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Ling Changfeng never knew that Xu Xinghe could be so clingy.

Need to hold when walking.

Need to accompany when sitting.

Ling Changfeng, who was pulled into the bathroom, turned his back against the glass door of the bathroom.

“Hurry up and wash up, and go to bed after washing.” His voice sounded calm, but it seemed to be holding back something.

“Come over.”

Behind him, Xu Xinghes soft, sticky voice sounded along with the sound of water from the shower.

“Come over more.”

Fortunately, Xu Xinghe didnt ask him to take off his clothes and take a shower.

He just wants someone by his side, and cant let them leave for a moment.

Ling Changfeng could feel the gaze behind him watching him cautiously and uneasily.

Sensitive and agile, yet full of attachment.

He doesnt like someone staring at him all the time.

But its different now.

Those savage and evil natures engraved in his alphas blood are ready to move.

Let him be content with being tied down, needed, and demanded…

Ling Changfeng knew that it wasnt good, and he didnt want to do anything to Xu Xinghe when he was drunk.

But his primal urges as an alpha were at work.

The sound of water behind him was messy, and crashing into his heart like a hurricane, smashing the originally well-ordered courtyard into chaos.

Ling Changfeng felt that he needed a cold shower.

Fortunately, Xu Xinghe showered fast enough, and did not let him endure for too long.

But when he walked out of the bath, Ling Changfeng realized that this guy was not wearing a bathrobe.

He only tied a large bath towel around his waist, blocking the key parts.

A large area of ​​smooth and elastic back muscles and an unobstructed view of sensitive glands were exposed in front of him…

Ling Changfeng couldnt bear it, and tore off the bathrobe hanging on the side, and wrapped his whole body.

But he was very careful to avoid touching his skin, as if afraid of being burned.

“Sit down.” Ling Changfeng called a housekeeping robot to blow his hair.

Xu Xinghe nodded and sat obediently in front of the mirror, but his dishonest hand grabbed Ling Changfengs sleeve.

He glanced at the hand, but didnt move, and let him hold on.

When his hair was dry, Ling Changfengs voice rarely revealed a kind of softness like coaxing a child: “Ive accompanied you to wash, now go to sleep.”

The drunk Xu Xinghe looked younger and immature than usual as he raised his flushed cheeks: “Need someone to accompany me to sleep.”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

He carried Xu Xinghe onto the bed and covered him with a quilt.

He sat on the side of the bed and looked at him: “I will accompany you, you can sleep.”

Xu Xinghe was not satisfied, and lifted a corner of his quilt to generously invite him in.

“You also come in.”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

“Im not very honest when I sleep.” Xu Xinghe said to him with wide eyes.

“Will it affect you”

“…” No, but he may be done on the spot.

Ling Changfeng didnt understand.

He clearly wanted to refuse, and obviously had the strength to refuse, but Xu Xinghe somehow dragged him to bed in the end.

He lay down on his back, leaning against Xu Xinghe, not looking at him.

But the little guy, who doesnt know the heights of the sky, constantly rubbed against him.

It was like theres a fire burning all over their body.

Sweet and hot breath sprayed in his ear, and Ling Changfeng suddenly turned around to face Xu Xinghe.

Xu Xinghe also faced him, his eyes were gentle and dignified.

The atmosphere heated up instantly.

The concentration that has been cultivated in fifty years seemed unable to resist such temptation…

Just when Ling Changfeng felt that he might have to do something, Xu Xinghe suddenly smiled sweetly and said happily: “Xiaoqi, youve grown up.”

Ling Changfeng: “…” Even if Xu Xinghe didnt sober up after the shower, he never imagined he would get more drunk.

Miss Xiaoqi, who suddenly heard her owner call her name in the cat litter, raised her head.



Ling Changfeng closed his eyes.

His little spouse has already started talking in his sleep, and he really cant take advantage of others danger at such a time.

“No, you are not Xiaoqi.”

As soon as he closed his eyes, he heard the person on the other side continue: “Xiaoqi doesnt smell as good as you…”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

Xu Xinghe wrinkled his nose and murmured: “You are a sweet smelling big cat.”

Ling Changfeng didnt understand why Xu Xinghe had to compare him to a cat.

Before that, he had only been described by people as “lion”, “eagle”, and other animals.

Ling Changfeng: “Sleep.”

Xu Xinghe: “Big cat.”

Marshal Ling was speechless.

They are now separated by a distance of two fists.

How can he be confused with an animal

“I cant sleep, talk to me…”

Xu Xinghe wrapped himself in the quilt, revealing only a fluffy head.

Ling Changfeng opened his eyes.

