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As a super-large data center with an area of ​​115,000 square meters and nearly 10,000 employees, Ark has thousands of employees who come to work every morning.

As cars continued to land in the P2 parking lot, Marshal Lings black military vehicle with license plate number AA000011The S in the license plate changed to AA in the raw… Just treat them interchangeably became the absolute focus of everyones eyes from the moment it landed.

Of course, people didnt form a circle to watch, but slowed down their pace quietly when passing by, and cast glances at it intentionally or unintentionally.

Gradually, more people gathered around.

“Look! It starts with the letter A, is it a military car”

“Whats more, AA is the car of the Military Commission Headquarters.

There must be some bigshot sitting in a vehicle with this kind of license plate number.”

“Then why is it stopping here P2 is the employee parking lot.”

“Wait and see who comes down.”

The first person to get out of the car was an armed guard in military uniform.

After getting out of the car, he quickly walked to the back row and opened the back seat door.

A tall and thin figure walked down.

For a time, the audience burst into uproar.

“What the hell! Whats the situation”

“Did I see right Is that Xu Xinghe”

“My god, it seems that he and Marshal Ling get along pretty well”

“Shh, keep your voice down… “

Dong Yue saw people gathered in front of him from a distance and asked, “What are you all doing Why havent you left”

Vera also stretched her neck out.

“It seems that there is a special car parked in the parking lot.

Is there a leader coming for inspection”

When the two approached with curiosity, the expression on their faces suddenly became very exciting.

Dong Yues face changed from white to green, and then from green to purple.

The so-called “leader” who came here is none other than Xu Xinghe!

He stood in front of a black military vehicle talking to two guards.

Dong Yue grabbed a colleague he didnt know, gritted his teeth and asked, “Whats going on”

The person glanced at him inexplicably and replied, “Whats going on, his husband sent someone to bring him to work, duh.”

Another person interjected: “It seems that the online rumors are not accurate at all.

Didnt they say Marshal Ling was not satisfied with this marriage”

“Maybe hes satisfied after meeting face to face There must be a reason for the mastermind to match them.

Their pheromone compatibility should be very high.”

“Then, will they separate after a year”

“It shouldnt be”

“Then he will be promoted again.”

“What does it have to do with this When he was promoted before, his previous marriage with General Mu did not affect his promotion.

I heard from the technical department that Xu Xinghe still has some tricks up his sleeve; the boss of their department likes him very much.”

“Yes, but I saw someone who claimed to be from Ark broke news that Xu Xinghe was promoted quickly and robbed him.

He also attached some small details that seem like he did work with us.”

“How many of these online leaks are reliable The cleaning auntie also knows a lot of details, but what does she know” After a while, he said, “But there may be people around him who are jealous.

After all, he has risen too much this year…”

“Thats right, I heard someone chewing their tongues2gossiping in the pantry a while ago, and their tone was sour… That look of righteous indignation is also quite funny, I wish I was the one who was matched.”

The chatting pair didnt pay attention to Dong Yues face, which was getting greener and greener behind them.

Who knew he was a member of that army of whistleblowers.

And early morning the day before, he posted that they would divorce in a year!

Over the past few days, he has spent a lot of time “breaking news” on the Internet every day.

He doesnt get enough sleep, comes to work in a bad mood during the day, and is scolded by the leaders for making mistakes.

In his mind, he was doing the right thing.

He wanted to expose Xu Xinghes true face, wanted to see him criticized, and see him laughed at.

In the end, the joke turned out to be himself!

Dong Yue looked at the tall and thin figure in the distance, his hands trembling with anger.

How can such a person be so blessed by god

But no matter how dissatisfied he was, he didnt dare do anything in reality.

He could only angrily throw the coffee cup in his hand into the trash can, then turned around and left.

Xu Xinghe on the other side also had a headache.

As more and more people gathered, his desire to quickly escape from this place escalated.

But when the guards, who had originally planned to leave after dropping him off, saw this, their radar suddenly rang.

He wanted to continue escorting Xu Xinghe to the office, but was strongly rejected by Xu Xinghe.

What a joke!

If hes sent directly to the office, the mouths of his team members will be endless for this week and the next!

No, he has to talk to Ling Changfeng after going back, and drive himself to work in the future.

Xu Xinghe finally persuaded the guards to retreat, and walked quickly into the T-area office building under the gazes from all directions.

“Team leader! Welcome back!”

As soon as he entered the office, Xu Xinghe was “attacked” by his groups cheers.

Colorful dots of light surrounded him, fluttering in the air like fireworks.

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He looked at the electronic gifts, flowers, and confetti in the four pairs of hands, and asked, “Can this thing pass the security check”

Due to the particularity of the Ark, employees have to go through daily security checks.

