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Chapter 16.2: Can I borrow some money

Yao Yi didn’t seem to notice the situation, and her speed was getting faster and faster.

On the other side of the drill ground, all of Class Two’s students in the stands were very excited, shouting Yao Yi’s name frantically.

Even the students of other grades next to them were inexplicably excited and shouting.

Lao Han hid in a corner, with several colleagues and the principal standing beside him.

“It’s nice to be young!” The principal sighed with relief, looking at the students on the drill ground.

“I know, right.

Lao Han made a profit this time.” A teacher said enviously, “The students in his class not only have good grades but are even strong in sports.”

Lao Han’s eyes were almost lost by his smile, but he still said modestly, “Well, Yao Yi is just an exception.”


Zhou Hui snorted: “It’s still early.

Yao Yi’s weaknesses are too obvious.

Once she gets into the arts and sciences, she can’t hold back Fu Chuan at all.”

The surrounding teachers suddenly fell silent, but they couldn’t refute what Zhou Hui said.

Judging from the past several exams, Yao Yi’s essays were too poor, and the difference between the two is as high as 20 points for this part alone.

Yao Yi was only able to get the first place for two reasons: the syllabus of the first M province was different from that of the capital, which led to Fu Chuan’s misunderstanding of some topics; and second, Fu Chuan answered the questions at will and did not follow Yao Yi’s template-style norm.

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Fu Chuan stood in the stands with Class One.

He had originally planned to read in the backup area just like yesterday, but somehow, he got to the stands and had been watching up till now.


Fu Chuan, who was still holding a book in his hand, leaned against the railing, watching the students still competing on the drill ground.

“Ah!!!” Han Jiaojiao’s loud voice instantly spread throughout the field.

Yao Yi crossed the line!

The students of Class Two, who were standing at the front of the drill ground, suddenly erupted, hugging each other and screaming joyously.

Zhao Qian and Li Ge supported Yao Yi.

After Han Jiaojiao screamed out, she immediately wiped off Yao Yi’s sweat with a towel.

Because there were runners behind that still had to continue running, Yao Yi was helped off the track.

Yao Yi was covered in sweat, and she stood by the side in a trance.

Zhao Qian continued to be impetuous, and Han Jiaojiao began to massage Yao Yi everywhere.

“Sit down, Yao Yi, sit down.” Li Ge said to Yao Yi, holding the clothes he took from Zhao Qian.

Only at this moment did Yao Yi suddenly gasp for breath and sit down with soft legs.

Zhao Qian immediately squatted down to massage her legs and kept massaging her calves.

The four of them gathered around, looking at the players who were still running behind them.

The second place runner probably didn’t expect that someone would overtake her, so she was discouraged all of a sudden.

Especially after she saw Yao Yi hit the line, her speed seemed to drop.

At this time, the other runners, who had not given up, accelerated all of a sudden and rushed forward, rushing past the athlete.

The athlete was dumbfounded.

She didn’t expect that she would be in danger of not being second and immediately began to accelerate.

At this time, another frenzy erupted on the ground.


After all the rankings came out, Yao Yi also recovered and stood up with the help of Zhao Qian.

“Do you want to drink water” Han Jiaojiao asked diligently, holding a cup of prepared saltwater.

Yao Yi nodded and took the water bottle from her hands and drank it all.

“You are too ruthless, Yao Yi!” Li Ge sighed, squinting with his originally small eyes.

“The sophomore sister is already wiping away her tears.”

He was talking about the athlete.

That sophomore hadn’t been a sports student for a long time.

Although she had been training for a semester, long-distance running was not her strong point.

Yao Yi held the water bottle and wanted to drink another bottle of water, but unfortunately, the other three didn’t notice it.

They all surrounded Yao Yi and talked about the exciting process of the game, focusing on describing the surprised expressions of the athlete who was overpassed.

Han Jiaojiao put clothes on Yao Yi, and Li Ge sneaked over to the referee, trying to find out Yao Yi’s time.

The remaining three didn’t stay long.

Han Jiaojiao had a shot put match soon, and Zhao Qian accompanied her to see the competition venue.

Yao Yi stood there for a while, then slowly put the sweater back on, along with the school uniform.

Wanting to drink water, Yao Yi swallowed her still dry throat and walked to the backup area.

“…” There were only empty water crates on the ground in the backup area of Class Two, and there was not a single bottle of water in them.

