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Chapter 32: I don’t have a heart disease.

“Young master, where is the little classmate” Uncle Li looked at the back seat, but he still didn’t see Yao Yi.

“Her name is Yao Yi, and she has already gone back.” Fu Chuan leaned back on the chair, as if feeling tired.

He closed his eyes, and his brows were full of irritability.

Seeing the young master’s appearance, Uncle Li did not dare ask any more questions.

He silently drove back to the apartment on Fengyang Road.

According to Father Yao, Yan City was their ancestral home, and he met Mother Yao when he was studying in Beijing.

After that, Mother Yao worked hard with Father Yao and opened restaurants all over the country.

Grandpa always came to visit them for a period of time every year.

At this time, Yao Yi was often asked by her parents to accompany her grandfather.


“Grandpa is old, and it’s not easy to visit us every year.

As a granddaughter, you should accompany him more.” In the past, Father Yao would always find opportunities to say such things to Yao Yi.

Yao Yi was, of course, willing, because she felt that her grandfather understood her very well.

Even if she was obsessed with mathematics, her grandfather always touched her head kindly and asked her to study hard and find what she liked.

“Grandpa is going to live here for a while, so don’t go to the school to live.

Stay with Grandpa more at home.” Father Yao took the things from Yao Yi’s hand and whispered.

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“R ypjle uswa xsvbla vs cwu y cknunzl, yde kv okzz yaakhl vsxsaaso.” Wyvbla Zys pyke pszlxdzu, “Qaydery xyu dsv nsxl vs Zyd Ukvu kd vbl qwvwal.

Zsw pbswze cl sclekldv vbkp vkxl.”

Zys Zk oyp pvyavzle yv qkapv yde vbld alyzkgle vbyv bla taydeqyvbla oyp tlvvkdt szela lhlau ulya, ps kv oyp alyzzu kdnsdhldkldv vs qzu yaswde.


“Dkys Zk kp cynj” Gd sze xyd okvb obkvl byka cwv nzlyd tassxkdt nyxl swv okvb y nydl.

“Qaydery.” Zys Zk pvlrrle qsaoyae yde bwttle bla taydeqyvbla’p yax, pwrrsavkdt bkx.

Gzvbswtb Qaydery bye y pzktbvzu bwdnble cynj yde oyp zlydkdt sd y nydl, bl oyp pvkzz vyzzla vbyd Zys Zk obld bl pvsse wr, pbsokdt bkp cwazu qsax obld bl oyp uswdt.

“Dkys Zk, bso yal usw yv pnbssz” Nkd Hbws zssjle yv bkp taydeeywtbvla yde pyke ekpvalpplezu, “Ebu yal usw vbkd ytykd”

“Dad, Xiao Yi’s body is growing, and she is sprouting fast.” Lin Xiuyu took off her apron and ran over to support Lin Zhuo on the other side, so that he could sit on the sofa in the living room.

“During the summer break after the middle school final exam, she began to grow like crazy, and she cramps when she sleeps at night.”


“Nutrition has to keep up with her growth, otherwise it’s like…”

Hearing her grandfather sigh suddenly, Yao Yi glanced at her mother again, not knowing what she looked like.

“Xiao Yi, will you go and see the mushroom soup in the kitchen” Lin Xiuyu smiled and asked Yao Yi to go to the kitchen.

“Oh.” Yao Yi nodded and didn’t bother much about what her grandfather said behind her.

The mushroom soup was the grandfather’s favorite soup, and she was happy to watch it.

Yao Yi stood in the kitchen observing the mushroom soup on the stove, and heard her grandfather and mother’s laughter coming from the living room.

She began to calculate the route to and from school every day.

Once she lived at home, Yao Yi couldn’t go to bed late and get up as early as she liked to do in the dormitory, and at least half an hour would be wasted on the road.

However, there was nothing wrong with spending more time with her grandfather.

Yao Yi liked to listen to her grandfather tell stories.

Mhm, in the future, she would have to go through Kunkou Alley.

That road was close to the school.


