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Chapter 30: Investigating the Truth

Jiang Ze had naturally heard about the rumors between Yu Niaoniao and Duke Lang, but those were just rumors. No one knew if they were true.

Taking a step back, even if the rumors were true, with Duke Langs domineering style, he would not let Yu Sheng go just because of a few words from a woman.

Unable to answer, the butler changed the subject.

“In any case, please let this matter rest for Madams sake.”

Jiang Ze snorted. “Ill remember what happened today for now. Dont let me see this bitch again, or I wont let her off!”

When he said the last sentence, he deliberately glared at Yu Niaoniao. Those words were clearly directed at her.

With that, he ignored the other partys reaction and left.

The butler cupped his hands at Yu Niaoniao before chasing after Jiang Ze.

Dang Gui whispered as she watched them leave.

“That guy is so annoying.”

Yu Niaoniao knew that she was talking about Jiang Ze.

“Leave him be. Lets get something nice to eat.”

Dang Gui hurriedly asked, “Arent we going to find Duke Lang You promised Master and Madam that you would go to Duke Lang to plead for mercy.”

Yu Niaoniao led the donkey out and said slowly.

“I only promised to let them see Yu Sheng as soon as possible. I didnt promise to plead with Prince Lang.”

Dang Gui was confused. “Isnt that the same thing”

Yu smiled. “Of course not.”

She knew her limits. It was impossible for her to make Duke Lang let Yu Sheng go with just a few words.

Even if she pleaded, it would only be a waste of effort.

The only way to let Yu Sheng escape unscathed was to find out the truth and clear his name.

Dang Gui pressed, “So where are we going now”

Yu Niaoniao gently tossed out two words.

“West City.”


It was two hours later when they arrived in West City.

Yu Niaoniao stood in the street, looking around, muttering softly.

“This must be the place.”

Dang Gui followed beside her with the little donkey.

Dang Gui and the donkey were both looking at Yu Niaoniao, their big eyes shining with curiosity.

“Four days ago, I saw Yu Sheng here. He was there, walking in that direction...”

As Yu Niaoniao explained, she gestured with her hands.

The man and the donkey turned their heads in unison to look in the direction she was pointing. 2

They saw an alley.

Yu Niaoniao planned to go over and take a look. She asked Dang Gui to wait with the donkey.

Dang Gui was worried and insisted on accompanying her.

Yu Niaoniao had no choice but to lead her and Gray into the alley.

The alley was deep.

They took a long detour and finally stopped in front of a liquor store.

The front door of the pub was open and guarded by Eagle Guards.

Sensing someone approaching, the Eagle Guards immediately went on guard.

They were about to scold the approaching person when they froze when they saw the her face.

Wasnt this the future Princess Consort of Lang County!

What was she doing here

The Eagle Guards quickly imagined the reason. She must have come here to see the Prince of Lang.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Prince Lang was really lucky to have found such a beautiful and clingy little wife.

The Eagle Guards smiled knowingly and were especially polite to Yu Niaoniao.

“Miss Yu, are you here to see His Highness”

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Yu Niaoniao was slightly stunned. Could it be that Prince Lang was also here today 1

If she had known earlier, she would not have come!

She reacted quickly, smiling shyly.

“His Royal Highness should be busy now, right Am I disturbing him”




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