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Xu Xinghe: “…”

He looked at Ling Changfeng “kindly persuaded” him and thought, isnt it more dangerous because of you

He remembered the horrific scene after he sobered up that day, of him holding Ling Changfeng in the same bed…

Hehe, I never wanted to recall this in life.

The corners of his mouth twitched as he replied: “No need.

Drinking hurts the liver, kidneys, and brain, so I should quit.”

Hearing his words, Ling Changfengs eyes flashed faintly, but he didnt say any more.

Instead he picked up chopsticks.

“Lets eat.”

He moved his chopsticks, and everyone finally followed suit.

Dinner officially started.

Appetizers include foie gras with figs, king crab tartar, black truffle caviar, and sea urchin pudding.

Delicious and mellow tastes burst in the mouth, making Chef Xu sigh at the perfect fusion of top-notch ingredients and cooking.

Everyone started chatting while eating again.

The focus of the topic was mainly on the newlyweds Ling Changfeng and Xu Xinghe, and Qin Yuan the bachelor-

“Where are you going for your honeymoon Are there any arrangements” Lin Ting asked.

Ling Changfengs hand holding the chopsticks paused slightly, but he did not answer.

He didnt even raise his eyelids, and continued to pick up a piece of pan-fried foie gras with a light expression.

Lin Ting also knew his temper.

He didnt expect him to answer, and instead turned his attention to Xu Xinghe.

The latter was slightly startled, and swallowed the food in his mouth before asking, “Honeymoon”

“Yes, dont newlyweds go on a honeymoon”

Parrish also asked, “Do you have a favorite place For example, a place with a long history, or a beautiful and quiet island, or a city in the sky full of flowers”

Xu Xinghe said embarrassedly: “Thank you, but we dont…”

“After a while.”

Ling Changfeng, who was eating silently beside him, suddenly spoke up, interrupting Xu Xinghes words.

Xu Xinghe was taken aback and turned to look at him.

Ling Changfeng said without changing his face: “Ive been a little busy recently, and Ill make up for it when Im done.”

Unfortunately, this statement immediately ushered in a wave of complaints –

“Ah What have you been busy with recently”

“Youve both been married for more than a month, why is it stillafter a while Its just that Xinghe has a good temper and can bear with you.

Most people wouldve complained by now.”

“Yeah Changfeng, can you still…” Waite originally wanted to ask “can you still do it”, but didnt dare to say it, so he changed his words abruptly.

“You just got married, how can you even delay the honeymoon You cant keep delaying these things until youre an old couple, got it”

“Even if you were busy with work before and couldnt make it, you should at least start planning from now on, and push unimportant things back, to make time.”

Everyone complained about Ling Changfeng before turning their heads towards Qin Yuan.

“Old Qin, you cant do this either.

How can you keep your boss so busy that he doesnt have time for his honeymoon”

Qin Yuan, who was shot inexplicably: “”

This uncle1Hes slandering LCF as being an old uncle never said he wanted to go on a honeymoon!

Adjutant Qin felt bitter in his heart, but he couldnt expose his own boss in public, so he had to bear the blame, and raised his hands in surrender.

“Okay, its my fault, Ill make arrangements when I go back.”

After speaking, he turned his head and winked at Xu Xinghe: “Is that okay”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

The honeymoon came too suddenly.

However, thanks to the Ark, there are still two weeks of honeymoon leave.

Its a bit of a loss to not use it.

He thought about it and nodded silently.

After the appetizers were finished, the main course was served.

Xu Xinghes favorite is the bluefin tuna in the sashimi platter.

Charcoal-grilled wagyu beef with special teriyaki sauce is also the best in the world.

Major General Waite picked up the chopsticks and gave his wife a piece of beef.

Then he asked, “What else do you want to eat”

Lin Ting took a piece of salmon sashimi and looked at Su Lan.

“Can you eat this”

Su Lan shook her head and said softly.

“You can eat it yourself, Im allergic.

It should be okay, but to be on the safe side, Id better avoid it for two more days.”


Lu Zimo directly blocked Brigadier Parrishs chopsticks from holding the sashimi with his chopsticks, and instead gave him a piece of braised crocodile tail.

“Hasnt your stomach been feeling uncomfortable recently Eat less seafood, and get them to bring you a bowl of congee later.”