Yao Yi looked anxiously at the two classmates sitting in the backup area: “Is there no water left”


“The class president has already gone to buy it outside the school, and the sports committee just carried away the last crate of water.” The guarding classmate explained.

“Oh.” Yao Yi reached into her pocket and felt it.

She didn’t bring her cell phone or campus card because of the competition today, and the class president had provided breakfast.

With a bitter face, Yao Yi started wandering around, trying to find the sports committee and the water box.

Yao Yi’s school uniform was blown up by the autumn wind, and there was a sense of bleakness in her heart.

Walking to the flower bed yesterday, Yao Yi suddenly stared at the person next to it: Classmate Fu Chuan!

Almost at the speed of a trot, Yao Yi rushed to Fu Chuan, raised her head, and asked, “Can you lend me some money”

Fu Chuan was leaning against the flower bed with his tall body and was stunned when he heard Yao Yi’s words: “What”

“Money, can I borrow some money” Yao Yi pursed her lips and said, “I’m a little thirsty.”

Fu Chuan didn’t ask why Yao Yi didn’t go to the backup area, but turned around and walked to the supermarket on campus.

Yao Yi stood there and thought about it, and immediately followed.

To the surprise of the two, the water in the supermarket was sold out.

“You have to wait for about half an hour; our trucks are stuck on the road,” the supermarket aunt explained.


Fu Chuan turned his head: “What drink do you want”

Yao Yi stared blankly at Fu Chuan and shook her head: “I don’t know.” She just wanted to drink some water.

Fu Chuan continued to walk into the supermarket, and turned back after a few seconds: “Come here.”

“Oh.” Yao Yi moved slowly and walked inside the supermarket.

The two stood in front of a row of colorful drinks on the shelf.

“What do you want to drink” Fu Chuan asked lightly.

Yao Yi’s eyes swept around the drinks and she shook her head: “I want to drink water.”

Fu Chuan stood silently in front of the shelf, and after a while asked, “Do you want hot water”

Yao Yi nodded.

Fu Chuan walked out of the supermarket, followed by Yao Yi.

Next to the supermarket was a milk tea shop.

The owner is a young woman.

Seeing Fu Chuan come in, her eyes lit up: “This classmate, what do you want to drink”

“A cup of boba milk tea, no boba, no milk tea.” Fu Chuan said in a low voice, as if he was talking about a normal thing.

The shop owner was stunned for a few seconds.

She stared at Fu Chuan’s handsome face and wondered whether this classmate was here to cause trouble, until she saw Yao Yi, who was slowly coming over behind him.

Although Yao Yi still had short hair, her skin was several degrees lighter than when she first entered school.

Judging from her beautiful facial features, it could still be distinguished whether she was male or female.

Although she had a long-standing scientific and technological masculinity.

The shop owner seemed to understand after a change of mind: “This classmate wants to drink, right”

Yao Yi nodded obediently behind Fu Chuan and almost raised her hand: “I want a drink.”

“Wait, classmate.” The shop owner finished talking and started to rummage through the boxes.

Finally, she found a brown sugar ginger tea she bought, poured a bag of it into a paper cup that was for drinking coffee, and filled the cup with hot water.

“Here, this is good for the body.” The female owner said enthusiastically.

Yao Yi took it, lowered her head, and sniffed.

There was a strong ginger smell wafting from the drink, so you could drink this kind of thing after running

Fu Chuan originally planned to refuse, but when he saw that Yao Yi had already started drinking, he swallowed the words he was about to say and took out the money to pay the store owner.

The store owner held her cheeks and looked at the young high school students and said enviously, “It’s good.

You should cherish it!”

Yao Yi drank what she thought was glucose water, and Fu Chuan ignored the female shopkeeper.

He walked out of the milk tea shop after paying the money.

Yao Yi lowered her head and bit the straw, then immediately followed.

Oh, this boyfriend is a little cold.” The female boss watched them walk away and whispered in a small voice while smiling.

“I don’t think this is right.” Yao Yi suddenly said to Fu Chuan in front of her.

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She often stands in a corner and hits twice on a triangle.

After disbanding, she heard the audience’s curiosity once: the other violinists were trying their best to play, but she stood in the back without raising her eyelids, and she hit the triangle whenever she wanted to.

Is she asleep

Huang Jiujiuis: What do you guys know She’s a brick, okay Whatever the orchestra is missing, it makes up for! (▼ヘ▼#)


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