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The next day was sunny.

Light poured through the skylight into the bedroom, casting a dappled golden glow on the wooden floor.

Xu Xinghe turned over in the soft and fluffy light blue quilt.

There was the sound of the door being pushed open, and then the head of the bed sank.

A fluffy touch swept across his neck, leaving a tingling itch.

Xu Xinghe opened his bleary eyes.

“Are you hungry, Xiaoqi”

A round and lovely milky white cat caught his eye.

She has a pair of big sapphire blue eyes, smooth and sleek fur, with slightly darker fur on her feet and the tips of her ears.

Xiaoqi lowered her head and arched against Xu Xinghe affectionately.


And then she licked his mouth.

Xiaoqi has a very good temper, so much so that no one thinks she’s like a ragdoll cat.

Xu Xinghe raised her like his own daughter, and got out of bed with resignation.

“I’ll go make you something to eat… How about salmon cake”

“Meow!” Xiaoqi’s two front paws stepped on him, expressing great expectation.

Xu Xinghe smiled and rubbed her furry head.

He raised his hand to look at the time, and was stunned.

A missed call from his ex-husband lit up on the screen.

There is also an unread text message: “Reply after waking up.”

Xu Xinghe: “”

Why did Mu Qingyun call him again

Could it be because of Miles

Miles blocked him in the Ark yesterday.

Does Mu Qingyun still have face to question him

Xu Xinghe frowned slightly and called back.

“Hello” The phone was connected, and Mu Qingyun’s low voice came from the opposite side.

Xu Xinghe: “What’s the matter Has the divorce agreement been sent”

Mu Qingyun didn’t expect him to ask so directly, and after a pause, he replied: “The divorce agreement has been handed over to the lawyers to draft.

I wanted to ask you, what compensation do you need”

Although they have no relationship, with an alpha’s pride, pride, and self-esteem, Mu Qingyun felt that he should give him a little compensation.

After all, he did not cause him any trouble during marriage, nor did he stalk him after the divorce.

From that standpoint, he deserves a certain reward.

“No need.” Xu Xinghe’s tone was light.

“Neither of us owe each other, that’s it.”

Mu Qingyun: “…”

This is a reaction he did not expect at all.

In his impression, Xu Xinghe is an ambitious and calculating person.

Because when he signed the prenuptial agreement, he did not want any property, but only joint custody of children in the future.

Mu Qingyun naturally did not have a good impression of such an omega.

On the first night Xu Xinghe married into the Mu family, he said to him: “After a year, whether we have children or not, I will file for divorce.

In addition, I have a lover.

Marrying you is just to deal with the elders in the family.

I won’t touch you unless you are in estrus naturally.”

In the past year, Xu Xinghe has never even been in estrus, let alone become pregnant.

And as Mu Qingyun said that night, he never touched him.

Now that the two are about to get divorced, is he willing to give up the last chance to make a fortune from the Mu family

Mu Qingyun almost suspected he was playing hard-to-get.

“Are you sure you don’t want any compensation” Mu Qingyun asked again.


Is there anything else” Xu Xinghe said with the tone of ‘otherwise I’ll hang up.’

Mu Qingyun was silent.

The man’s cold voice was like a clear spring passing his ears, instantly extinguishing the flame in his heart.

He suddenly discovered that in fact, after they got married, Xu Xinghe never asked for anything from him.

On the contrary, he has avoided him, whether consciously or not.

During the rare occasions they have to attend together, he is unusually quiet.

However, the people around him kept saying that Xu Xinghe was difficult and restless.

Over time, he felt the same way.

Seeing him not speak, Xu Xinghe decided to hang up the phone.

“I still have something to do, goodbye.”

Mu Qingyun opened his mouth, but the call ended before he could say anything.

Looking at the call log on the screen, Mu Qingyun suddenly recalled the wedding night a year ago.

At that time, Xu Xinghe had just graduated.

He had a clean and simple student temperament, sitting quietly and well-behaved across from him.

When he said “I won’t touch you” to Xu Xinghe, the young omega who he regarded as deliberately wanting to climb the tree just lowered his long eyelashes and replied “Oh” lightly.

