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After the previous experience of drunk Xu Xinghe hugging Ling Changfeng in front of a large audience, the housekeeper was very “considerate” this time and asked everyone else to avoid the main areas, leaving only himself on standby.

The situation this time was much better than He Han expected.

The two walked in holding hands, like an ordinary couple…

Well, not completely ordinary.

He Han stared at his own marshals hand, was stunned for two seconds, and then came forward to deliver the medicine as if he had just woken up from a dream.

Then, Xu Xinghe started to make trouble.

“What is this I wont drink.” He said, and ducked back.

He was pulled back by Ling Changfengs hand.

“Its hangover medicine.”

Marshal Ling personally took the pills and water cup from the steward, and said to Xu Xinghe in a warm voice: “Be good, go to bed after taking it.”

Xu Xinghe still insisted: “I wont take it.”

Ling Changfeng continued persistently: “Youll be comfortable after.”

He Han was stunned as he watched the two confront each other for a few back and forth.

On one hand, he was amazed and wondering when the marshal became so gentle, patient and good-tempered, and on the other, he silently backed away as the two masters of the mansion continued to confront each other.

Xu Xinghe pursed his mouth and shook his head in the face of Ling Changfengs offensive, expressing strong rejection.

Ling Changfeng saw that Xu Xinghe didnt take well to soft persuasion, so he planned to use the hard route.1as in gentle doesnt work, so force itll have to be

He pulled Xu Xinghe in front of him.

The plan was solid.

The first step was to pinch his chin, let him open his mouth, and then thrust the pills into the depths of his mouth and throat with lightning speed.

Then lift his chin, and the medicine would naturally be swallowed by him, even water.

Unfortunately, before the plan was implemented, Xu Xinghe moved his other hand up.

Grabbing Ling Changfengs right hand with both hands, he shook it gently, his tone was soft and glutinous: “I wont drink, dont feed me…”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

The plan immediately sunk.

It was difficult for him to say “no” to Xu Xinghe like this.

“Are you really not taking it It will make you feel better afterwards.” Ling Changfeng asked, but he had already put down the water glass and put away the medicine.

Xu Xinghe still shook his head: “Im not uncomfortable.”

“Well, then you should go to bed early.”

Xu Xinghe nodded, but did not let go.

He looked at Ling Changfeng.

It was still those two words: “Accompany me.”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

Seeing that the other party didnt speak, Xu Xinghe lowered his long eyelashes and looked pitiful: “I want to find someone to talk to with me.”

Ling Changfengs adams apple rolled.

He could do nothing to his young spouse, and after a few seconds he was defeated: “Okay.”

So he stepped into Xu Xinghes bedroom again at night.

He was pulled in by Xu Xinghe himself.

The drunk Xu Xinghe obviously didnt realize how this was an act of bringing a wolf into the room.

He even changed his clothes in front of Ling Changfeng.

The clean and flat white shirt on his body has become wrinkled after some tossing in the car.

The buttons on the neckline were also open two, messily open.

The suet jade-like skin and the thin and pronounced collarbone fell into Ling Changfengs eyes.

Ling Changfeng stared straight at it for a few seconds, and finally turned his back before he unbuttoned the last button.

Take two deep breaths.

Xu Xinghe must take a bath before going to bed.

This is an iron rule that will not change whether he is drunk or sober.

Ling Changfeng turned his back to him, listened to him press open the bathroom door, and suddenly asked, “Do you need me to accompany you”

He regretted it as soon as he finished speaking.

Dont know if it was because the estrus period had completely passed, but after getting drunk this time, Xu Xinghe didnt seem to be so dependent on his pheromones.

At least he didnt ask him to take a bath with him.

He cant eat or drink now2re: sex, so isnt he just looking for trouble asking more questions

Its a pity that once asked, you cant unask it.

At this moment, Xu Xinghe certainly would not refuse his proposal: “Yes.”

Ling Changfeng froze for a moment.

Xu Xinghe walked into the bathroom first, and a voice came from inside–

“Why dont you come in”

When Xu Xinghe urged him for the third time, Ling Changfeng finally walked into the bathroom.

The sound of water crashed on the marble tiles, and the water vapor in the bathroom was hazy.

On the inside of the glass, Xu Xinghes slender pale body was fully reflected in his eyes, and it caught him off guard.

Ling Changfengs breath stagnated, he turned his head quickly, and lowered his eyes.

His voice was hoarse again: “Hurry up and wash.”

After speaking, he worried that his tone was too stiff, which would make the little guy unhappy, so he quickly added: “—Dont catch a cold.”

Xu Xinghe was obedient and finished washing in less than six or seven minutes.

He wrapped his bathrobe consciously and walked out of the bath.

Ling Changfeng heard the footsteps behind him getting closer, and his back stiffened slightly.

The next moment, two warm paws put on his shoulders and pushed him out of the bathroom.

Ling Changfeng was pushed by Xu Xinghe to the side of the bed.

Seeing that he opened the quilt and was about to dig in, he couldnt help but reach out and hook the collar of his bathrobe: “Go blow your hair first, be careful of catching a cold.”

Xu Xinghes bathrobe was not fastened tightly, so a large piece of his chest was exposed the moment he tugged on it.

Ling Changfeng: “…”

He quickly let go, and silently called the housekeeping robot.

Xu Xinghe sat obediently in the chair, while enjoying the hair blowing service of the housekeeping robot, while staring at Ling Changfeng: “You are not allowed to go.”

Ling Changfeng stayed by his side, nodding calmly.

“Im not going.”

When his hair was dry and everything was over, Xu Xinghe finally got his wish and lay down on the big soft bed.

He covered his little quilt, only showing his head, and smiled at Ling Changfeng generously: “You come in too.”

Ling Changfeng looked at the other partys calm smiling face, and sighed in his heart.

Here he goes again.

Xu Xinghe faced him: “Lets chat now.”

Ling Changfeng also looked at him.

“You spent so much time to find someone to chat with”

Xu Xinghe nodded: “Im afraid and want to find someone to accompany me.”

At night when drunk, he is always very insecure, and needs to find someone to spend this long night with him.

But if he doesnt have the right person by your side…

Thats okay.

Xu Xinghes eyes were sparkling: “Thank you.”

His tone was cute and sincere, but it only made Ling Changfeng sigh in his heart.

It wasnt something to be thankful for.

He asked him: “Anyone can do it”

Xu Xinghe thought for a while: “If its an acquaintance.”

“Oh.” Ling Changfeng lowered his eyes, he knew that Xu Xinghe had many acquaintances.

Classmates, colleagues, theyre all acquaintances.

They may have all seen Xu Xinghes clingy appearance after being drunk.

Thinking of this, Ling Changfengs heart flashed a trace of uncontrollable irritability.

“Any acquaintance” he asked again.

Xu Xinghe said: “Its better if its you.”

Ling Changfeng: “Because I smell good”

Xu Xinghe nodded.

Ling Changfengs eyes darkened: “Well, go to sleep.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Xu Xinghe shaking his head: “Its also because you are a big cat.”

He added: “I like big cats.”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

In the middle of the night, he looked into Xu Xinghes bright eyes, and suddenly said, “… Meow.”


… I double, triple checked.

LCFs sudden meow at the end made me doubt life, but its there.

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1as in gentle doesnt work, so force itll have to be2re: sex-

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