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Chapter 13: Yao Yi’s Soul Composition.

Fu Chuan reluctantly chose two items: an egg and a bean paste bun.

“Are you only going to eat this little I have a lot of money on my card.” Although Yao Yi didn’t have any money on her, her father had already put three years’ worth of money on the meal card.

“It’s almost time for class.

I’ll go first.” Fu Chuan held the plastic bag and headed towards the classrooms.

“Wait.” Yao Yi took a bowl of porridge and fried dough sticks and planned to sit down and eat it.

Fu Chuan paused and turned around.


“Put the buns in your schoolbag.

Someone in the teaching building checks to see if you bought breakfast! Zhao Qian instilled countless experiences and lessons in Yao Yi.

Fu Chuan looked down at his schoolbag and slowly put the buns and eggs in it.

Fu Chuan thought to himself before walking out of the cafeteria.

‘Uncle Li should buy me a new one when I go back in the afternoon.’

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Yao Yi thought that her vocabulary was simple and clear, and her logical thinking was smooth.

In short, it was good.

But the teachers of No.

1 High School didn’t like it, and the scores were extremely low.


Before the exam, the language arts teacher of Class 2 specifically talked to her again, asking Yao Yi not to use her own thinking to write but to piece it together from the model essay.

At the very least, she should pass the composition, and adding on her good scores in the other subjects, it was enough to not hold her back.

Yao Yi was reluctant.

She had a good memory.

If she really wanted to put together a few model essays, she didn’t even need to flip through the questions.

However, the teacher also said that the test was based on scores, and she couldn’t care too much about other things.

Watching Yao Yi, who was constantly fidgeting in the chair in front of him, Fu Chuan tapped her with his slender fingers: “Stop moving.”

Yao Yi’s back instantly stiffened.

Knowing that she was disturbing her classmates’ exams, she immediately didn’t dare to move.

Finally, the teacher came to collect the test papers.

Fu Chuan happened to see Yao Yi’s paper and couldn’t help but twitch his brows.

Yao Yi’s handwriting of characters seemed to be swept to the left by a gust of wind, skewing her feet.

Her name was written decently, though, and the pen mark was sharp and clean.

The teacher had already gone to collect the papers from another group, so Yao Yi turned her head and apologized, “Sorry about what happened a while ago.”

Fu Chuan picked up his bag and stood up, “It’s okay.”

He didn’t really want to stay with Yao Yi, as he always felt that something bad would happen, especially to him.

“What did you two talk about” Han Jiaojiao was also in the first exam room, and she slipped over to ask, “The invigilator had looked at you two specifically a few times before.”

“It’s nothing.

I think my composition is good this time.” Yao Yi was full of confidence, “It’s all in accordance with the model of the essay.”

“Didn’t you say that if an essay is written according to the model essay, it is a composition without a soul” Han Jiaojiao laughed.


There was one time that the teacher had criticized Yao Yi during class saying that her essay was unreasonable and why she was unwilling to imitate the model essay.

Yao Yi immediately raised her head and said that the model essays were dead, and her composition had a soul.

“Xiao Chuan.” (TLN: This is Fu Chuan’s nickname)

Fu Chuan opened the car door and surprisingly saw someone in the back seat.

“Mom.” He sat silently in his original position, his face not even flinching.

“I’m here to see you.

Are you doing well in Yan City” Jiang Lan’s beautiful and refined face was covered with a touch of worry.

“The scenery of Lugu Mountain is good, but Yan City’s environment is not as good.”

“It’s good, calm, and quiet.” Fu Chuan leaned back in the chair with a light smile, “Mom, don’t worry too much.”

“Mom has nothing to do these days.

I can stay in Yan City to accompany you.” Jiang Lan only had one son, and always wanted him to stay well.


Jiang Lan adjusted the embroidered shawl on her shoulders and said gently, “I heard from your headteacher that you are competing with a classmate in Class Two for the first place in the grade”

Although Jiang Lan didn’t care about Fu Chuan’s achievements, she was very pleased with his initiative.

Maybe it was because he was frail since childhood, but Fu Chuan always showed an indifferent attitude towards everything, and even she couldn’t figure out what her son was interested in.

“Her name is Yao…” Jiang Lan tried to recall the name she had heard just now.


“Yao Yi.” Fu Chuan added, “No, it’s just a misunderstanding.”

“Oh.” Jiang Lan was a little disappointed but somewhat expected this answer.

After all, this was her son.

There were not many people on Fengyang Road in the morning, and there were hawkers setting up stalls occasionally.

Both mother and son got out of the car, attracting the attention of all passers-by.

Jiang Lan was wearing an embroidered shawl.

She had long black hair and a beautiful, elegant, and moving temperament.

She attracted countless amounts of attention together with Fu Chuan.

“Your father originally wanted you to study abroad, but it still depends on your wishes, Xiao Chuan.” Jiang Lan hesitated.

There was only one son in the family, and the family business was bound to be inherited by Xiao Chuan in the future.

However, the couple were still reluctant to let their son go so far abroad.

“There are still two years.

We will discuss it later.” Fu Chuan said calmly, supporting his mother.

