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“Team Leader, can I ask a question”

During Arks lunch break, Ajia moved a small stool and propped her cheeks beside Xu Xinghes desk, contemplatively.


Xu Xinghe refused her righteously.

Ajia wailed: “Why I havent said what the question is!”

Xu Xinghe replied without raising his head: “Is there any difference You wont ask work questions during the lunch break anyway.”

“Its still Brother Xu who knows me well!” Ajia smiled, and moved the small bench forward again.

“Its really not a work problem – what should I get for a first date”

“…” Xu Xinghe turned his head to look at her.

“Are you talking about a friend”

Ajia shyly covered her face with her hands, but her happy smile could still be seen.

“Its not that far yet, were still getting to know each other!”

“Yo.” Xu Xinghe raised his eyebrows, turned the swivel chair 180 degrees, and turned to face Ajia.

“Which boy is so lucky Are they from our department

“Its not… Were going to movies together this weekend, what should I give” Ajia looked at him eagerly.

Xu Xinghe spread his hands helplessly.

“Why ask me this kind of question”

“Who else can I ask Ryan and the others are all bachelors! Youre the only one with experience in love.”


Black lines hung from Team Leader Xus face.

“Where did my love experience come from”

Ajia didnt understand: “Huh”

Xu Xinghe crossed his arms and said, “Ive only ever been married, never in a relationship.”

Ajia: “…” It seemed to make sense.

“However, I can help you ask.” As she was the only solitary seedling in the group, Xu Xinghe kindly turned on his smartphone and clicked into the Capital University F4 group chat.

Although they all graduated from the Department of Computer Science, unlike the bachelors in his team, the other three in the group have relatively rich experience in love, and currently only Lin Qi is single.

However, the three did not engage in degree-related careers.

It can only be said that its true that programmers find it hard to find romantic partners.

Xu Xinghe: “What is the best gift to give each other on a first date”

Lin Qi: “What day is today”

Vincent: “Your birthday”

Lin Qi: “Dont do this, I cant bear the word date.

Since were going to meet tonight, isnt it a bit late to ask what gifts to give now”

Cheryl: “What are you thinking, the gift is definitely not for you.”

Xu Xinghe: “…Focus on answering my question, dont waste my precious lunch time :)”

Cheryl: “Marshal Ling is not short of anything, I suggest you send some handmade products, the key is to show your heart”

Xu Xinghe: “…Thank you, its not me.

I asked for my colleague, she is 21 this year, female, beta”

Xu Xinghe: “What kind of gifts did you guys give when you were dating”

Cheryl: “I just gave Joseph a bottle of mens perfume two days ago, but soldiers are not allowed to spray perfume.

Is incense at home okay”

Xu Xinghe: “Again, Im not the one sending it :)”

Lin Qi: “I used code to draw a pink heart for her on our first date”

Vincent: “Then you broke up after a while”

Lin Qi: “…”

Vincent: “I sent her a red envelope of 5,2001520 is meme homonym for I love you coins”

Lin Qi: “So vulgar!”

Xu Xinghe felt that he might have asked the wrong people.

“Why dont you go and use a search engine.” He closed the group chat and said to Ajia, “Its more reliable than asking me.”

“Okay.” Ajia made an “OK” gesture and turned to tap at her smartphone.

“But team leader, are you and Marshal Ling really not dating”

“What” Xu Xinghe looked at her strangely.

“Where did such a terrible idea come from”

“Because Marshal Ling often comes to pick you up.”

“You think too much, its just going to work.”

Xu Xinghe turned his chair back and looked at the light screen.

“Its just a simple matching marriage with eleven months left.”

Ajia raised her head and blinked.

“Marshal Lings office should be in the Double Star Building, right”

“Yes, the Alliance Military Office.”

“Team Leader.” Ajia said weakly.

“If you have a little understanding of the geography of Nebula City, youll know that the Double Star Building is in the east, and were in the west…”

Xu Xinghe was stunned.

“And team leader, didnt you realize that recently you—” Ajia thought about it, and said, “look like youre experiencing a new spring.”

“…” Xu Xinghe was furious, and reached out and knocked her forehead.

“Youre the one with a new spring!”

Ajia hugged her head and said, “But you never used to look at your smartphone during work hours! Now you sometimes not only look at it, but also look silly when staring at the screen!”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Lately, he does look at his private mailbox from time to time.

But what does this have to do with spring heart rippling!

It seems that this temporary mark is really harmful.

I dont know how long it will take to metabolize it, Xu Xinghe thought distractedly.




6 p.m., Yunwei Pavilion.