The drunk Xu Xinghe blushed, looking dumb and cute.

“What do you want to talk about”

Xu Xinghe thought for a while: “Why do you smell so good”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

Normally, he wouldnt answer this kind of question at all.

But now, looking at Xu Xinghe, who was clearly drunk and unconscious with bright eyes, he could only slowly say, “I also want to ask this question.”


“You are also very sweet.” Ling Changfeng said uncharacteristically.

“I have never smelled such a good smell on others.”

“Am I” Xu Xinghe stretched out a hand from under the quilt and sniffed carefully.

“Dont smell it, you cant smell it yourself.”


“Yes, I cant smell myself either.”

“Oh…” Xu Xinghe retracted his hand again, “We both smell good anyway.”

“Yes.” Ling Changfeng replied softly.

After a while, he suddenly asked: “Do others smell good too”

Xu Xinghe brain took a moment to register the question.


Ling Changfeng asked: “Do others smell good to you too”

Xu Xinghe thought for a moment seriously, then shook his head and said, “Occasionally, I can meet people who smell good, but they dont smell like you.”

Ling Changfeng was satisfied.

He let out a slow sigh of relief.

Every pore on his body seemed to reveal a sense of ease and joy.

Although his tone was still low, his tone was unprecedentedly gentle as he looked at Xu Xinghe: “En, sleep.”

“Is there anything else to talk about” Xu Xinghe didnt close his eyes, just blinked at him, not seeming sleepy at all.

The drunk Xu Xinghe, without the thorns that protected him, was soft and defenseless.

Ling Changfengs heart suddenly moved.

“I have one more question to ask you — it doesnt matter if you answer or not, but dont lie, okay”

“Well, you can ask.” Xu Xinghe nodded, looking like he could talk.

Ling Changfeng looked at him and said slowly, “You… dont want to be marked, do you”

Under the moonlight, Xu Xinghes face turned pale.

His body began to tremble slightly, and his breath became disordered.

The flower pheromone that was concentrated and diffused seemed to be disturbed by a group of beasts, and scattered in the air.

Ling Changfeng also panicked.

He seemed to have accidentally broken his treasure, and he was a little overwhelmed.

Recovering from the abrupt stiffness, he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Xu Xinghes shoulders: “I wont ask, dont be afraid.”

Xu Xinghe buried his head in his chest and breathed in the others pheromone.

It seemed that only his smell could make him feel at ease.

After a long while, he said, “I dont want to be marked by people I dont like.”

Ling Changfeng looked down at him, forbearing again and again, but in the end he couldnt hold back: “Then am I someone you dont like”

Xu Xinghe was quiet.

He shrank in his arms and didnt answer.

Ling Changfeng thought he was asleep.

Until the dead of night, the hairy head slowly shook his head in his arms.

At that moment, Ling Changfeng felt that his life was complete.

But before he could rejoice, he heard Xu Xinghe add: “But I dont like you very much.”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

Xu Xinghe struggled out of his arms: “You abandoned me on our wedding day, and also on the first date…”

Ling Changfeng looked at him hesitantly, and then suddenly asked: “Who am I”

Xu Xinghe was stunned, looked at him carefully for a moment, tilted his head and said: “Big cat.”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

The stars and the moon are shining together, and the night is dark.

This night, the army was in chaos, but it was also accompanied by warmth.

The next day, Xu Xinghe woke up drowsily when the bright sun shone on the earth.

The wind is warm and the sun is bright, and everything is quiet…


As soon as Xu Xinghe opened his eyes, he felt that he had been hit by 10,000 critical hits –

A deep and cold face magnified and appeared in front of him.

The two people completely achieved zero distance and stuck closely together.

Whats even more speechless is that he was still holding Ling Changfengs arm!!!!

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Can he move He doesnt dare.

He felt his head hurt in an instant, not knowing how to deal with the big speechless incident in front of him.

Maybe he should let go.

But as soon as he moves, someone like Ling Changfeng who was alert and had a light sleep would definitely wake up.

At that time, the scene will only get more embarrassing…

But if he doesnt let go, holding on like this isnt a solution either.

Team Leader Xu was in a dilemma, and seemed to have a headache as if he was facing concurrent errors of counterless mastermind systems.

But soon, he didnt have to worry about it anymore.

Even though he froze on the spot, Ling Changfeng still felt the tiny movement, and slowly opened his eyes… 

Their eyes met.

Xu Xinghe, who was holding Ling Changfengs arm: “…morning.”

Ling Changfeng, who was almost nose-to-nose: “Morning.”


Hehehe, XXHs awake.

Hes awake!

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