“Okay.” Parrish nodded with a smile, and then “returned” a piece of wagyu to his spouse.

“This is delicious, you can try it.”

As the only single dog in the audience, Major General Qin Yuan Qin finally spoke up in the unbearable loving atmosphere of everyone feeding “you give me a spoonful, I feed you a chopsticks.”

“What are you doing Dont you have your own hands Cant you clip food normally”

Hearing his words, everyone cast sympathetic glances.

Except for Ling Changfeng, who was still eating seriously without saying a word, everyone elses eyes seemed to say, “Look at this sour man, so pitiful”.

Qin Yuan: “…”

F*ck! How can this group of people be so crooked

At this moment, he finally felt that his boss was the best, and decided not to complain about Ling Changfeng again.

Whats the matter It is a good habit to eat without talking or sleep without a word, and it also helps digestion!

“Why cant you learn from other peoples actions…” Adjutant Qin was about to preach when he saw Ling Changfeng, the eating role model in his mind, stretch out his hand and picked up the last piece of big bluefin tuna in the sashimi platter—

Put it firmly into the small dish in front of Xu Xinghe.

Then he said lightly in the shocked eyes of everyone: “I remember that you like to eat this, try it.”

The box was quiet again.

This time, not only Marshal Lings old classmates were shocked, but Xu Xinghe, one of the parties involved, was also shocked.

He looked down blankly at the tuna meat on the plate, first raised his head and stammered, “Thank, thank you.”

Then he wondered, why did Ling Changfeng suddenly give him food

Should he learn to “return the favor”

Xu Xinghe hesitated for a moment, and finally, clipped a piece of abalone for Ling Changfeng, and whispered: “This also tastes good.”

Qin Yuan: “ “

Whats the situation

After not seeing these two for a few days, theyve progressed so fast!

By the time the meal was over, everyone was half full, so naturally they started drinking.

General Waite said, “I brought a bottle of wine from my house that I have kept for 70 years.

It was produced by the Romany Manor in the year 259.

Come and try it together”

Colonel Lin Ting was immediately interested.

“Open it.

Open! A 70 year old wine is older than us, so we must try it!”

Xu Xinghe was sucking the red crab matsutake noodles in the bowl, and also raised his head at the words.

70 year old wine

The best wine hes ever had before was only a fifteen-year-old bottle, and it was brought by a guest invited by Vincent, a rich second generation, on his birthday.

No matter how expensive food is, there is always a price.

Even if this meal costs tens of thousands, he can still afford it with his high salary in Ark.

But good wine can be said to be priceless.

A bottle of top vintage wine is several million, and are often in short supply, meaning hell never get the chance to drink.

Xu Xinghe was suddenly moved.

While calling the waiter over, General Waite turned his head and said to his wife: “We all drink voluntarily and according to our ability.

Dont worry, we will never drink too much!”


Elizabeth smiled softly and her voice was also gentle.

“Its alright, if you drink too much, you can sleep here tonight.”

Waite: “…”

He patted his chest and assured: “Absolutely not drunk!”

Lin Ting smiled and gloated.

The waiter stepped forward and opened the wine cautiously.

The moment the lid was pulled out, a rich and mellow wine aroma suddenly filled the entire box.

The waiter picked up the bottle and began to pour wine for the crowd with graceful movements.

Walking over to Ling Changfengs side, before he could stop, he heard Marshal Ling say indifferently, “No need.”

Xu Xinghe silently waited for the waiter to come to him, thinking: As long as the other party asks, I will say “OK thanks”.

As a result, the waiter just opened his mouth, and before he even made a sound, he heard Ling Changfeng say again: “He doesnt need it either.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Team leader Xu was indignant: Why did you say no for me!

With Marshal Lings order, he could only helplessly watch the wine that had been stored in the cellar for 70 years move farther away.

Ling Changfeng looked him in the eyes, and asked casually, “Want to drink”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He struggled for two seconds, and finally, eager to overcome his face, whispered sophistry: “I dont want to drink, but want to taste what its like.”

Theres no way.

After today, he may never be able to drink such a precious wine again.

Itd be a pity to miss out.

Seeing him try to defend himself, a long-lost smile flashed in the dual-colored pupils.

