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Xu Xinghe was stunned.

He originally planned to discuss this matter with Ling Changfeng at dinner, with the goal that he would go to work himself in the future.

As a result, he wanted to send him in person

Xu Xinghe stammered and asked, “Why, why” After a while, he said, “You already work so hard, no need to send me.

Its just wasting time!”

Ling Changfengs eyes flashed a trace of imperceptible light.

“Its not hard work, Ill go straight to the military after sending you off.

Its on the way.”

Xu Xinghe became even more desperate when he heard it was on the way.

Do they have to go to work together in the future then

While struggling, he heard Ling Changfeng add: “Its faster to go to work in my car; you can sleep a little more in the morning.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Damn, hes moved!

In the end, he decided to succumb to the temptation of an extra half hour of sleep in the morning.

“Okay, then Ill trouble you to give me a ride.” The rumors have already become like this, so it probably wont make any difference whether he sends him or not.

“Then Ill go upstairs to wash my hands and change my clothes first.” Xu Xinghe said as he walked towards the second floor.

Halfway there, he turned back and stuck his head out of the stairway: “So, what do you want to eat tonight “

Ling Changfeng raised his eyes, looked all the way up, and finally settled on Xu Xinghes face.

The young mans eyes were bright as he looked at him from a distance.

The smile pulled out the small dimple on his left cheek, making him want to poke it.

So cute.

He thought contentedly.

And he is now my spouse.

Ling Changfeng looked back and replied, “You can make whatever you want.”

He wasnt originally interested in eating, but he suddenly began looking forward to dinner tonight.

And every dinner with him from now on.

The next morning.

Xu Xinghe and Ling Changfeng went out together.

In the car, Xu Xinghe made a strong suggestion: “First things first, you can send me to the Ark, but dont get out of the car!”

After thinking about it again, its better for Ling Changfeng not to show up.

After all, so many people come to the Ark every morning.

He doesnt want to be surrounded by people again.

Ling Changfeng nodded.

From a safety point of view, he really wanted to avoid casually appearing in public without fully armed guards.

However, he still said to Xu Xinghe: “Dont worry, the Arks defenses are top-notch in interstellar space, and is relatively safe.”

Xu Xinghe: “”

He felt that Ling Changfeng misunderstood something.

But after all, the two reached an agreement on “not getting out of the car”, so he did not explain more.

When the AA00001 military vehicle appeared in the Ark parking lot again, the reaction was no longer as intense as it was yesterday.

No one stopped to watch, but many cast curious, inquisitive, envious, envious, or amazed eyes over.

“Look! The marshals men sent Xu Xinghe to work again today.”

“Will they come every day from now on”

“He and Marshal Ling should have a very good relationship.”

However, attentive people found that this time, the guards did not come out to help Xu Xinghe open the door.

Instead, Xu Xinghe carefully opened the car door by himself, got out of the car sideways, and closed the door furtively… as if there was a hidden little wife in the car.

After Xu Xinghe got out of the car, he glanced at the people around him out of the corner of his eyes.

Seeing that everyone was only peeking at him and should not have noticed Ling Changfeng, he could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Disregarding the incoming gazes, he straightened his clothes, and walked towards the office building without looking back.

After taking two steps, he suddenly saw the faces of the people around him change.

The varying complex gazes uniformly transformed into shock.

The whispering stopped, and the huge parking lot was suddenly so silent that a needle dropping could be heard.

Only the sound of someone gasping for air could be vaguely heard.

Just when he was wondering what was going on, a voice came from behind him –


Xu Xinghe froze.

He turned around abruptly, and saw Ling Changfengs highly recognizable face, because of his mismatched eyes, from behind the lowered car window.

“What time do you get off work tonight Ill pick you up.”

F*ck! Didnt you say you wont get out of the car

Xu Xinghe was about to explode when he suddenly thought that Ling Changfeng did not get out of the car…

Taking a deep breath, the corners of his mouth twitched as he said, “No, Im working overtime tonight.

You should go to work too, bye!”

After saying this, Team Leader Xu Xinghe seemed to run away.

He trotted all the way into the office building, and only after arriving did he realize Ling Changfeng just called him  “Xinghe”




After Ling Changfeng finished sending Xu Xinghe, the vehicle turned around and flew to the Military and Political Building in the center of Nebula City.

The flying car landed from the top floor, and Marshal Ling took his exclusive elevator to the 88th floor.

“Morning, sir.” Qin Yuan had already arrived at his post.

When he saw Ling Changfeng, he asked casually, “Did anything good happen this morning”

Ling Changfeng looked at Qin Yuan.

After a series of events, he had to admit that this guy has some skills and experience in understanding omegas and how to get along with them.

“When he went back last night, he was very happy.” Ling Changfeng said, “Why is he happy if I send him to and from work”

Qin Yuan raised his eyebrows at the words – oh, hes starting to get enlightened.