“Mhm.” Jiang Lan helped her son fix his hair that was sticking out and smiled, “Mom knows that you don’t want to have long hair.

When you turn eighteen years old, you will decide whether to keep your hair or not.”

The ancestors of the Fu family were gracious to a Taoist priest.

When Fu Chuan was born, the Taoist priest personally went down the mountain and hoped to take him to practice.

But, of course, the Fu family did not agree.

The Taoist priest ended up leaving a jade pendant, saying that it would protect Fu Chuan from disasters and hoped that he would have long hair until he was eighteen years old.

The Fu family didn’t care at first; it was their ancestor’s business.

Not to mention, with the emphasis on socialism now, there weren’t many places to believe in the gods. 

It was just that Fu Chuan’s body became weaker and weaker, and many doctors couldn’t find the reason.

In the end, he could only hope that what the Taoist priest said was true.

Unexpectedly, Fu Chuan really improved since wearing the jade pendant.

The jade pendant was broken when Fu Chuan was fourteen years old.

He fell ill that night, and the entire Fu family was frightened.

Jiang Lan and her husband, Fu Kuan, went up the mountain and wanted to ask the Taoist priest for another jade pendant again.

The priest did not see them, saying that temporal times have their own destiny.


It was strange that Fu Chuan did not have serious bad health for the next two years, and his body gradually became stronger.

However, his indifferent demeanor did not change.

Jiang Lan didn’t even stay until the day when Fu Chuan’s grades were released.

She still had something to do in a hurry and had to return to the capital.

On the day of the results, Fu Chuan didn’t go to school.

He asked the headteacher for a leave and stayed at home.

“Young Master, do you want to invite a doctor over” Uncle Li was worried that Fu Chuan was uncomfortable.

“Uncle Li, you are busy; don’t worry about me.” Fu Chuan’s face was as usual: “I just don’t want to go to school today.”

Uncle Li nodded.

Seeing that the young master did not seem to be sick, he did not call his mother to inform her.

After all, when residing in the capital, the young master would sometimes suddenly not go to school either.

This time, his grades did not tie for first place.

The propaganda board had not yet been posted with grades, but the people from Class One and Class Two had already spontaneously stood and waited.

“Why haven’t they come out yet” Han Jiaojiao anxiously rotated her body twice.

“I think the mid-term exam was much more difficult than the one last time, and the difficulty of math, physics, and chemistry was obviously doubled.” Zhao Qian was a little nervous.

He felt that he didn’t manage to do better than last time.

“I don’t think I fell out of the top 100.”

Although he usually looked dashing, at this moment, Zhao Qian was still apprehensive.

He was much more serious than when he started school; that is, there were too many masters at the school this year.

“Relax, it’s difficult for everyone.” Li Ge smiled.

He was well-balanced in all subjects.

He basically learned everything that he should have, it’s just that his expansion of knowledge was not so flexible.

But those that could expand their knowledge flexibly, wasn’t it just those few in the whole grade

“It’s almost time for class; why haven’t they posted the grades yet” A classmate who wore glasses was also anxious.

Until the class bell rang, there was still no movement to post grades.

The students who were in the vicinity were all driven back to class.

“Have you seen it” Yao Yi had just finished a question and planned to take out the textbook for this class.

“It hasn’t been posted yet.” Zhao Qian lowered his head and said dejectedly.

He didn’t even want to eat snacks.

“Hey hey hey, here they come!” Li Ge, who was by the window, found that there were two teachers at the bottom carrying the list and walking to the propaganda board.

“Who came first” Han Jiaojiao excitedly pulled Li Ge away, trying to see what was coming out.

“How can you see it from so far” Zhao Qian leaned on the chair and was depressed.

Han Jiaojiao didn’t believe that she couldn’t see, so she leaned out half of her body.

“It’s posted! It’s posted!” Han Jiaojiao said excitedly, grabbing Li Ge’s round belly.

“Who” Li Ge turned his head hard and squinted to see clearly.

“The teacher is here.” Yao Yi knocked on the table to remind him.

The two sat down immediately as if nothing had happened.

The first-period class was language arts, and the teacher did not have the list of grades.

The students in the class were restless, and the atmosphere in the class was agitated.

“Yao Yi, Yao Yi!” Han Jiaojiao’s eyes were full of enthusiasm, and she turned her head and said, “I saw it! The one in the first place has two characters, so it must be you! “

“…” Yao Yi was silent for a while, “Classmate Fu Chuan also has a two-character name.”

Han Jiaojiao looked startled and was immediately dumbfounded.

“I also think you are the first.” Zhao Qian said firmly to his tablemate, “When the language arts teacher came in today, she didn’t glare at you.”

Yao Yi raised her head and suddenly felt happy: “That’s right.

In fact, I also think my composition is well written this time.”

“Yao Yi, don’t talk.” The language teacher looked down at the test paper while reprimanding her.


“This time everyone’s scores may not be as high as last time, but don’t be sad.” The language arts teacher stated to the students below, “I asked the teachers of various subjects, and they all said that the test papers were generally difficult.

Even the language arts test paper in your hands was not easy.”

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