

The vendors along the street were yelling loudly, and it felt like they were really in the Song Dynasty.


Compared to the people here, Jiang Hanfei and herself looked a bit out of place.

Wearing modern clothing and not being visible to others, Jiang Hanfei was a bit out of place.


Su Yunluo looked left and right, and finally, she saw a clothing store.

She pulled Jiang Hanfei, who looked puzzled and walked to the clothing store not far away.


“What’s wrong, Luo Luo” Jiang Hanfei was puzzled.


“Brother Hanfei, look at the people wearing ancient costumes here.

You should go and change one too.” Su Yunluo stood at the door and suggested.


“Me I’d rather not.”Jiang Hanfei shook his head with some resistance.


“But, I really want to see you in ancient costume.

Just do it for me.

OK” Su Yunluo spoke in a tone that unconsciously brought a little childishness.


“Okay, okay.

I will agree with you.” Jiang Hanfei could not bear her disappointment and followed her into the store.


The shopkeeper saw him, and her eyes lit up, “This gentleman, what do you need help with”


“I’ll see for myself first.

You go ahead and get busy.” Jiang Hanfei spoke softly.


The store was filled with ancient clothes of men, women, and children of different classes.

Su Yunluo helped with the selection and found a set of green-colored precious brocade robes, “Brother Hanfei, I think this set is quite good.”


Jiang Hanfei’s gaze looked at the collection of ancient clothes.

The shopkeeper spoke with great discernment on the side, “This gentleman really has a good eye.

This set of ancient clothes is the best seller in our store, and the material is good.”


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