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Chapter 14: Beautiful Math World.

When the doorbell rang, the nanny glanced at Fu Chuan, who was sitting on the sofa reading a book.

There was doubt in her heart: who would come at this time

When she opened the door, she saw a pretty girl standing in front of her.

The nanny asked in surprise, “Student, who are you looking for”

Yu Qingying smiled softly, “Hello Auntie, is classmate Fu Chuan here”

The nanny was stunned and said, “Are you looking for the young master”

Yu Qingying nodded, “I’m Fu Chuan’s classmate.

I heard that he was ill.

I’m checking up on him on the behalf of our classmates.”


The nanny did not suspect her and took a step back to let Yu Qingying in.

Fu Chuan flipped through the logic theory book in his hand.

Hearing the voice, he raised his eyebrows and looked at the person who came in: “Nanny Liu”

After all, she was a nanny who had been with Fu Chuan for several years.

Nanny Liu immediately heard the displeasure in Fu Chuan’s tone and explained, “The little girl said she was the young master’s classmate, so I let her in.”

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Fu Chuan replied politely, “Thank you”.


“This is what I should do.” Yu Qingying smiled sweetly.

At this point Nanny Liu had already brought out a plate of warm dessert.

After all, he was still growing, and she was afraid that the young master would sometimes be hungry; so she always had some warm food prepared in the apartment at any time.

Yu Qingying was not interested in dessert.

She just wanted to become closer to Fu Chuan.

She didn’t even touch the dessert in front of her.

She seemed to remember something again: “The midterm exam results are out.”

Only then did Fu Chuan take another look at Yu Qingying: “Who is the first”

Yu Qingying breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

It seemed that Fu Chuan and Yao Yi were only competing academically and had no other relationship.

“You are second place.” Yu Qingying said euphemistically.

“Is she number one” Fu Chuan looked over in surprise.

Yu Qingying put away the vague discomfort in her heart and smiled, “Mhm, first place is Yao Yi from the neighboring class.”

He was only surprised for a moment, and Fu Chuan put away his extra expressions and said, “It’s getting late.

Uncle Li, please send the class president back.”

Yu Qingying no longer insisted on staying, and her beautiful face was filled with consolation: “I believe that classmate Fu Chuan will be able to surpass Yao Yi from next door next time.”

Fu Chuan was a little annoyed by his studies, so he asked for leave today.

He stayed in the apartment, and read books the entire day.

This news made him show some interest. 

In fact, when Fu Chuan attended to school in the capital, he was often not ranked first.

On the exams, he would sometimes do the exams until he felt like he had finished whatever part he wanted to do.

It was often the case that an exam paper was not completed.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t do it; it was just that he didn’t want to do it.


He came to Yan City because he didn’t want his parents to pay more attention to him.

When Fu Chuan took exams, he would finish them, but he didn’t care about the grades.

If he could save steps, then he wouldn’t do it.

If it was a misunderstanding before, then now, Fu Chuan did have a slight desire of wanting to get first place.

Who knew what expression she would have

Fu Chuan could admit that Yao Yi’s recklessness and impulsiveness annoyed him.


Sitting in the dormitory, Yao Yi, who was burying her head and doing her own math problems, had no idea that she was being targeted.

She just raised her head suddenly, feeling a chill on her back.

Yao Yi glanced around strangely.

The door was closed, the windows were tightly shut, and there was no place for air to come in.

After thinking about it, Yao Yi took out a coat from the closet, put it on her body, and continued to struggle with the problem.

After the results were posted this morning, more than half of Class Two gathered around the bulletin board.

When they saw that Yao Yi was in first place, they burst into enthusiastic cheers, even more excited than if they had gotten first place in the exam.

The students in Class One were speechless.

Yao Yi’s grades were so beautiful.

Especially so since the general difficulty was increased.

Math, physics, and chemistry were always max scores, however Fu Chuan’s total scores were close behind her’s.

Han Jiaojiao stood by and analyzed: “This time the language arts were too difficult.

It seems that the composition scores were not very high, and the previous questions were not easy.”

Li Ge also nodded; the meaning was very clear.

There was no difference between Yao Yi’s language arts results this time and last time.

The previous questions didn’t stump her, and she got the scores she deserved for the composition.

The total score wasn’t improved or lowered.


“Fortunately, this exam was very difficult, otherwise it’s hard to say who will come first.” Zhao Qian had a relieved expression.

Although Fu Chuan’s other subjects were not as perfect as Yao Yi’s answers, their scores were also unattainable for others.

It could be seen from the third place student’s scores, who was very far behind.

The expressions the four of them had were relatively calm.The results were not much different from the last time, except for Zhao Qian, who had advanced a dozen places.

Because Yao Yi had won first place again, Class Two was in a state of excitement as a whole during the afternoon class.

The atmosphere in the opposite class was dull.