“Xiao Yi, turn off the fire quickly and bring the soup over.” Lin Xiuyu shouted in the living room, interrupting Yao Yi’s wild thoughts.

Lin Zhuo looked at Yao Yi with a smile in his eyes.

He always wanted to ask her what was going on, but he couldn’t think of anything to worry about with this child.

She was so obedient.

After the meal, Father Yao took Mother Yao out to buy things for Lin Zhuo, and Yao Yi accompanied her grandfather at home.

Yao Yi found a book from her father’s study and read it to her grandfather, with a very mechanical tone.

Lin Zhuo smiled and patted his granddaughter’s head: “Xiao Yi, if you read it like this, people who don’t know will think you have an opinion on your grandfather.”


Yao Yi looked at his grandfather innocently: “No opinion.”

“I know.” Lin Zhuo sighed, and then reacted again, “When people come, I always sigh.

Grandfather is getting old.”

Yao Yi’s mind was straightforward.

She didn’t know how to please people, and of course she wouldn’t deny her grandfather’s words.

In her opinion, my grandfather was not only old but also older than people of the same age and class.

“Grandpa, do you have something on your mind” Yao Yi asked in a low voice.

Lin Zhuo’s hand that was patting Yao Yi’s head paused, and he smiled:

He touched Yao Yi’s hand for a while and smiled: “Grandpa is worried that I will not be able to see Xiao Yi marrying the person she likes in the future.

It would be great if I could see Xiao Xiao Yi (TLN: Yao Yi’s child).”

“Then Grandpa must live healthy and happy every day.” Yao Yi frowned, showing rare childishness, “If Grandpa is gone in the future, I will be very sad.”

“Then Grandpa will live for a long time.” Lin Zhuo’s eyes flashed with sadness, but when he raised his head, Yao Yi couldn’t see it.

“Does Xiao Yi have any boys you like at school” Lin Zhuo asked with sincerity halfway through the topic.

“Yes.” Yao Yi replied calmly.

It was Lin Zhuo’s, who was used to seeing big scenes, turn to be stunned.

He didn’t change his facial expressions so many times in his life.

“Does Xiao Yi actually have someone you like”


Yao Yi nodded: “There are two male classmates I like very much.”

“You like two” Lin Zhuo suddenly doubted the world.

“Yes, they are all my good friends and treat me very well.” Yao Yi said as a matter of factly.

Lin Zhuo looked at his innocent granddaughter and said, after a moment of silence, “That is not called a boy you like.”

Yao Yi didn’t understand: “Why not I like them very much.

They are all boys.”

Lin Zhuo really sighed deeply this time: “Xiao Yi, there are many kinds of likes.

Your mother likes your grandfather and likes your father.

These are two different feelings, you know”

“I know.” Yao Yi never understood where she was wrong.

“You like those two boys as friends.

Grandpa wants to ask if you have other feelings for boys.” Lin Zhuo thought that if he wanted to see his granddaughter get married and have children, he would have to live for a few more years.

“Oh.” Yao Yi tried hard to recall, and she really found one, “Yes.”

Lin Zhuo’s heart did not fluctuate, and he asked calmly, “What kind of feeling”

“I think he is a bit awkward, but he is still very kind.” Yao Yi tried to analyze her feelings for Fu Chuan.

“I don’t hate him.”

Lin Zhuo didn’t understand a word, but he was accustomed to it and asked a classic question: “Then does your heart beat faster when you see him”


Yao Yi glanced at her grandfather in surprise: “I don’t have a heart disease.”

“…Xiao Yi, read to your grandfather again.

You haven’t finished reading the paragraph just now.” Lin Zhuo changed the subject bluntly.

If he continued to talk like this, he would have a heart attack.

“Oh.” Except for Yao Yi’s strong curiosity and desire to explore mathematics, everything else is arbitrary.

On Monday, Yao Yi rode her brand new bicycle to the school and saw Han Jiaojiao at the school gate.

She got off her bicycle and pushed it along while walking with Han Jiaojiao.

“Why did you come from outside riding this” Han Jiaojiao patted the bicycle.