Ling Changfeng raised his head and said to the waiter in a low voice, “Give him some to taste.”

Xu Xinghe was satisfied.

He watched the sweet and mellow wine slowly pouring into his glass, and suddenly thought of something.

Turning sideways, he whispered to Ling Changfeng: “You dont drink at all”

Ling Changfeng: “No.

Xu Xinghe asked curiously: “Why Are you bad at drinking”

Ling Changfeng: “Generally, its okay.”

“Pfft—” Qin Yuan who was sitting next to Ling Changfeng and heard their conversation couldnt help bursting into laughter.

“The two over there, what are you talking about” General Waite, who was sitting opposite, saw that Xu Xinghe had been whispering to Ling Changfeng, and couldnt help asking.

Then he turned his head and said to Qin Yuan: “What did you hear that was so funny Say it, lets have fun together!”

Ling Changfeng pursed his lips, his expression was cold, and he didnt say a word.

Xu Xinghe replied: “Its nothing, I just want to know how he is drinking and why he doesnt drink.” After speaking, he pointed to Ling Changfeng beside him.

The crowd fell silent for the third time.

But this time, Xu Xinghe could see that the rest of them were struggling to hold back their laughter.

Ling Changfengs eyes swept across the crowd coldly, and asked blankly, “Its funny”

“Pfft, hahahaha…” Lin Ting couldnt help it any longer, and said while laughing, “Its not funny, is it Its funny, its not funny at all.”

Dual-colored pupils narrowed slightly.

“If its not funny, what are you laughing at”

“I-I-I-Im laughing at this dish! Hahahaha, this dish looks so funny!” Lin Ting smiled.

Ling Changfeng: “…”

Xu Xinghe: “”

Seeing everyones reaction, Xu Xinghe was even more curious.

Black eyes looked at Ling Changfeng inquiringly for a moment, and he suddenly teased: “From my experience, a person who says his alcohol intake isaverage means that his alcohol intake is either very good or bad to the extreme, theres no such thing asits okay.

Hearing them, youre a poor drinker”

Xu Xinghe smiled a little maliciously, and leaned forward to ask, “How bad is it A bottle or two of beer is enough” After a pause, he asked again, “What happens when youre drunk It wont be the same as me, will it”

He suddenly thought, if Ling Changfeng is a crazy drunk, would he still be embarrassed to talk about himself

Ling Changfeng squinted at Xu Xinghe.

His eyes swept across his pale pink lips, and for a moment, he suddenly had the urge to shut up this little hedgehog in a special way.

But in front of so many acquaintances, he finally suppressed this urge.

Marshal Ling lowered his eyes, thinking to himself, he cant scare him either.

Gotta take it slow.

Qin Yuan put his ears open to hear this, and became curious again.

He probed, bypassed Ling Changfeng and asked Xu Xinghe: “Dont worry about him being drunk, what are you like when drunk”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Forget it, lets not continue this topic of being drunk or not.

Xu Xinghe picked up the wine glass, shook it gently, then took a small sip in his mouth.

A floral sweetness lingered on the tip of his tongue, with hidden fruity acidity on the sides, and finally at the base of his tongue was a slightly bitter taste.

When it finally entered his stomach, it was mellow and smooth.

Xu Xinghe let out a satisfied sigh: “Good wine, really good wine.”

Although he is not very good at tasting wine, he can still manage the basics.

So he couldnt help taking another sip, and asked, “How many degrees is this wine”

General Waite said, “13%, not high.”

Xu Xinghe was relieved.

Not high, he can continue drinking!

He also asked Ling Changfeng again: “You really dont want to drink this wine with a low alcohol content”

Marshal Ling carried out his amazing self-control to the end.

“Not drinking.”

“Okay.” Although Xu Xinghe likes to drink when eating, he wont insist on it.

After hearing Ling Changfengs repeated rejections, he thought he hated drinking, so he didnt mention it, and started drinking again.

Ling Changfeng looked at Xu Xinghes blushing face, hesitating for a while between “stop” and “slow down”, and finally reminded him: “Drink less.”

“No problem.” Xu Xinghe gave him an “OK” gesture.

Then took another sip.


So XXH did drink…


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1Hes slandering LCF as being an old uncle-

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