“Qi Zi, hows your thesis going”

“Can you stop talking about such an unfortunate topic on my birthday”

“Fine… I gave up the opportunity to watch a midnight movie with my girlfriend tonight to eat with you, isnt this heartfelt enough”

“Dont brag! Your image as a guy who cares about sex more than friends has been deeply rooted in my heart, and will be difficult to change in the short term… unless you help me change a few lines of code!”

“Didnt we agree to change the subject”

When Xu Xinghe arrived, the other three were already chatting in the box.

“Happy birthday!” Xu Xinghe threw a wrapped gift to Lin Qi.

“Im sorry Im late, I got off work a little late today.”

Lin Qi grabbed the gift and said, “It doesnt matter if youre late.

Old rules, remember to punish yourself with three cups… Whats wrapped in here”

“Youll find out once you go back and take it apart.” Xu Xinghe sat down.

“Wheres the wine”

Lin Qi quickly waved his hand after hearing his words.

“No, I was joking.

Im waiting to watch you drink later!”

Xu Xinghe raised his eyebrows.

“Why are you being so polite to your father Didnt you say we cant go home without being drunk”

“Dont you want to go back to the Marshals mansion” Lin Qi winked at him.

“Brother, do you know what youre like when drunk”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He actually didnt know much.

Because every time hes drunk, hes so drunk he doesnt remember what happens afterwards.

He only knew from the descriptions of his friends that hes not too good after being drunk.

Their descriptions are always hesitant and evasive.

Therefore, Xu Xinghe still doesnt know what kind of “bad drunk” he is.

However, he knew that when he was slightly drunk, he would be in a more excited state.

His mind would still be clear, but his tongue would become looser.

So he guessed that it was the same when he was completely drunk, it was just drunken bravado… Isnt that what everyone is like when they are drunk

So he graciously waved his hand: “Dont worry about it, I wont be going back tonight.”

In the box, wine continued to flow, and cups were clinked.

The four of them havent gone drinking for a long time.

Although theyve met for hotpot plenty since graduating, they dare to drink to the fullest.

Taking advantage of Lin Qis birthday, the four of them loosened their restrictions, opening chatting of the past from being unconvinced and secretly competing with each other when they just entered the school, and working together to create brilliance in the schools robot competition together.

The more they chatted, the more they got excited, and the more they drank.

Lin Qi, who claimed to keep going, was the first to get drunk.

However, it is normal for him to be like this, matching the image of a drunk.

“F*ck graduate study! I dont want this degree anymore!” Lin Qi stood up in his chair yelling passionately.

“I wont write! Isnt it just that I cant graduate The capital losing a talent like me is their loss!”

Both Cheryl and Vincent can drink, especially Cheryl.

Xu Xinghe and the others have never seen her drunk.

She reminded Vincent with experience: “Help Lin Qi to deactivate his terminal first, so he wont send a message to his supervisor and have to send his will to the group the next day.”

Vincent nodded.

Pulling Lin Qi off the chair, he forced him back into the seat, and pressed the gadget on his wrist a few times, then raised his head and asked Cheryl, “Should we send Xinghe back first What if hes drunk too Were both alphas…will be silenced by Marshal Ling.”

As he spoke, he exchanged a “you know” look with Cheryl.

The two turned to look at Xu Xinghe together.

At present, Xu Xinghe has not yet reached that level of drunkness, and is only slightly intoxicated.

“Who is drunk I am not drunk! Bring the wine! Your father can fight another 300 rounds!”

At ten oclock in the evening, the Marshals mansion.

The lights in the study were still on, but the air pressure inside was a little low.

From nine oclock to now, Ling Changfeng has sent Xu Xinghe three messages, but he has not replied.

His call also went unanswered.

He Han asked, “Would you like to send someone to pick him up”

Ling Changfeng glanced at his watch: “Wait.”

Eleven oclock in the evening.

Ling Changfeng finally couldnt sit still.

A meal cant take this long.

80% chance theyre still drinking.

He remembered the night when he first met Xu Xinghe.

The drunk young man showed his teeth and claws, and the unforgettable sweet fragrance of flowers under the moonlight…

At the thought of exposing his appearance to others, Marshal Ling couldnt hold back the irritability in his heart.

At this moment, the servant reported that Xu Xinghe had returned.

Ling Changfeng put on his coat and went downstairs.

Before reaching the first floor, there was an intoxicating fragrance of flowers.

Ling Changfeng: “…”

Not only is it very fragrant, but it also makes ones teeth itch with anger.

Xu Xinghe stood at the door, looking blank, not like he was drunk.

But…the smell of alcohol can be smelled from far away.

Ling Changfeng frowned, he remembered that the smell of alcohol on Xu Xinghes body smell wasnt that strong before, but he had already begun to make trouble.

So why is he quiet with such a strong alcohol smell


Drunk XXH takes the stage!

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1520 is meme homonym for I love you-

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