Yao Yi walked to the parking area: “I might be staying at home for a while, so my dad bought me a bicycle.”

“Then, you can walk with me during dismissal” Han Jiaojiao suddenly became excited.

“Yes.” Yao Yi nodded.

Yao Yi was actually a little worried.

She didn’t ride the bike very well, which was also strange.

In some respects, Yao Yi’s sense of balance was quite poor.

The time she spent on the way just now far exceeded the time she had calculated in her mind.

Relying on her long legs and strength, she slowly wandered over.

It was customary to raise the flag and post the top 100 list.

The students in the first year of high school were usually bored, but this time there was a different gimmick.

Everyone was betting on who would be the first in the grade this time.

“Yao Yi, don’t be nervous.

This time you will definitely be in first place.” Li Ge comforted, “I have bet that you win; otherwise I will invite everyone in the class to have a cup of milk tea!”

“Who did you bet with You bet on this kind of thing” Han Jiaojiao said, dissatisfied.

“That Qin Li.” Li Ge rolled his eyes towards the last row of the team.

“He’s annoying, but if I win, he’ll run naked on the drill ground.”

“I remember you told us before that five or six years ago, a senior brother ran naked on the drill ground and was recorded.” Zhao Qian stood behind Li Ge to help him recall.

“It’s him who remembered it anyway.” Li Ge snorted, “I asked him to choose one of the two, but he had to choose to run naked.

Can you blame me”

“Qin Li is very stingy.” Yao Yi, who had a deep understanding, interjected, “It is better to kill him if you want his money.”

Yao Yi seemed to have completely forgotten that before she came to No.

1 High School, she was no better than Qin Li.

But how could it be considered stingy among students

Fu Chuan stood at the back of the team, and Qin Li stood in front of him.

He stared at the back of Qin Li’s head and felt that this person was neither tall nor good-looking.

Why could he get involved with Yao Yi over and over again 

Because his family sold dry goods

For the first time, Fu Chuan thought about why his family didn’t sell dry goods so Yao Yi would have a better relationship with him.

He would give Yao Yi a discount.

After all, they were all classmates.

“Classmate Fu Chuan, are you alright” Qin Li suddenly felt that there was someone’s eyes boring holes behind him.

When he turned around, he saw the indifferent eyes of his former deskmate, staring at him without moving.

“Have you known Yao Yi for a long time” When they met each other last, Fu Chuan noticed that there was no surprise, so of course Yao Yi obviously knew that Qin Li’s family owned a dry goods store.

Although Qin Li also loved mathematics, he could still think, unlike Yao Yi, who was full of mathematics.

He kept an eye on Fu Chuan’s sudden question.

“Why does Classmate Fu Chuan ask that”

Fu Chuan gave Qin Li a cold look: “I’m just asking.”

“It’s just that she came to my family’s store to buy dry goods last year.

Classmate Fu Chuan seems to care about Yao Yi a lot” Qin Li asked, tentatively.

“You seem to be curious about me” Fu Chuan also asked.

“…I don’t mean anything else.” Qin Li choked and explained quickly, “I like girls.”

Fu Chuan’s eyes became even colder, causing Qin Li to turn his head back uncomfortably, hoping that the flag-raising ceremony would end soon.

“Today’s flag-raising ceremony ends here.” The grade director said with a microphone, “Disband!”

The students of all grades in the audience slowly left the stage in order.

Yao Yi and the four gradually fell behind, planning to go to the cafeteria together to replenish some food.

Fu Chuan followed behind.

Relying on his height advantage, he could clearly see Yao Yi, including her dazed appearance on the road.

The three people were patronizing and saying their own words.

Fu Chuan had seen Yao Yi being scattered by the crowd several times and was even bumped into once.

By the time Fu Chuan squeezed past, they had already disappeared.

“Mhm.” Yao Yi’s more than ten years of self-confidence didn’t seem to be much use.

As a competitor, she certainly knew the various gaps between the two.

The four of them bought a bunch of things in the cafeteria and went back to the classroom.

After the second class period, someone finally shouted, “They posted the scores!”

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I apologize to everyone here~

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