Others said that Fu Chuan knew that he was not as good as Yao Yi in the exam, so he simply asked for leave today.

When Yao Yi found out about this, it was already 10 o’clock in the evening.

It was Li Ge who called to ask her a question, and after the question, he announced the results smoothly.

“He must be sick.” Yao Yi answered, uncertainly.

“I don’t know very well either.

After all, the people in Class One are really disloyal.

How can they say that about their classmates.” Li Ge was a little upset for Fu Chuan.

After chatting for a few words, the two hung up the phone.

Yao Yi stared at the phone for a while, and finally decided to send a text message to the sick classmate Fu Chuan:

【You are sick 】

Fu Chuan was looking at the documents sent by his father when the phone next to the computer suddenly vibrated.

He subconsciously picked up the phone and looked at the text message.

Fu Chuan couldn’t help but give a straightforward answer to the straightforward question: [No.]

Yao Yi was taken aback by him, thinking that Fu Chuan really hadn’t come to class because he was not in the first place.

【Going to class on time every day is what a good student should do.

The steps the teacher teaches are the steps for answering questions on the exam.

If you skip class, you will not be able to hear it, and you will not be able to get first place on the exam.】


Yao Yi sent it word by word, earnestly reasoning with Fu Chuan, who was skipping class.

Fu Chuan in the study turned off the computer and sent a text message to Yao Yi with his phone: 【If I pass the exam as first place, then you will be in second place.

Classmate Fu Chuan was really a kind-hearted person.

Yao Yi looked at the text message and thought that he had already thought about her feelings before he got first place in the exam.

【It’s okay, as long as I don’t fail the composition exam, the first one will not be yours.

】Yao Yi replied honestly.

“…” Fu Chuan’s eyes paused, and he immediately replied to Yao Yi,

【Whether you fail the composition exam or not, the first place in the next exam is mine.

The two naively argued on the phone for half an hour.

It was a question about who was first, and it finally ended with Yao Yi’s bedroom lights being turned off.

After putting down the phone, Fu Chuan couldn’t help but be stunned.

Why did the topic turn into what it was now After thinking about it, it was probably because Yao Yi was too arrogant.

When he went to school the next day, Fu Chuan did not deliberately avoid Yao Yi’s class time.

The two met outside the classroom door, and as expected, Yao Yi first comforted Fu Chuan, telling him not to be discouraged, and then affirmed her next first place.

After the naive argument last night, Fu Chuan could no longer care about his original indifference.

He refuted Yao Yi’s self-confidence, emphasizing that he would be first on the final exam.

The confrontation between the two outside the classroom door was watched by the first and second classes, and everyone agreed that this was another signal of gunpowder smoke.

In the end, the two parted ways and walked into their respective classrooms.

It had to be said that Yao Yi’s answers could completely become the standard for scoring, except for the language arts composition.

When the exam papers were taught, the teachers of all subjects copied Yao Yi’s exam papers and let the classmates study them after class.

In the last exam, when the paper was passed to Fu Chuan, he just glanced at it casually, but this time he took it seriously.

The gray photocopied exam paper still couldn’t hide Yao Yi’s crooked handwriting, but the neat steps to answering questions made people feel comfortable.

This year, there were many strong students who came from No.

1 Middle School.

The teachers had discussed that they would have stricter standards when they grade papers, in order to prevent the students from losing those points in the exams and to develop good habits.

When he saw Yao Yi’s exam paper, Fu Chuan really felt that it was perfect.

The way she answered the questions was logical, especially since some of the reasoning questions were explained one by one, from cause to effect.

The language arts teacher of Class One also made a copy of Yao Yi’s language arts exam paper for circulation but said a few words: “You can learn more from Yao Yi’s papers from the next class, but don’t look at the composition, so you will not be led astray by her.”

By the time Fu Chuan saw this copy of the language arts composition, the class had already laughed.

“From this picture, we can deeply see that the world of lines is not so simple.

Geometry is beautiful, and it constitutes a beautiful landscape of mathematics…”

The first paragraph left Fu Chuan stunned.

If he remembered correctly, this time the composition was to look at the picture and write a descriptive essay.

There were indeed several geometries above, or to say, multiple faces of geometry.

And Yao Yi talked about the beauty of mathematics and the unfathomable world of mathematics in the whole composition.

From the first paragraph, she started to deviate from the meaning of the question.

Fu Chuan was not surprised when he saw the big 28 points on the exam paper.

It was just a pity that Yao Yi’s article in praise of mathematics was sincere, concise, and inspiring.

If he was a math lover, he might have been moved to tears.

The author has something to say: Let our Yao Yao and be proud for a while 冖v冖

Anon’s Rambles: I’m cackling right now.

Seeing how Yao Yi wrote her composition praising geometry (which I hate) and Fu Chuan’s comment of being moved to tears is hilarious.


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