Now he wants to know more than how, but why.

Qin Yuan thought for a while.

“To be honest, based on what I know about Xu Xinghe, he shouldnt be happy because you picked him up; at least its not the direct reason.

The reason I suggested you send him to and from work is the same as suggesting that you date and chat more.

Firstly, this will help your relationship warm up, and secondly, you must let him and the people around him feel that he is valued.

If he becomes happier than usual It means that our plan has been implemented well, and the direction is generally correct.”

Qin Yuan looked at Ling Changfengs thoughtful expression and asked, “Why do you think he is happy”

Ling Changfeng thought for a moment, and finally shook his head.

“I dont know.

But he looks good when he smiles… and smells good.”

Qin Yuan: “”

Ling Changfeng raised the pair of eyes and said seriously: “I want him to keep smiling like this.”

Qin Yuan: “…”

After that, he felt that his boss was really hooked.

“You can smell his pheromone” Mr.

Adjutant finally noticed a point and said in disbelief: “During the earlier investigation, everyone around him reported that his pheromone had no smell.”

“Nonsense.” Ling Changfeng let out a very soft, nasal sound that seemed disdainful and proud—

“He is very fragrant.”




Xu Xinghe felt that he was a moving target all morning, and was attacked with stares everywhere he went.

Colleagues who knew him came over enthusiastically to ask if he needed any help.

Colleagues he didnt know tried looping him into conversations when he passed by, and watched him secretly.

When he went to the deputy department leaders office to drop off a document, he actually stood up and greeted him!

It made him feel uncomfortable.

Today, he also pushed off a bunch of lunch invitations, and secretly decided that he would bring his own meals from now on, so no one would come send invitations every day.

“Team Leader!!!”

After lunch, Ajia suddenly rushed in excitedly.

“Do you know what I heard in the pantry just now Its about you!”

Taking a sip of coffee, Xu Xinghe stared at the screen, and said calmly, “Didnt they all say he dropped me off yesterday What Are there more outrageous rumors today”

“They said you were pregnant!”


Xu Xinghe spit out all his coffee.


What freaking pregnancy!

“Dont get excited, dont get excited!” Ajia asked with big eyes while taking a napkin to help clean the table, “Is it true”

“Real my ass!” Xu Xinghe put down the put with a loud clunk.

“Arent I coming to work each day What are you thinking about every day with your big head.”

Due to the low fertility rate, the Alliances policy for omegas and newborns during pregnancy is quite strict.

Omegas benefits during pregnancy are very good, with up to one year paid leave.

“Thats right.” Ajia nodded.

“Im a beta, and Im not as aware about the rules…”

“Team Leader!!!”

Just as he was talking, Ryan rushed in.

“What” Xu Xinghe raised his head irritably and gritted his teeth.

“If you dare to say that I am pregnant, youre dead.”

“Pregnant!” Ryans small eyes widened instantly, “My god, team leader, youre pregnant”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He took a deep breath, then let it out slowly, and then said in Ryans shocked eyes, “Im not pregnant, whats the matter with you”

Ryan shrank his neck, feeling the team leaders tone was a bit scary: “I heard that Marshal Ling sent you to work in person this morning…Is it true”

“…” Xu Xinghe was silent for a while and said: “Your news is really lagging behind.”

Ryan: “”

In the next few days, Xu Xinghe gradually got used to the fact that Ling Changfeng would drop him off work when he was free in the morning.

The passion for returning to work and the smooth sailing at work also kept him in a good mood for several days.

Until this morning-

“The state banquet is tomorrow.” Ling Changfeng said suddenly while eating breakfast.

The fork and knife in Xu Xinghes hands froze as he recalled the dance that he had practiced so badly: “…”

“I asked Qin Yuan to tell your leaders.

You can leave work early tomorrow night, and I will send someone to send you to the venue directly.”

Xu Xinghe was taken aback: “Which of our leaders did you greet”

He had an ominous premonition in his heart.

Sure enough, Ling Changfeng replied, “The person in charge of the Ark.”

“The person in charge” Xu Xinghe continued to struggle.

Ling Changfeng raised his eyes and looked at him: “Who else is in charge of the Ark”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

God knows he has been working at Ark for a year, and he only saw their Arks chief executive speak on stage from a distance on the day of his onboarding.

The other party shouldnt know him at all, but Ling Changfeng actually asked him for leave!

This is like when one cant go to school one day.

The normal process should be to ask the head teacher for leave, instead of calling the principals office and asking the principal to talk to the head teacher!

Xu Xinghe numbly forked a piece of shrimp and put it in his mouth, thinking, forget it, the jars broken and thats it.

Instead of worrying about this, its better to worry about tomorrows state banquet…

Ling Changfeng wouldnt really invite him to dance on stage, would he


If I had to create a snapshot of this chapter, itd be LCF trying to stick to XXH, whos trying to run away.


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