Apart from electronic smartphones which are recorded, they are not allowed to bring other electronic devices into the building.

Ajia blinked, leaned over and said in a low voice, “It wasnt possible at first, but we asked Xiao Zhou to help with some modifications, so it wasnt detected in the bag.”

Xu Xinghe: “…” Im sorry I shouldnt have asked.

He turned his head with a heavy face, and said to the shy boy in the corner: “Xiao Zhou, promise me, next time they make such unreasonable demands, tell them to roll, okay”

Xiao Zhou quietly smiled at him and nodded.

Ajia said: “How is this being unreasonable Shouldnt we celebrate the return of the team leader”

Xu Xinghe smiled and said, “What Do you really have so much free time when Im away”

Ryan leapt over, and hugged Xu Xinghes arm: “Im not free! Team leader, save me! After you left, we worked under Team Leader Joseph for half a month.

Its not a life for people!”

Ethan clicked his tongue on the side.

“Team leader, he didnt say that yesterday…”

Ryan hurriedly interrupted him: “Ethan, do you want coffee Ill treat you to a cup, just grab it downstairs.”

“After Im back, why do you need to treat people” Xu Xinghe glanced at his watch, there was still a quarter of an hour before work officially began.

“What would you like to drink Ill order it, you can go downstairs to pick it up.”

Even though he was gone for half a month, Xu Xinghe quickly resumed his normal work efficiency.

But he found that other colleagues outside his group suddenly became very enthusiastic.

Although everyone wasnt indifferent before, they were just ordinary colleagues who work together politely, have meetings to discuss problems, chat when there is nothing to do, exchange technical problems, and greet each other on and off work…

Before, very few people took the initiative to ask him to have lunch together.

Occasionally, when everyone is very busy or when several groups are “rushing to meet deadlines” there will be no response to questions or after submitting documents, and so on.

But today was different.

There were three waves of people who asked him if he wanted to eat with them at noon.

Fortunately, he booked a table for five with his team in advance, so he justifiably turned down these invitations.

After returning from the lunch break, even a department leader came by to celebrate his return to work and invited everyone to a team building dinner.

Xu Xinghe refused inwardly, but he wasnt someone who didnt understand the world at all.

He couldnt refuse the leader so straightforwardly in front of so many people, so he deliberately showed a bit of embarrassment: “No.

Im sorry Director Feng, I have an appointment tonight.”

Seeing this, Director Feng suddenly realized: “Oh, I didnt think about it carefully, it was me who didnt think carefully, Xiao Xu is newly married after all…”

Xu Xinghe: “ Director Feng is joking.”

“Then lets make an appointment another day, or choose a tie at noon, and we canl go out to eat nearby.”

After Director Feng left, Ryan and Ajia immediately surrounded him.

“An appointment What appointment Where are you going”

“Dine Watch a movie Or something else”

Xu Xinghe was sending emails on his terminal, and didnt bat an eye at his teams words.

“Although its lunch break now, if you have nothing to do, you can deal with the remaining work emails.”

Ajia said: “No! The meaning of lunch break is to gossip! And team leader, I heard that Marshal Ling personally came to send you to work this morning!”

Xu Xinghe raised his head with a question mark on his face: “Huh”

This mornings events became so outrageous

“Its nothing, the guard sent me here.” Xu Xinghe locked the screen.

“There is no appointment, I dont know if he will come back tonight.”

He glanced back at his watch.

“But seeing he hasnt sent anything, he should be back tonight.”

Ajia: “Wow, Marshal Ling reports his itinerary to you”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He pushed Ajias big head away.

“Its time for work, go back to work.”

As Xu Xinghe expected, as soon as he stepped into the gate of the mansion after work, he saw Marshal Ling, who he hadnt seen for two days.

Ling Changfeng had just returned to the mansion, still wearing a neat military uniform.

The whole person stood in the same place like a cedar tree, which was quite chilling.

But when he saw Xu Xinghe, the cold wind in his eyes turned into a gentle breeze.

He asked Xu Xinghe, “Did you go to work today”

“En.” Since todays work was surprisingly smooth, Team Leader Xu was in a surprisingly good mood today.

And because he was in a good mood, there seemed to be little stars shining in his eyes.

He even asked Ling Changfeng uncharacteristically, “What do you want to eat tonight Ill cook tonight.”

While speaking, a small dimple appeared on his smiling face inadvertently.

It really tickled the heart.

Ling Changfeng looked at him carefully.

At this moment, he finally seemed to understand what “radiant” looks like.

Bright, shining.

And of course he made some associations.

“Im free tomorrow morning.” Marshal Ling suddenly said.

“Ill take you to work”


XXHs internal scream: No, please dont take me to work!!!


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1The S in the license plate changed to AA in the raw… Just treat them interchangeably2gossiping-

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