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The waiter led the four to a small box on the second floor of the restaurant.

The top and east side of the box are made of special bullet-proof glass.

One can enjoy the bright night sky and stars when looking up, and to the east, are the lights of thousands of homes in the city.

The glass is one-way, and people on the outside can’t see what’s going on inside.

“Xinghe, can you give a speech at this moment” In the box, Cheryl held her chin in one hand and shook the goblet in the other.

Xu Xinghe gracefully put a piece of crayfish into his mouth, and said leisurely under the gazes of the other three: “This crayfish is not as delicious as the one I make.

Although it is crispy and tender, it is a little greasy with sturgeon caviar and black truffle cheese.

I’ll make a green apple jelly crayfish for you to try next time.”

Cheryl: “…”

She looked at Xu Xinghe helplessly.

“You know that’s not that I meant.”

“Oh, you’re talking about divorce.” Xu Xinghe stretched out his body like a lazy little leopard.

“I don’t feel anything but relief.

I feel like I’ve finally recovered my freedom.”

His previous title of “Mrs.

General” brought many restrictions on his life and travel.

Others only need to fill out a form online to travel across the galaxy, but he has to go through layers of paperwork and approval; the procedures are so troublesome that he simply gave up.

Now that this identity is gone, these restrictions naturally disappear.

Vincent: “Then what are your plans for this weekend Let’s find a place to relax”

Xu Xinghe: “I don’t have any plans, but isn’t Cheryl going to take the second-level mecha engineer certificate She should be busy now.

And this guy—” He pointed to Lin Qi, who was scarfing food beside him.

“Weren’t you complaining about the heavy tasks assigned by your tutor a few days ago Do you have time on the weekend”

Lin Qi made an “OK” gesture at his words with bulging cheeks and said vaguely: “I have no problem.”

Xu Xinghe smiled: “Wasn’t it you who was crying for mom and dad’s help in the group Didn’t dad1 have to write a few pages of code for you himself How is everything alright now”

After two seconds, he said lazily: “I’m fine, really.

Just do your own work first.

Let me go home and sleep peacefully this weekend.”

Lin Qi put down the food in his hand, and wiped his mouth.

“Well, instead of sleeping at home, why don’t you come to the school laboratory and help me”

Xu Xinghe: “Go away!”

“Anyway, don’t stay at home by yourself.

It’s better if you’re not bored and do something2.”

Xu Xinghe said strangely: “Why do you think I will do things”

Lin Qi looked at him, and asked tentatively, “Aren’t you angry”

The confused Xu Xinghe: “What anger I haven’t had time to be happy over the divorce yet.”

“It’s not me… aren’t you angry about those messy reports online”

“Huh” Xu Xinghe was at a loss.

“What reports About me”

Lin Qi was surprised: “Is the internet disconnected in your Ark You don’t even know”

Xu Xinghe rolled his eyes.

“Why should I search for my own gossip online Do I have nothing better to do… What do the reports say”

Lin Qi shook his head.

“Then you don’t need to know, I’m afraid you will directly hack them out of anger.”

Vincent followed suit and said: “Yes, you’re now an official Ark employee after all.

If you’re found hacking, you will suffer.”

Xu Xinghe asked with a question mark on his face: “How can you speak as if I’m really going to do it”

Lin Qi: “…Isn’t it because you have a criminal record.”

Xu Xinghe put his hands behind his head and leaned back.

“Don’t worry, dad has already washed my hands3 for many years.

Besides, how can a media website know it’s me with their rotten skills Just tell me, what’s being spread”

The other three looked at each other, knowing that this kind of thing could not be hidden, so they winked at each other, and decided to tell the truth.

Lin Qidao: “Actually, the infamous T Club is talking nonsense.

What you are so in love with Major General Mu that you insist on refusing to sign the divorce agreement… Uh, they even made up a dog-blood love triangle for you.”

Vincent: “You also know that these unscrupulous media want traffic, just try to ignore it.”

Cheryl: “Of course, if you are really angry, we can also provide a little technical support.

Why don’t we turn the official website of T company into an □□4 website”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Who was the person who was afraid he would hack their server

He knows this notorious T Club, whose full name is Tidbits.

It is a news media specializing in reporting Alliance entertainment news.