Thinking about it now, that attitude is clearly not flattering or self-humiliating, with an air of indifference.




Early the next morning, Xu Xinghe received the divorce agreement from Mu Qingyun.

It also came with a huge check.

Xu Xinghe sighed and signed the divorce agreement with a wave of his pen, but did not accept the check.

For him, it was a blessing to be able to get a divorce as soon as possible.

He’s not short of money, and doesn’t want to have anything to do with the Mu family anymore.

Xu Xinghe was in a good mood after sending away the messenger from the Mu family.

He made a hearty lunch for himself and Xiaoqi, went downstairs to do aerobic exercise for an hour, then took a shower, lay back in bed and started to enjoy the leisure time of being single, and browsed the community forum for a while.

This content doesn’t matter, but he somehow managed to bump into gossip about himself and Mu Qingyun-

[Warmly celebrating General Mu’s return to being single! Do I have hope again]

[Come on, General Mu’s ex-husband is still a college student at Capital University.

He couldn’t even get into General Mu’s eyes, which shows how high General Mu’s vision is!]

[It is said that this school grass loves General Mu miserably, and didn’t want any dowry before marriage, but only wants joint custody of the child]

[Then his heart must be broken now.

The bamboo basket is empty, and he’s also quite pitiful…]

[People are poor because there’s something to hate.

I don’t like this kind of overly ambitious omega either.]

[Hey, who can clearly explain something like feelings Besides, with such an excellent alpha General Mu, which omega can support it To be able to be husband and wife with him for a year, I am willing to be heartbroken in the end! ]

[Don’t think about it, T Club broke news that General Mu has a lover!]

[Oh! A lover hidden in a golden house]

[Woo woo I envy General Mu’s lover…]

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He suddenly understood why Lin Qi persuaded himself not to read the gossip.

What kind of messed up storyline is this

They even made a dog blood love triangle!

Really burns the eyes.

However, it is difficult to clarify these kinds of rumors.

Because love itself is a very subjective matter.

Even if each party understands their own feelings, they cannot prove their feelings to the outside world.

That will take a long time to prove.

Xu Xinghe turned off his smartphone speechlessly.

When he opened my eyes again, it was almost evening.

The young man woke up in a daze when the sun was setting.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw the smartphone on his wrist flashing.

Xu Xinghe was startled.

He actually received an official email marked in red by the system.

Reaching out to open the mailbox-

His pupils shrank dramatically in the next second!

The familiar subject line made him fall into a trance, as if he had traveled back a year ago.

Xu Xinghe stared at the unread email in disbelief, his mind blank.

He took a deep breath.

Close eyes.

Open eyes again.

The mail was still there.

It’s not a dream.

Xu Xinghe lay on the bed in a daze, unable to accept the fact in front of him-

He actually received a matching notification from the mastermind again!

It was a bolt from the blue for Xu Xinghe, who was glad he was finally free last night.

He lay in bed in a daze, and then suddenly remembered something and swiped the email.

He clicked on the attachment called “Match Information”.

The first thing that caught his eye was the photo of the other party.

That man had a straight and handsome face, with deep facial features and a dignified aura.

But he doesn’t seem to like to smile.

He had a smile in his ID photo, but the other party’s thin lips were pursed.

His expression was cold, and he seemed to be very difficult to speak to.

But these were not the most obvious characteristics.

Staring blankly at the photo, Xu Xinghe found that this man actually had a pair of gold and blue pupils.

This feature reminded him of a certain famous person in the Gamma galaxy.

He looked away stiffly and looked at the person’s basic information profile.

Name: Ling Changfeng

Attribute: Alpha

Gender: Male

Age: 52

Birthday: [Confidential]

Height: [Confidential]

Weight: [Confidential]

Genetic Level : [Confidential]

Health Status: [Confidential]

Disease History: [Confidential]

Occupation: Soldier, Military

Rank: Marshal

Position: Commander-in-chief of the First Army Group of the Gamma Galaxy, commander-in-chief of the Eastern Battlefield


A/N:1 The average age of the people of the Gamma Galaxy Alliance is 200 , so don’t think that our Marshal is an old man of 50 years old.

=w= He still looks very young and handsome!!


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