Their content is not limited to entertainment stars, but also occasionally involves gossip from military, political, and business circles.

In short, whatever explosive topic the public likes to watch.

There is never a shortage of traffic.

But the T Club has some background – several lawsuits were filed in the past, and were all retracted.

Xu Xinghe picked up a wine glass and took a sip.

“Did the report still say that I was stalking Mu Qingyun, trying to tie him up with a child or something”

Lin Qi was shocked: “So you read that report!”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Isn’t that what Miles just said

Cheryl tapped her glass.

“Forget it, why should we bring up such a bad topic on the big day Come, come, let’s toast ! Congratulations to Brother Xu for regaining his singleness!”


“Happy singleness!”

Xu Xinghe smiled, raising his glass as well.

“Happy singleness.”




When he left, Xu Xinghe was a little high from drinking.

Although he was not drunk to the point of unconsciousness, he was clearly in high spirits and talked more.

“Huh! What’s so good about that surnamed Mu Is he worth my stalking Bah!”

Lin Qi and Vincent walked to the parking lot with Xu Xinghe on the left and right, and followed his words: “Yes, yes, yes, it’s because he’s not good, and you’re not angry.”

“Of course I’m not angry! What’s wrong with me I’m free today! I don’t need to be matched to any bastard again!”

“Okay, congratulations! ”

Lin Qi and Xu Xinghe have been college roommates for four years, and knows that once he’s slightly drunk, the tyrannical spirit in his bones will begin to dissipate, and he will shoot his mouth indiscriminately.

It’s best to follow him at this time, otherwise…

All the way from the restaurant to the parking lot, Xu Xinghe’s mouth didn’t stop.

Even when he was stuffed into the car, he was still shouting: “So what about the general Is he amazing I tell you, even if matched to the Alliance Marshal, it’s nothing special!”

Lin Qi: “…” This guy seems to be a little crazy drunk.

It wasn’t until the door was closed that the entire parking lot finally quieted down.

The jet engine started slowly, carrying the Capital University F4 alumnus into the vast starry sky.

After they left, a burst of laughter suddenly came from the VIP entrance on the right side of the parking lot.

“Hahahaha, I say , Lord Marshal, you also said that you don’t like to be matched by the system.

Look, that omega doesn’t even care to be matched to you!”

“That’s right, Changfeng! How many years has it been since our Class 3 met You’re the only one single from beginning to end, making us embarrassed to bring our families.

Now the war has come to an end, and you’ve been in the capital for about a year now.

It should be time to think about your own life-long events, right”

Five or six people walked out of the VIP channel, each of them tall and strong, exuding a high-ranking atmosphere from top to bottom.

Top grade S-class alpha!

Because it was a private dinner, none of them wore military uniforms, and their tone was relaxed and casual.

But even so, it is not difficult to see their military identities from their tall, straight stature and neat movements.

Among the standing alphas, in the words of the Marshal’s adjutant, Major General Qin Yuan: “Even if he didn’t go to the military academy, he wouldn’t starve to death with that face.”

The man walking in front had a pair of Persian cat-like pupils.

The left eye is golden and the right eye is blue.

He didn’t turn sideways, continuing to walk forward with a cold face, ignoring the ridicule of his former classmates behind him.

—He is Ling Changfeng, the famous Alliance god of war in the Gamma galaxy.

Suddenly, Marshal Ling’s feet stopped.

Qin Yuan, who was chatting with others, immediately turned his head and asked, “What’s wrong”

Ling Changfeng’s nose moved slightly: “Did you smell anything”

Qin Yuan stepped forward and looked around vigilantly, but found nothing unusual.

“No, what did you smell”

Ling Changfeng pursed his lips and looked in the direction of the young voice just now with a.

He was silent for a few seconds before speaking: “It’s nothing.”

He smelled a very fragrant and sweet smell.

Like flowers blooming in the desert.

Lonely, beautiful, flamboyant.

His intuition as an alpha told him that this was a pheromone from an omega.

Such a charming smell is enough to evoke the most instinctive possessiveness in any alpha’s heart.

Ling Changfeng lowered his eyes.

His adam’s apple bobbed slightly.


A/N: Marshal OS: He is really fragrant

Mastermind: Arrange!


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